[Guinean news] Protesters injured by ...

[Guinean news] Protesters injured by security forces

There are 19 comments on the News from Guinea and Friends of Guinea story from Apr 5, 2011, titled [Guinean news] Protesters injured by security forces. In it, News from Guinea and Friends of Guinea reports that:

Jeune Afrique reports that dozens of protesters were injured when security forces fired on protesters.

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Lamin Kamara


#1 Apr 7, 2011
What Guinean are protesting for? Please my people I want you to take note on what is going on Africa. Think of Ivory Coast, Libya and others innocent people are dieing every day. why you people don't you think other ways of solving problems in our religion instead of going out and doing what is not necessary. Please I am begging you let Africa continent be peaceful.
Saj jalloh germany

Gemmrigheim, Germany

#2 Apr 8, 2011
We will keep on protesting till we bring Conde´´s goverment down,and this is not about religion but Democracy....
Umaru Jogor Barrie


#3 Apr 8, 2011
why the killing of innocent people in Guinea, and i will like to ask where is the ICC. And they just said that we are on democracy but the way things are presenlty are we are not under democracy.

Columbus, OH

#4 Apr 8, 2011
YU funlai people REALLY NEED to get OVER it OK yu lost the elections just MOVE the HELL ON please and NO their were NOO NOOO deaths just these stuiped racist ppl who run most of the guineen news media on the internate spreading lies about the Presidents even THT damn theift Celliou Daillo came out and said it for himself tht they were no deaths were ARE trying to move on the COUNTRY is trying to move on its NOT ALL ABT YU the decision tht the President n government makes effects ALL GUINEENZ not just the FUNLAI PPL ok YAL ARE alwyze VICTIMS VICTIMS VICTIMS OH they did this to US oh they did tht to US NO BODY is trying to bring yal down the president is nt trying to bring yal down YAL are bring yourself down n yal are STUIPED if yu think tht Diallo is a good leader for yal he alwyze places the ethinc race Card hwz is tht going to benefit the country n all GUINEENS if he is the PRESIDENT like he and YAL claim why didnt he go to CONAKRY of kaloum or dixin for his return ?? why no he went their to start up trouble CONDE has only been in power for 3 months 3 months what DICTORSHIP has he done?? huh WHAT tht attuide tht yal have is the reason YAL lost Cellou needs to take responsiblitise for his actions hes the reason why those ppl died on september 28 n during the elections trying to get the funlai ppl out n going crazy so they will need out GETTING THT A*** beat like they alwyze do so they ( FUNALI _)ppl can play VITCIM VICTIM again n sorry for tht JACK *** tht said tht YAL are gonna take The president down HAHHHAHH soo funny THT WILL NEVER HAPPENED JUST like a DIalloo WILL NEVER NEVER EVER hve power in AFRICA becuz of the racist mean mentiality n in my beautiful peaceful country of GUINEE yal will NEVER take down becuz one he has done NOTHING WRONG bt stop Corruption so far n PLUS MALINKE SOUSU N FORECALIAH WILL NECER LET THT HAPPENED WE ARE MORE UNITED THN EVER SOOO IF YU CANT BEAT THM YU SHOULD JUST JOIN THEM SOO STOP THE HATE N GET OVER IT PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSEEE STOP SPREADING LIEZZZZZZZZZZ BE GOOD PPL TO OTHERS LUV OTHERS N OTHERS WILL LUV YU DIALLO IS NT YAL LEADER HE IS HURTING Yal SERIOUSLY FOR HIS OWN POLTICAL AGENDA YAL MAD BECUZ OF THE CONDE IS WRKING ON A AGRICUTURAL plan so GUINEE can grow its own FOOD funali ppl dont wnt tht becuz yal want to keep controling the prices of food n econmeny which is stop thts hw corruption starts a TRADER can nt make them decisions on prices of food its THE GOVERNMENT thts should like any other civilized country bt NOOO YAL DONT wnt tht DNT CARE ABT THE COUNTRY N THE FRANC GUINEENS JUST AS LONG AS YAL EATING THTZ YAL THT MATTERS STOP THE HATE

Columbus, OH

#5 Apr 8, 2011
am soo sorry so much errors n mispelling i was typing fast n just too mad i am just sick of all this PEACE LUV AFRICA ALL ETHINC ONE LUV STOP HATE

Columbus, OH

#6 Apr 9, 2011
Hay lala,u wrote and sound the same as you stupid leader. You should no better instead of critisizing one tribe.(fullani).
tairu shaw

Sterling, VA

#7 Apr 10, 2011
one must be real stupid to think that all the problems in guinea are caused by one tribe.god have mercy upon fulanis why always them to blame whenever things go wrong? mind you not all of them are rich buisness people.

United States

#8 Apr 10, 2011
Am Guineenne so yes tht is '' my president"" n YES i am BLAMING one tribe ( who are the ONLY ones starting trouble in GUINEA no other tribe reacted the way the Fulani ppl did during the ELECTIONS
saying " its our turn for power" or if dallio lose WE WILL CLOSE all the shops in Guinea ( which they did whn dallio lost) even on september 28 i wz so upset whn dadis killed those ppl the majority of the ppl were fula bt they were other ethnic tribes tht died encluding my friends brother ALL over the news yu hear the fula saying THEY ATTACKED US they were nt the only ppl tht died tht day BT They made it a ethnic thing in REALITY it wz celliou D getting them togther to protest so he can be their so called "" OBAMA"" NOt excepting the elections telling supporters to protest even tho thy clearly lost( in 1993 whn alpha beat lansana in the elections the gov said lansana won alpha supports wanted to protest BT ALPHA CONDE told them to GO HOME he said i dont want anyone die becuz of me if yu protest they will KILL

Marengo, OH

#9 Apr 11, 2011
kill yu we do nt live in a democraic country tht is someone who truly cares about his supports n country thts a true leader Unlike DAILLO who told his supports to go out in prostest Just to play ethnic card n bring drama so the supports n government can fight n they can say SEE DICTORSHIP DICTORSHIP they are attaching us VICTIM VICTIM
diallo is playing a dirty GAME tht is trying to divid this ethnic group with the govrnemnt ) N keep protesting so they can fight the police thn say SEE they are attaching US FULA VICTIMS VS DICTORSHIP CONDe so the international coummtiy can step in bt tht will never happened NO GOD HVE MERCUY ON LA GUinee N NO YU must be STUIPED if yu think am blaming all the problems in GUINEE on the fulani BECUZ thts immposiable BT YES AM BLAMING them for the clash/faighting between the gov thinking tht ppl are against them thinking tht they can REALLY overthrow the Pr whos only been in power for ONLY 3 Months YES am blaming daillo n his suppports for THIS TOPIX becuz their the only ONES fighting protesting n getting "" injured"" n ""HURT" why arent the other 4 ethnic in guinee protesting n fighting police huh ??? N no i NEVER SAID THT THE ARE ALL RICH bussiness ppl what i said is the majortiy run the ecomony with the arigculture plan in GUinee it might be competion with their bussinses bt good for the country bt they take tht as if everyone is against them its nt abt ethnic its abt impoving the country the governement controling the taxes of bussiness nt against any ethnic bt VICTIMS VICTINS alwyze claiming BEING VICTIMS N DICTORSHIP THe ELECTIONS ARE OVER GET OVER IT
tairu shaw

Sterling, VA

#10 Apr 17, 2011
cool it down lala these people are your bros and sisters dont single out .as long as some tribes dont stop thinking they are more guinean than other tribes just because of the way they look ; peace will be very hard to archeive.hell it is their turn because that country belongs to all of you guineans.have u seen what ivoirite did to the ivorians. well if they run the economy its is due to their hard earned money or do you want that country to be like zimbabwe. these people made their money under suppression by two leaders not because of any favorable government policies like apartheid soutth africa.

Athens, Greece

#11 May 20, 2011
please guinean let come together as one and develop our country instead of killing each other, let stop vaolence and trabalism, it will hamper development in our country this is a time for a big changes. i belef professor alpha conde have a good leadership quality to bring guinea to the epic, i trust in him, i belef him he is our leader our father of guinea, the only man who can help guinea at this point let praise be to him, keep on ur good work mr president dont listen to the voice of any one that want to stop progree, GOD BLESS YOU.....

Bamako, Mali

#12 May 25, 2011
i am a outsider from a other county wich lievs now
15 yers in guinea,i was traying to help to support and to delop,with all my streng,and lost of millions,i love guinee but ther is no change the mentalitie stays the same figth ,liers,diefs,corruptions,this is the daly ungoing in guinea i am sorry to see this,and also the new president can not chang the mentalitie aguineans YOU HAVE TO CHANGE FIRST than with help of the goverament the counrty can move...MABY...
i am a disapointed very hard worker and i will keep on,thanks to all guineeans and tray to chang for better you have a possibility NOW.
Mohamed toure

Dearborn Heights, MI

#13 May 28, 2011
All people of my beautiful Guinea, conakry.
To does whom are causing problems, need to come tha freeck down, instead protesting, let just take a lettle time to think about our passe, specialy the foulla ethenic.
this the first time we eclected a president freely, give him a f chance to do something, stop the bulying, and facke ass protest.
who you protesting for?(nous avont pas besoin des escros. f all the trabul mackers.)

Minneapolis, MN

#14 May 29, 2011
I am sad to hear what is going on in Guinea. I am a Guinean, Madingo. You have to understand that change in Africa doesn't come in one or two years. It will take time for this to happen. One major problem we having is tribalism. Those politicians really do not care about tribes. They only think that all they need is to get rich. Before you guys try so hard to find the problem, I think you guys need to be finding a solution to the problem. I think what most of your brothers and sisters need is to get an education and try to help your country. It is not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.


#15 Jun 3, 2011
hey lala u are very stupid. we all know who is the crimenal in guinea. god moy po them. all the world know that fullanis are innocent people.we know all the killer in guinea u know them too.one thing tell alpha conde if hi can't devolop the cuntry let him step down some one take over to help the people there sofiring. hi haven't done noting since hi become a leader.
tairu shaw

Sterling, VA

#16 Jun 4, 2011
tell them amj stop tribalism . greedy bastards.why always fulani who jah bless no one curse.
alhaji touray

Enschede, Netherlands

#17 Jun 15, 2011
alpha conde must go we need the foullah people to lead us....

Sy savane Karamo


#18 Jun 22, 2011
Even from †ђε comments here its obvious where †ђε problem comes from, i dnt fink we shld keep blaming all these on any tribe....i my self wasn't in support of the present gov't but since he's there, let's assist in making the country a better place, if we all do what is necessary of us m sure †ђε govt will be forced to comply buh if we keep blaming eachother we don't expect anybody to take the blame so let's scrap †ђε issue of tribalism n help ourself cos gov't can't do it all...kasey
saikou maci

Berlin, Germany

#19 Jun 26, 2011
for goodness sake stop blaimming the fulani`s for the problems guinea is facing now,we are all historians today thank´s to Allah,the backwardness which guinea is enduring today originated from thoes selfish,and triberlistic old politicians that were ruling the country since the day guinee atained to her independence.you cant continue accusing the fulanis.since we put tribalism in front,am very sory my fellow guineans for guinea to develope to meet the modern standerd of life will not be in the meer future.

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