Many golfers just want to get up and hit the ball, but what they don't realize is that the grip is the foundation for golf swing basics. An incorrect grip can create many flaws, including sliced or hooked tee shots, fat fairway chunks, bladed chips and pushed or pulled putts. This is due to the club head not being square at impact with a poor grip.

Learning the proper golf grip is not difficult, it just takes a little time and practice. In a matter of hours you can learn the proper golf grip, and use this knowledge for a lifetime of playing.

If you are comfortable with your golf grip and you can freely swing the cheap golf clubs without feeling any discomfort, then you might just be griping the club just right. The first test of having a good grip is whether you are comfortable playing with such a grip or not. There is no point trying to copy the grip of golf masters if you are not comfortable with it.

Remember that a good golf grip can only be decided by the player himself. If a player is comfortable with his golf grip there is a big chance that he can also swing the taylormade r11s driver with accuracy and perfect power.

More players grip the club too tightly than too lightly, mainly in the fear that the club will go flying out of their hands if they do not do so. This has the effect of tensing the muscles, consequently inhibiting hand action in the swing with golf irons. Tense or tight muscles do not work efficiently, and a tight grip slows down the muscles.

Next time you drive, make a mental note of how much pressure you apply to the steering wheel and how, if you tighten your grip it makes the wheel more difficult to control. Try to take your steering wheel grip to the golf course. It is only on shots perhaps from thick rough or some very specialist shots that you might wish to tighten the grip at address.

The grip is the first basic skill that a golfer must master if he really wants to play the game of golf in a competitive level. Mastering the grip is the initial phase of dominating the game of golf. With a proper golf grip, you will be able to hit the golf ball with extreme accuracy and power. Perfect the grip and you'll be collecting hole in ones in no time.

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