OTUS! We see it all the time. The golfer who works hard, practices regularly, spends his time on and around the putting green, who has established great tempo, makes his turn, is chipping firmly and making every four foot putt, steps to the first tee and bang - the game leaves town. If that same golfer had stayed at the range or on the putting green, he'd have continued to make good shots and have fun. Now, he is on the tee and his game has inexplicably left.

Usually we call it OTUS.

Over-thinking under-swinging with taylormade rocketballz driver. Oh! Oh! Our great fun round that we've been waiting to play has left the arena. And, it was self-inflicted, before we even hit the first drive. Take heart, it is curable. Let's talk this out.

When OTUS is in the barn, do not open the stable. That little devil can run you ragged and wreak a lot of havoc. Beginning and mid-level golfers have a tendency to remember previous history rather than their range success with taylormade rocketballz driver.

Do not let the demon OTUS in. Don't tell me you don't know what we are talking about. Hey, we've been around the block. Stop all the check points. Put the dread away. The curse of every round is the big, bad number. Indecision makes for a bad decision and reaps big numbers. Bad shots will happen.

OTUS. No more over-thinking under-swinging with clubs from rbz driver for sale online store. Fight that demon. When you are over the ball and a negative jumps up, stop!

Get off the ball! Take a practice swing. Pull it together. Even the pros do it. Think you cannot negotiate the hazard? Think you line is risky? Think you have too little club? Stop! Get off the ball! Think it through. The play that lets you swing with confidence is the play for you. Gotta lay up? Good, lay up! Wanna go for it? Are you willing to pay for it? Whatever you do, take the demons out of your swing with clubs from rbz driver for sale online store. They are not there on the range, so why take them to the course.

Leave the demons in the locker room and make your number! Beat the demons back, swing with confidence and you'll make your target number. Sounds easy doesn't it? Sounds practical doesn't it? Think positive to score well. Take your range game onto the course. We want to see the benefits of your practice. Show us!

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