Special Code: fog05270
Anyone who likes strategy games should give this a shot. Way fun and addictive. This is one game that if you are consistent and patient, you can progress far without paying.
* Get through tutorial and use a code for tons of money and an awesome card: Code: fog05270
* DO NOT use your Holy Powders or Cure Waters. Later in the game you will need them. Especially for special events. You can also barter them for Rare and better cards.
* DO NOT let experienced players rip you off in trades. Always check the forums for current rates for trade. For example: Some players will try and trade you 2 or 3 rare cards for a high rare. When the rate is usually 8 rares for 1 High Rare. Or they will try to get you to trade tons of Holy Powders or Cure Waters. Don't fall for it! You can usually get a rare for 2 Holy Powders :)
* Don't hastily evolve rare and better cards. Enhance them first and then evolve. BE PATIENT! That is how you will eventually dominate.

If this was helpful use my code: fog05270