Bright House update in need of fine-t...

Bright House update in need of fine-tuning

There are 40 comments on the Orlando Sentinel story from Oct 13, 2008, titled Bright House update in need of fine-tuning. In it, Orlando Sentinel reports that:

Last week, Bright House Networks continued rolling out new cable-box software to its Central Florida customers, which it touted as the "gateway for new programming services , interactive features and exciting ...

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Dallas, TX

#1 Oct 13, 2008
Other ways this new interface is deficient: keyword search, and flow.

We can no longer search for, or record, a program by typing in, say, an actor or specific sports team; we can only search and record by title. Thus, I have to know which movies Fred Astaire will be in this week, or when the Orlando Magic are playing, in order to see or record them. And even the title search interface is much more cumbersome now than in the old program.

Next, the flow of the guide as you move forwards or backwards, up or down, is now jarring and ugly, instead of smooth and elegant as before.

When I called Brighthouse to mention these issues, as well as some of the ones mentioned in this article, the excuse they gave me was they had to do this in advance of the government mandated switch to digital broadcasts next year, which doesn't ring true to me...they already broadcast digital signals, don't they?

FInally, some pay-per-view rentals that used to be able to be viewed for 24 hours, are no only good for six hours.

Which melds with my beliefs about why they did this: the old interface was working beautifully, but the new one offers more features they will eventually be able to charge us for. I think this is about revenue for them, not customer service. As with the FSN silliness, they have forgotten that great customer service is more important to long term profitability, especially if you are operating a de facto utility, with contracts subject to government review.
John W

Orlando, FL

#2 Oct 13, 2008
I do miss the keyword search but the new features far outweigh that. Caller ID on-screen is amazing, as is the ability to search for OnDemand programming. It gives me so much more value for the things like HBO/Cinemax OnDemand that I'm already paying for. I also like the display on the DVR that shows me the percentage of hard drive space remaining.
In the past few years, Bright House has consistently delivered innovative and cutting edge technologies into our homes. For example the voice quality on their Digital Phone product is by far and away better than ANY phone service -- VoIP -OR- landline! And who would have thought even just 5 years ago that one day we would be able to have a 15MBps internet connection in our homes?
My suggestion? If you really need to do a keyword search, use . I am sure these are some things BHN will fix in time.
And NO I DO NOT work for Bright House!!! I am just a very satisfied customer!

Oviedo, FL

#3 Oct 13, 2008
I agree, it's a mixed bag. In addition to issues covered by Etan, I've noticed a couple.

When you're in the Guide, the old software allowed you to use the Favorite Channels Button to skip ahead in the guide. Now it takes you out of the guide, and over to the channel. Adds lots of scrolling time.

I also notice I can no longer record On-Demand shows to my analog DVD recorder. This used to be handy for making a copy to watch away from home. Still works with live shows or DVR recordings, but not On-Demand. Not even sure how or why they're blocking this, as it's an analog connection, not the kind of copy that people would make for illegal sale or internet posting.

Denver, CO

#4 Oct 13, 2008
Keyword search, keyword search, and keyword search...those are the 3 biggest problems. How can they call this an "upgrade" when they take away features.

Altamonte Springs, FL

#5 Oct 13, 2008
This upgrade is absolutely horrible. When it works at all, it is not only slow but error prone.

Also, it has completely sabotaged my Tivo as the channel change function no longer reliably works.

Finally, when they say they are working to change things -- I find this highly suspect. Google "mystro cable" and see the numerous hits. People have been having problems for well over a year in other markets.
Conservative Republican

Cocoa, FL

#6 Oct 13, 2008
With the impending change to digital TV, I'm not sure who the bigger thief is: the FCC or the cable and satellite providers. All I can say is that my Bright House bill keeps growing, pixelation on HD is getting worse (even thoiugh Bright House change thrice changed my box), and the programming sucks.
William Beem

Lincoln, NE

#7 Oct 13, 2008
I guess Bright House decided it was more important to act than to act wisely.

Northbrook, IL

#8 Oct 13, 2008
Ya'll have me worried. I am getting an HD box tomorrow morning from BH.

Winter Haven, FL

#9 Oct 13, 2008
this makes absolutely no sense. we have had this software for 10 years so we decided to force everyone to take this NEW software which does not even provide the basic guide information because sometime, and it's a secret, customers will get some other features! they should share those drugs. so, fixing the new software BEFORE forcing it on everyone, was not an option. UNFREEKUNBELIEVABLE! WHERE IS MY DIRECTV???????

When asked why Bright House did not wait until the new software included the existing features before rolling it out to customers, Bright House spokeswoman Sara Brady said the company has had the Passport software on its boxes for 10 years and felt the time was right to overhaul it.

"This is a very fast-moving industry and when a technology becomes available and when the benefits are so strong, we think that we should move forward and make these things available and update them as we move along," Brady said.

Winter Haven, FL

#10 Oct 13, 2008
good idea tampa Greg, i searched mystro cable PROBLEMS and got {Results 1 - 10 of about 10,100 for mystro cable PROBLEMS.}
CHECK THIS DATE AND COMMENT: 2007-11-09 00:15:04 There is hope, however, I know they are working alot of the bugs out, Sometime soon they are supposed to be launching the next update.!!!! THIS WAS 11 MONTHS AGO.

NOTE, THIS IS TIME WARNER, NOT DULLHOUSE. somebody somewhere has pulled a fast one. apparently, now ONLY mystro will be available on all cable boxes!

HERE IS THE ANSWER: TIME WARNER CABLE TWC was paying for Passport and SARA, With Mystro they are developing it in house, so they dont have to pay for each upgrade and new feature they want to add.

SO, this software comes in an extremely basic bundle, then each company can configure it, CHEAP. INSTEAD OF CONFIGURING IT THEN IMPLEMENTING IT, they are saving money now.

well, i have already talked to the directv guy at costco, they are having a special, free everything, a dvr for $60, etc.

Winter Haven, FL

#11 Oct 13, 2008
typical mystro comment note the date. cable companies all the same

I have had Time Warner Cable for over 20 yrs., never had a problem until now. I have had the Explorer 8300HD DVR for over a year. Two weeks ago the hi def channels started breaking up, but not every hi def station had a problem. Non hi def channels were fine. I had a tech come out and he replaced all the connectors at the ends of the internal cable wires in my house. Fine for a while, then it started again. Tech came out again and put in a new connector in the main outside wire. Fine for a while, started up again. Last week a tech came and replaced the box. Fine for a week, and this morning I find the box is stuck in a continuous booting loop. I have no picture on my expensive high def set. Whats more instead of Passport I see Mysrto as it is booting up. The message says that everything is being converted to Mystro and if the message isn't gone in 30 min. call the cable rep. Call Time Warner Cable and the rep on the phone said there has been no change or upgrade and I should bring in the box for a new one. What is going on?
to forum permalink 2007-11-18 19:50:14

Lake Mary, FL

#12 Oct 13, 2008
My frustration is that rewind and fast forward lack precision since the update. I'll rewind to just before the point I want to start watching, and instead of starting playback there, it begins back where I started rewinding. Happens repeatedly, even when I rewind further and further back.

Orlando, FL

#13 Oct 13, 2008
Sean wrote:
When you're in the Guide, the old software allowed you to use the Favorite Channels Button to skip ahead in the guide. Now it takes you out of the guide, and over to the channel. Adds lots of scrolling time.
True...but if you add your favorites to the guide, you have them all in one place together right before chan 0.

very nice

Winter Park, FL

#14 Oct 14, 2008
I've experienced davidm's problem myself. Etan, does Bright House offer a "fix" for this problem with rewinding? Did they give you any indication how long we would have to wait for the improvements to the "improvements"?


Since: Oct 08

El Paso, TX

#15 Oct 14, 2008
But they still can't carry the Magic games. S*C*R*E*W Brighthouse
Owned by life

Lake Mary, FL

#16 Oct 14, 2008
Stop wasting your lives in front of a television box.

Go outside. DO something.
just about over it

Longwood, FL

#17 Oct 14, 2008
It is a horrible software update.

My DVR reboots almost every time I turn the thing on.

The guide is not as organized nor functional as the passport version.

The search process is cumbersome and designed by a 3rd grader.

My bill stayed the same.

BHN could care less.

For the first time in 15 years - I'm considering DirectTV.

That is all.

Denver, CO

#18 Oct 14, 2008
Apopka, if you set it to put all your favorites before channel 0, then they are removed from their normal positions. Not good.

I too agree with the lack of precision thing. It used to be fairly easy to predictably rewind/fast forward to where you want to start watching. Now it's a difficult guessing game!

Denver, CO

#19 Oct 14, 2008
bob, if it's not too late, don't get that box!

“Eatin yer picanic baskits...”

Since: Mar 08

Pittsburgh, PA

#20 Oct 14, 2008
Also, for those of us who use the series recording feature like it is going out of style, you can't prioritize your recordings anymore by moving them in the list. If you want to change priority you have to delete the listing and reenter it as the last show you enter will have the highest priority.

I've had this software for about 7 months now, I've complained, written the BBB, the FCC (since that is complete BS what they are saying on the phone about federal mandate, the mandate has to do with cablecard systems. Brighthouse just wants to testdrive switched digital video (SDV) on its PAYING customers.)

Anyway, not a damn thing came from any of the complaints I made, even though they were written in a highly professional manner and not even accusatory.

Here are some other tips I've learned over the last few months (SA 8300HDC Box):

1) Say you are recording a show and you want to start watching it before it is done recording. Be careful as about 1 of 3 times if you start the recording at the beginning while the end is still recording, it will just stop recording, but the record light will still be on the front of the box. The best way to get around this is if the show is less than an hour, tune to the channel it is on and rewind to the beginning and watch it that way.

2) Self reboot the box once a week. Do it by pulling the plug, not the holding in the button method.

3) If you get that BS where you exit out of list and the picture stays small in the top right of the screen, press the picture in picture button once to turn it on, and then again to turn it off. This should restore the picture to full screen.

4) I have more little tips I've figured out but those are the big 3.

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