Give it up people. Stop cryings it's not fair like a kid crying for being punished after getting caught.

The current Penn State football is in many ways based on the fruit of a poisonous tree. The penalties are based on when Sandusky could've been stopped in the 1990s. That's why they took away the wins. It's pretty obvious that at this point Paterno and the administration covered up CRIMINAL activity and not just NCAA violations.

Look at it this way. If a drug dealer friend gives you a Cadillac for a gift do you think it would be exempt from seizures laws where assets from criminal activity must be forfeited and/or seized. The current Penn State program benefited from a criminal cover up. It might still be around but it wouldn't have gotten as big as did-too big to fail. I remember all the comedians doing the felon of the month jokes about college football teams in the 90s. Penn State would've lumped in which is exactly what they didn't want along with a narcissist preserving HIS legacy.

Stop hiding behind kids and students being used as a human shield for entertainment and money.