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South Africa

#44 Dec 10, 2011
Dec 2011 and it still sucks. I will NEVER put real money into PS. If I win "free tournament" money, it will be instantly taken back with unbelievably bad beats. Play money is the same - it is unbelievable how I lose with the favourite hand and getting opponents "all in" pre-river or pre-turn.
If I go "all in" pre flop, the only players that call me are the players that hit a set on the flop.
My AK never hits, but my opponents Ax hit every time. PS is good for one thing - removing the fear of pushing "all in" and losing.


#45 Dec 12, 2011
Have to agree with ya totally ps sucks like hell always getting in shitty situations when your favorite in hand youll lose on river to 8 proc. if you are underdog your gonna lose for sure ... just lost 80 euro per few hours ... sucks a sick friking idiocrasy in ps

Tatuí, Brazil

#46 Dec 21, 2011
Im sick of being sucked out by these donkeys on pokerstars, such a joke, it seems like they like to make the least possible handle happen to win, Ive played 10 tournaments in a row and have lost hands like AK to 24off and I played agressive before the flop in all of them, it seems like people just get in there to be donkeys and upset ppl......... Im sick of it, online poker has been dominated by donkeys

Dewitt, MI

#47 Dec 25, 2011

Dewitt, MI

#48 Dec 25, 2011
the worst part about it the people suck out and talk sh&^ THINKING THEY ARE GOOD PLAYERS

Dewitt, MI

#49 Dec 29, 2011
ps has to be the worse poker site ever.every hand is either a straight or flush and the donks catch EVERTIME

Repentigny, Canada

#50 Dec 29, 2011
P-stars totally sucks... Seems like they go by sequences, one player hit all the time on a table and suck out everyone.PLUS I was playin 2 table at a time and after playin one hour on both tables, the best hand i had was QQ with the two table combined... No AK, KK or AA... but LOTS of faces and low kickers(I saw K5 often) and low cards unsuited(had three times in a row (9-2 off suited). I mean even when you play for real you don't hit shit that much althrought you have less hands played.

PSTAR: if you are a Donkey, you'll make money. If you know how to play poker and you know how to calculate your odds, you'll loose money.

<<<<<<<SH AME>>>>>> >>

South Africa

#51 Jan 8, 2012
Me again. Just picked up 50c from a free tournament. Will report what happens to it. So far, I have been in two 10c tournaments
First tournament:- Doubled up early on with AK. Then got no starting cards in 67 hands and was blinded out after winning 2c.
Second tournament:-Had no starting hands for the whole period. Eventually pushed all in (3BB left in my stack) with Ace Ten suited, I was called by Jack Ten off. And I lost to a J on the flop for a pair of Jacks.

Dalton, UK

#52 Jan 8, 2012
Just found the best poker experience online virtual poker at its best have tried loads of sites but animated poker blows all these old sites out of the water.
Poker for fun


#53 Feb 17, 2012
If You start hitting never stop - try to do it until You can with any card - You will see 92 ( flop 922 etc. ), if You dont hit prepare to fold KK AA - they will never hit, they will give You those cards to raise Your chips in and short stacks will take it all - because they are short doesnt matter wht kind of cards they have. Its not rigged and its not scam, but You must know that on several period You will hit nothing and on short period You can hit everything - rndm generator has been made so.
Poker for idiots


#54 Mar 12, 2012
AA vs 88, 88 suck flash as always and it happens every time before bubble, after bubble terrible starting hands and so it is all tables same no any difference. This bullshit also that generator is random. Principaly preflop never fold AA or KK and this is main reason why have been lost 80% of tourneys. They wrote that they are worried abt bad poker where are too many gamblers - this also bullshit,pokerstar has been made for gamblers to earn more rake. I even dont want to talk abt short stack protective mode and high stack loosing mode. One is fore sure they want as much gamblers as possible and so it will stay forever. Havn't seen that people can fold 88 55 but this is okey - their problem. Most worried is that some of players are playing tourney 6-8 hrs and have medium stack as me then having again AA going all in preflop to avoid any river suckout and got 2 calls - 66 and 10 5 os - T5os ???? wht the fck ???, person has been on tourney 6 hrs having medium stack and calling preflop higher stack wtf ?? with T5os and hitting full house on flop ???- whats that supporse to mean and this kind of situation has been happens many times - I am sure that no any human who had brain will do something like that- POKERSTAR MADE BOT will do that not human. Anyhow no any alternative found to pokerstar and thats the reason why pokerstar having so many players. I am dissappointed and actually planning to go only live tourneys - this at least natural. All this story abt skill and etc is bullshit on pokerstar, they said this is poker shit happens, basically only shit happens on pokerstar nothing else and this is not poker but lottery - too many gamblers and bots.And also I understand if somebody is going all in with 39os - maybe its the best hand he got on this site during few hrs but nobody will call on preflop t5os etc.- this bullshit and far away from poker. Anyhow scam and rigged seems to be all this on pokerstar...

Mississauga, Canada

#55 Mar 26, 2012
Steve wrote:
Pokerstars has software that it uses against players who have been barred from chatting. No matter what your hand you will lose so they don't have to monitor you in the room.
really? good to know ,ive been barred twice,they need to grow up lol
Poker for idiots


#56 Mar 29, 2012
also - all in in pokerstars is definatly rigged or let's say agressor will loose 99% to bigger stack : example hero : 6500 chips holding bb - 35, flop 358, hero all in, opponent stack 7000 call hand: at os, turn t, river a : and this kind of anomalies are very often main reason to end the tourney, donk holding overcards hit always runner runner nuts.So on the bb hitting 2 pairs is fold 99% right decision! Just cant believe how stuped can be one player holding monster hand and he never fold and pokerstars scam soft always supporting never folding pocket player or monster hand players!!! So fold is smart move, You never beat donkeys :)

Leichhardt, Australia

#57 Jul 13, 2012
Poker stars is rigged, end of story here, don't play for real money, you will lose

Hampton, Canada

#58 Jul 20, 2012
Pokerstars has by far the best site out there. they closely monitor the games, have greatr support and fast cashouts. the best thing they do is take chat away from players who abuse it.

Killeen, TX

#59 Dec 15, 2013
Poke Stars is organized legal crime company they all are and have from the start I have been playing for 19 years as a pro and I have never seen some of the bullshit hands off this site! Organized Crime people WTF Wake up!

Killeen, TX

#60 Dec 15, 2013
Poker Stars is Organized Crime they steal the chips (money) of their players I have played as pro now for 19 years and have never seen nor can I believe the hands that I have played and gotten Poker Stars is a Organization of Crime against the public sealing money. Read the net news on them! I call upon all hackers to attack their site, And we the people to report them for internet frauds thieves!

Arnold, MO

#61 Apr 16, 2016
Poker Stars is the most horrible online poker site there is! It is completely rigged! Throw away your pocket aces, kings, or your ace/king. Someone will call with ANY two cards that are suited, even 7 2, and they will make a flush. Someone will call with ANY two connected cards, even 2 3, and make a straight. It is a horrible site! Ever since they lost the ability for United States citizens to play real money games there, their site has gone downhill. Stay away from this site at all costs!

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