ipod went through washing machine

Middletown, OH

#351 Nov 18, 2011
my ipod wont work

San Jose, CA

#352 Nov 26, 2011
lauren mckinnon wrote:
hi wondering if anyone can help = i accidently left my ipod in my shorts and my mum put it into the washing machine - will it ever work again - i have left it for a week to dry out but still no life unless it is plugged into the computer Help any ideas what to do?
it works if u put it in a bowl of rice (not cooked rice) the same thing happened to me and it just has a little water mark on the screen
abbie starkey

Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

#353 Nov 30, 2011
my ipod went through the washer about two weeks ago, and i put it in rice to dry out for 2 days and then i out it on charge in rice and the screen is dark is a certain position i can see the screen but i dont know what to do ?

Whitehouse, OH

#354 Dec 15, 2011
Mine got ran over by a school bus twice... it doesn't work :/

Littleton, CO

#355 Dec 31, 2011
Oh my god I just found my iPod in the washer machine! How can I make it work again?? HELP!!!!!

Perth, Australia

#356 Jan 11, 2012
my ipod went through the wash, i didnt know what to do so i let it dry, its been a year! i have to plug it in and charge it, iTunes say that the iod is locked but my screen wont come up, it works through iTunes but the screen doesnt,

Heron Bay, Canada

#357 Jan 15, 2012
thanks for the great ideas

Houston, TX

#358 Jan 16, 2012
leave it in rice for like a week or two weeks. it should work fine then

Saint Charles, MO

#359 Jan 22, 2012
A few years ago my phone went through the washer, i left it in rice for about 3 days and it worked for a month then got a new one. NOW my iPod went through the washer and im leaving it in rice. But before I put it in rice, I turned it on. The whoel thing was working but the light was very dim. Is it dead forever? Please help me.

Fulton, KY

#360 Jan 27, 2012
it will work again, mine went through the washing machine for 30 minutes was soaked screen looked like it was ruined and all. i even pluged it in to charge while it was wet, i thought it was gone for ever, then i read about the rice method so i put it in a bag of uncooked yellow rice for 4 days then charged it and it works fine again, its been working all night and all day today. everything works screen looks normal and clar internet and music works speaker works charging gave me soe trouble at first put my ps3 charges it great. just trust and pay to god that it will work. god is the answear to all our problems.

San Lorenzo, CA

#361 Feb 11, 2012
My ipod nano 4th generation accidently went through a WHOLE wash cycle about a week ago and i left it in rice for 3 days... I plugged it in a few days ago and it started charging... Now it wont do anything when i plug it in except flash the apple symbol... Any more suggestions would be really appreciated!!:'(

Solvang, CA

#362 Feb 13, 2012
my ipod nano touch went through the washer 2 days ago and it still doesn't work what do i do????!!!!!!

Calexico, CA

#363 Feb 15, 2012
the ipod went to the washer, completely soaked into the water for more than 5 min. when we took it out. i left it on upright position so the most of the water could came out. i read about to shake the ipod so you can help the water to came out and i did. also, i read about the rice which i also did and leave it there in a warm dry place away from the direct sunlight or any light for about 4 days, submerge into the a bowl of rice. after that, we tried and after plug it it turns on and IT WORKED!!!!! we tried the music and internet and everything was fine, only a mark appeared on the screen and i better turned off again and left it on the rice again for the rest of the week, about 3 more days. we tried again and now itís completely fine, no mark on the screen, and everything is working perfectly, no issues so far. i still not believe it. i was sure it was dead but we didnít have nothing to lose doing the rice thing. my son is sooooo happy again!!!! ITíS WORKING!!!!

Burnaby, Canada

#364 Feb 22, 2012
My iPod touch went through the washer and it hasn't worked for a week. If I put it in my dock I'm scared I might either electrocute myself, or it will break for good because the hard drive is still wet. And when I look inside I can see some rust on metal part. WHAT CAN I DO?????? HELP MEEEEEEEEEE!!''!!!!!!

Rainham, UK

#365 Mar 6, 2012
DONT put it on radiator - but put it in a sealed container filled with uncooked rice to take the moisture out - DO NOT attempt to turn it on for at least 24hrs - leave it in the rice for as long as possible !!

Caringbah, Australia

#366 Apr 8, 2012
just put ipod into bag of rice and seal for 1 week it will draw out all of the water.


#367 Apr 19, 2012
My iPod went through the washing machine, and it was soaked and wouldn't turn on. My friend told me to dry it in the microwave. I put it in for 5 seconds on 850W, it's a bit dryer but there's a bit of smoke coming from it and it still won't turn on. Any suggestions ?

Deland, FL

#368 May 22, 2012
mine went through the same and i got it for my bday ohhhhhhhhhhhh plzzz help

Mosman, Australia

#369 May 27, 2012
Ok, heres another story of washing machines eating iPods. You dont like those stories, dont read. But anyway, I was as normal hanging out the washing and I picked up the next handful and what did I see but my precious, nearly new, Nano dangling from it's headphones amid the socks. I freaked out and instantly tried to turn it on. The screen stayed black (or so I thought) but the ticking of the wheel remained, taunting me. I tried charging it and I turned it on. Black screen. The ticking remained. So I picked up my iPod and connected it to earphones and tadaaa I listened to a song with perfect audio :D. The screen was not completely black. The backlight was just not working, I have tried changing setting and everything!!!! Also, the corner of touch wheel sunken in a bit and it's annoyingly sensitive and there is water in the screen. I'm going to try putting it in rice for the water any suggestions for the other 2? I cant take it to a technician.

Tucson, AZ

#370 May 30, 2012
my mom got a ipod andi used didnt check my pockets and i washed her ipod same as everyone else if i crak it open it wont brake im scared to do that i dont want to brake it even more i dont know if she still even wants D:

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