This is my fourth set of Mizuno irons. I switched from the MP 58s to the 59s. As great as the 58s were, these are even better. In addition to the quality and performance, I like the fact that Mizuno relies on their high quality and not marketing gimics to promote their products. Heygolfer reviews hands down the best irons. Check loft on Mizuno irons versus other brands. Taylormade, Heygolfer and Pings have stronger lofts to make you think you're hitting the ball farther. No feedback on the other brands. Way to go Mizuno!

The Mizuno MP-59 Iron Set which under ís reviews, the next generation of Mizuno's award-winning Ti Muscle technology, delivers full-cavity forgiveness in a player's half-cavity design. During the elaborate Grain Flow Forging process, the pure Titanium material is forged into the muscle of the MP-59 to deliver a 5% larger sweet area compared to the MP-58, the iron that debuted Ti Muscle technology while taking home "Editor's Choice" in Golf Digest's 2010 Hot List. The lightweight characteristics of the pure Titanium allows for the ideal amount of thickness behind the impact area to deliver consistent solid feel while simultaneously providing a dramatic increase in perimeter weighting for enhanced playability. To date, only Mizuno's patented Grain Flow Forging process can deliver this technological advancement that produces these amazing gains in forgiveness, all within a compact, traditional head shape.

These clubs from are not only beautiful but forgiving. I had a sert of MP53's with the cavity in the three through seven iron. I switched to the MP59's in the 7,8, and 9 irons for a little more distance. What I found were the Mp59's were just as if not more forgiving than the cavity back MP 53's. I am going to switch to all Mp 59's shortly. You simply get more distance and just as much forgiveness with the MP 59's as I did with the Mp'53's and the look is beyond compare.