ipod went through washing machine

Quesnel, Canada

#84 Jan 31, 2009
I ran my ipod through the washing machine about a week ago. I had tried turning it on, and it did nothing. I blow-dried it for about 10 minutes, then put it in kitty litter for a day. After that, I put it under a bright lamp for about 3 days. And lastly, I ran a few hand towels through the drier to warm them up, and wrapped my ipod in them. I did the towel thing about four times, just to be sure that my ipod was dry.

I plugged it into my computer, and everything showed up as normal. It works perfectly now.

I think the key is to not plug it into your computer, because that will short-circuit it. My friend ran her ipod through the wash 3 times, and every time, she used warm towels to dry it, and every time, it started working again.

Quesnel, Canada

#85 Jan 31, 2009
*Sorry for the double post, but I meant to say that the key is to not plug it into your computer until you're SURE that it's COMPLETELY dry.

Birmingham, AL

#86 Feb 1, 2009
My ipod nano 3rd generation silver 4 gb went through the washing machine. I plugged it in and it started to work, but there is still water under the screen. Any ideas on how to get the water out?

Richmond, Canada

#87 Feb 2, 2009
I have washed my 2G nano and it went through the dryer and all. Its been in my shorts while swimming numerous times and after a day or two of drying it works good as new. Just give it time and let it dry while you lean it against something. They are preaty tough for their size:P

Boorcan, Australia

#88 Feb 7, 2009
my ipod nano went through the wash ,second time it was waterlogged,mum got it out,connected it,and it worked but if i leave it without a charging supply it just fades out.will my ipod have another chance?

United States

#89 Feb 8, 2009
OMG my ipod wnt thru the wash and my dad was PISSED
idk wat 2 do cuz my warranty dont cover it...HELP!!!


#90 Feb 15, 2009
Ok so the iPod touch is pretty battered and already got a soaking but finding it in the washing machine made my face as white as a sheet. I can't even cry. Operation bring back to life without dad noticing commencing...

Rocky Mount, VA

#91 Feb 17, 2009
So, I use my 12 year old brother's iPod more than he does. I put it in the pocket of my jacket after getting off the school bus today, and totally forgot about it. It went through an entire cycle of our washer. I have no idea what to do. My stepdad is trying to fix it. No luck yet. He says he could've fixed it if I didn't try to turn it on. I've already apologized a thousand times to my brother. I owe him big time now. :(


#92 Feb 18, 2009
I put mine in a bag of couscous, wrapped it in a laundry bag, and put it on the radiator for three days. I plugged it in just now. It works but the screen is water damaged. Everything works fine, though!


#93 Feb 18, 2009
Actually the internet doesn't work. I can live with that.

Weston-super-mare, UK

#95 Feb 28, 2009
My iPod nano went through the washing machine and dryer about a week and a half ago.
I let it rest on the radiator for the whole time and tried to turn it on and it works fine now.
my advice is to leave it for a while and it should be fine.

Annandale, VA

#96 Mar 1, 2009
Great one wrote:
Try dry white rice or sicilla gel it will dry it out if this doesnt work try crackin the sucker open and using a blowdryer
what do you mean by "crakin the sucker open?"

United States

#97 Mar 9, 2009
He means open the ipod

Sandwich, IL

#98 Mar 15, 2009
Dude my ipod went througth teh washer too And i let it dry out for like 3 weeks and then i plugged it into my computer and restored it but my sceen just stays white i dont know what to do help!!!

Timmins, Canada

#99 Mar 15, 2009
This sucks
I just did it too
it turns on but it's very glitchy

Killarney, Ireland

#100 Mar 16, 2009
my ipod also went into the washing machine it still plays music but the screen doesn't work.What sould i do.HELP

Comox, Canada

#101 Mar 18, 2009
Carly wrote:
Mine went through Washing Machine and Dryer, like... 4 days ago. Still nothing, i put it in rice and everything but the screen still doesnt work. When i hook it up with iTunes it says its syncing and everything but the screen is white.(plus it kinda.. melted? and now its hard to plug in) PLZ I NEED HELP! i might go crazy without music!
I did the same thing a week ago. I put mine in rice and just took it out today. It wouldnt turn on so i went to plug it into my compter, but it had gotten bashed and wouldnt plug in. i just bent it back and all was fine with plugging it in. I plugged it into my computer and the screen light up, but is still black. I can listen to music still, but i cant see a thing. Also sometimes it beeps. I dont know what t do! I dont think that i can get a new on e for a while and i cant stand not listening to my dear music! Anybody have any advice???

Orangeville, Canada

#102 Mar 19, 2009
mine just went through the washer so i took it out and put it inrice then plug it into the computer and it works!
cool guy

Newport News, VA

#103 Mar 22, 2009
i accidently washed my ipod and it wont cut on. my mom says to let it dry for a couple of days but im not sure if that'll do the job. so can someone with experience help me out???!!!

Binbrook, Canada

#104 Mar 24, 2009
I accidentally left my Ipod in my sweater and threw it into the washing machine as well. But after putting it in a bowl of rice for the past four days and putting it in the sunlight, it works again. The only problem is like many other people have noted before me, the backlight doesn't seem to work anymore. I bought it from Costco about two months ago. Has my warranty expired yet?

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