Big red X on ipod classic

United States

#188 Sep 22, 2010
well... i have an IPod Classic 120Gb. its about one year and two months old now. needless to say it's no longer under warranty. i kinda tried the hitting thing.. but im very scared of killing it... so when i held Select/Menu at the apple logo... i hit it a couple times.. and dropped it on the floor... no luck...

i then decided to do the checks... went to the ManualTest>IO>HardDrive >HDSmartData and it says [Can't Open Device] and at the bottom says "ERROR! Diag Halt" soo right now... i'm letting the shit uncharge... i doubt it'll help... but giving it a try anyway... once it's completely uncharged i'll recharge fully (hopefully for 5hrs or so)... afterward... giving it the whole hitting thing again...

gradually reaching the point in which i drop it off the 3rd floor... hopefully it wont get to that... at the moment it's flashing for me to plug it in... FUCK YOU, IPOD! this shit cost me $280... so umm... i REALLY want it to work... if it doesn't... any idea how much it'll cost to get this fixed through Apple? or umm.. Best Buy? Geek Squad?

at the very least... i'm not losing any music... everything that was in ipod is on my new laptop (: but i'm not too keen on losing my $280...

i'm pissed off. so, VERY much. >=[

Carlow, Ireland

#189 Sep 23, 2010
big rd x here to its driving me mad what should i do?

Las Vegas, NV

#190 Oct 4, 2010
My ipod also has the red x on the screen when plugged into a wall adapter. When I plug it into my computer via usb cord it says "charging! please wait" but i left it to "charge" for 3 days and when i unhook it, the screen is black. So I plug it into my wall adapter and i press the menu and center button then the apple logo comes on then i push the center and the prev button before the apple goes away. Then my ipod goes into this testing mode and there is a page named "holdswitch detect=1" wait for Hold Key on Menu to continue. It is stuck on that how do i get it to work? Please help!

San Diego, CA

#191 Oct 4, 2010
well i don't know what happened with everyone's... but i really tried hitting it... and took it to Best Buy... they told me that i was gonna have to send it in with them... and that it probably would be cheaper to just buy a new one soo...
i was screwed by apple... and now had to buy a brand new 160Gb iPod Classic... since that's the only shit they've got -.-"
bought a fuckin 2yr warranty this time... guess 1yr just wasn't enough. idk how this could help anybody... but i just wanted to tell how my story ended :/

Upper Marlboro, MD

#192 Oct 16, 2010
just tried hitting it in my palm (ow) then against my elbow (OW) then my leg (Ouch) and finally i gor pissed and slammed it with all my might against my shoulder really hard (OUCH-OW-OW-OW-OW-OW!!!!!!) im getting more and more pissed off I love my ipod it has pictures of my husband when we were first dating on it. It keeps showing me a big red x and im about to go outside and throw it but im scared of breaking it =[ i miss my music, pictures and playing monopoly =[

San Juan, Puerto Rico

#193 Oct 31, 2010
I shot mine....end of problem.

Shawnee, KS

#194 Nov 1, 2010
Hey Thanks So Much Mike, I had given up on my fairly new Ipod, because of this problem, so I ordered a new one before I found this information. Thanks To works guy' works !!!!! YEAH


#195 Nov 8, 2010
alex wrote:
i opened mines and the ribon type wire connected from ipod to hardrive was loose...sooo red x gone!
Hey, been having the same problem with my ipod, I don't want to send it into apple because their money mongrels for sure. Is it safe to open my ipod? How do I go about doing so safely? I know its my hard drive that is messed because I hear the clicking when I try to turn it on and the Red X appears. How exactly did you go about fixing yours?

Any help you have would be awesome!


Saint Paul, MN

#196 Nov 12, 2010
Read this PLEASE.
I'm reading all these (what I perceive as kids -- sorry guys) explaining how I should slap my ipod around.

I HAD the same red X circle problem with my 6th generation 160MB iPod.
Finally, I reset, white apple logo, slam it HARD into my hand and hear a noise I'll describe as a squiggle/screetch from inside the ipod. Next thing, bam -- it works.
Fonzie method for the win!
Don't believe me?

Huntington Beach, CA

#197 Nov 14, 2010
jerry wrote:
do a reset and when you hear the ipod click smack the side against your thigh. The lens is off like a needle on a record. This should do the trick. It did for me.
WOW, i was reading through all these posts about hitting it and thought these people were just messing with me but...IT ACTUALLY WORKED. SPECIFICALLY THIS METHOD.


Flemington, MO

#198 Nov 19, 2010
I am also having the problem with the BIG RED X I tried everything they recommended and nothing....what to do know?
Tyler Tizard

Montréal, Canada

#199 Nov 23, 2010
OMFG HITTING IT FRIGGIN WORKS I LOVE WHO FOUND THIS OUT hold middle button and play/pause button at apple logo and hit it on a table or somthing, hit it hard but not hard to break it
Matt C

Chicago, IL

#200 Nov 25, 2010
I did the analysis and it says I dont have HP DECTECT: 0 and it won't continue past that.

Naples, FL

#201 Dec 16, 2010
just let da ipod die by keeping it in diagnostic mode and leave it alone for a few days then slam it on da ground not hard jus a love slam and next day after u charge it..... it will b as good as new
Pharaoh Bo

Tinley Park, IL

#202 Dec 21, 2010
how did u open ur. mine is a classic
chuck p

Bellingham, WA

#203 Jan 22, 2011
Mine doing the same dumb shit did wht u said n letting drain battery power as I speak hope this works

Klamath Falls, OR

#205 Feb 5, 2011
i broke my ipod haha i just threw it all across the house now it doesnt turn on awwwww ;[

Detroit, MI

#206 Feb 9, 2011

Canton, NY

#208 Feb 16, 2011
yeah none of what any of you guys say is working.

Canton, NY

#209 Feb 16, 2011
hahaha nevermind. i wasn't throwing it at the wall hard enough. now it's working!

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