Golfers try to be perfect, but since no one even the pros are perfect, the endeavor is inherently futile. But, even the most diehard hack can become a better golfer.

One only has to remember the movie "Tin Cup" with Rene Russo and Kevin Costner to realize that people will turn to golf training aids when their swings with callaway diablo edge irons become out of whack. Who can forget Rene wearing all those gizmos to correct her out-of-balance swing? But, besides the wackiness of movies, there are some real golf training aids that can help most golfers either recover their old swings and improve their current game. Books, videos, DVDs and other visual aids will help some. Lessons with help others.

For the long game, some will want to drive the ball as far as humanly possible. While some will turn up their noses as this gorilla approach, others see a practical value in this. For instance, conditioning yourself and getting the most of your swing with callaway diablo edge irons in order to hit the ball over a long water hazard is invaluable.

Cutting short a dog leg with a monster drive can put you up a stroke on your nearest competition. Driving the green on a long par-3 can also be an advantage. There are many golf training aids that will help with the long drive including special clubs meant for conditioning the player.

For the short game around the greens, most golfers go by the adage of "drive for show and putt for dough" which simply means the person with the best putting game generally wins with diablo edge irons. Putting aids such as golfing mats, laser putters, artificial greens, and kickback holes have been helping golfers in the boardroom, office, home and backyard improve their games before they even step onto the course.

Books and videos from the pros, showing how they line up putts and anticipate the break of green are an invaluable tool to cutting down the strokes per hole. Some avid golfers even go so far as to construct a green in their backyards for the purpose of practice putting.

But, besides the long and short games with diablo edge irons, golfers also have to consider their medium games as well. This includes approach shots, chipping, bunkers and sand traps, avoiding other hazards and getting out of others. Monoculars, GPS systems and other golfing aids can help. But, there is nothing as good as training one's own swing for the medium game that will help a golfer shave off strokes.

And, consistency is what separates the good golfer from the mediocre one, time and again.

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