Why does the new Digital TV signal su...

Why does the new Digital TV signal suck so bad?

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South Portland, ME

#1 Apr 9, 2012
If you can't afford over priced cable your digital signal is pretty useless. Even with a high powered digital antenna the new digital signal sucks. Or if you have rabbit ears on top of your tv you keep needing to jump up to move the dial continually. Or if you TV has a built in converter it's a gable with no control over if and when you are going to get a signal. Up in Bangor Maine it's terrible. I hardly watch TV anymore after they switched from analog. Besides I don't even notice the quality improvement. Well... thats if and when the images are all pixelated from the inferior signal. Sure there were times, places, and days in which analog didn't come in so well or not at all but with analog I didn't have half the headaches I do with digital. Digital Sucks!!! I don't watch stations like MPBN anymore because it simply doesn't come in 90% of the time with the new digital signal, and the rest of the stations is a gable on if and when they come in at all. And often when they do come in the images are frozen and pixelated. What were they thinking by forcing this on the public??? That we'd all be stupid people and buy cable simply for the better signal? I'm glad that I have DSL it's faster than cable and I get most my entertainment on the internet. TV sucks anyway specially with our local Fox station hitting us over the head with rerun after rerun of Friends. Can anyone tell me is it just Maine's digital signals that suck or is this all over the place?

Phoenix, AZ

#2 Jul 6, 2012
I think americans should form a class action lawsuit against the fcc for not requiring a solid digital signal for the emergency broadcast system (its all but useless now especially if u live in a remote area)

Charlottesville, VA

#3 Dec 13, 2012
Remote area? I can hear the deer fart! Yes it does suck everywhere, i've tried it near Orlando, Fl, and here in s.w. Va. In N.C., and R.I. and it sucked in all four. so, yup. it sucks.

United States

#4 Jan 18, 2013
New stations old shows, I like the old stuff. Like it better if I could see it instead of running off memory. Yeah, SuX in Kansas also.

Mesa, AZ

#5 Feb 14, 2013
I can see the towers from the roof of my house. I'm in the primary zone and still have problems. The FCC needs to do something!!!!!!
Tv peeved

Madison, AL

#6 May 8, 2013
It sucks in Alabama! I can only get one channel even after scanning the damn thing fifty times! Ugh! I want to watch my local news and weather, but hell no! I have to get all of my news and weathe from a mobile device/ computer. Complete bull shit!
overly annoyed

Detroit, MI

#7 May 16, 2013
Same here in Metro Detroit. I don't even live but 35 mins from any broadcast but get one channel if it comes in. And also have a converter box in the kitchen of which pickes up a different channel. Plus neither plays thee same channel. ROFL @ the fact that idk wtf to do...........
travis king

United States

#8 Jun 3, 2013
I live near louisville ky same useless digital signal, i think the fcc lawsuit is a good idea, we got raped on this one. With the digital signal we will never again see a full uninterupted program,
Dale Sanhuber

Milwaukee, WI

#9 Jun 9, 2013
The problem is the same here in Milwaukee. I live within 10 miles of our local broadcast towers and most of what I get is all broken up most of the time. I have a digital tuner on my TV and am using rabbit ears type antenna. I never had any problems getting a signal before the switch, even in remote or obscured areas. The FCC needs to own up to the fact that they only got it half right and they need to get it all the way right or switch back

Middlesbrough, UK

#10 Jun 11, 2013
You're not going to like this, but here in the UK things seem to be rather different! The digital TV signal is as solid as a rock whatever the weather, in a place where it was previously quite difficult to get a really clear analogue picture. I have no gripes about digital switchover for TV.
Radio is a different matter though. Digital radio coverage really does suck and god help us if they switch off FM!

Wallburg, NC

#11 Jun 19, 2013
Digital TV was just another excuse to make our stuff obsolete so we'd have to buy new overpriced junk from China. This idea was the worst thing the FCC could have done to screw the public. DTV was hyped as everything from "3-D like" to "you name it"....Frankly, the signals, when you can see them at all, look the same to me...reruns of "I love Lucy" still look like the old reruns.
Our antenna-TV signals are always spotty here in central North Carolina and non-existent when the weather is stormy. Forget getting a tornado alert on the TV news anymore. I spend my time listening to good ol' analog AM and FM radio now and don't put up with the constant drop outs and interruptions.
The American People should march on Washington with torches and demand our analog TV system back!!

Richmond, TX

#12 Jun 20, 2013
It sucks in Houston,TX too, I have the same problems everyone else has posted. The FCC have taken free public TV and started a monopoly with the cable companies. I hate cable prices and the B S they give you when you sign up. Oh and don't forget you get to pay for rerun movies on their so called special channels like HBO. I really feel sorry for those Senior Citizens that have very little income left over to buy their medication and now they have taken their only entertainment. They should be ashamed and sued.

Rice Lake, WI

#13 Jun 21, 2013
It sucks up here in northern wsconsin too!! The damn thing never comes in unless there is a commercial on!! I can watch a 1/2 hour paid program no problem but forget about regular programming! It breaks up and pixelates until a commercial comes on--if it's cloudy it starts going out, if the sun starts coming out, it goes out, if a big truck drives by it goes out, I'm not sure but I think it goes out when the dog barks or the cat meows!!
Kendall Hardman

Alexander City, AL

#14 Jul 27, 2013
I have a theory that it sux because it's free, therefore the tv stations intentionally screw up the signal. The cable and satellite companies may be sending out jamming signals but that sounds a little conspiracy crazed but I do believe the signal is intentionally degraded.

United States

#15 Sep 22, 2013
Im in South Dakota trying to watch NFL games today and like usual the reception is shit on both cbs and fox. I have a nice outdoor digital antenna and my reception still sucks compared to when we had analog signal. Before seeing all these comments I thought maybe it was just a midwest problem. It seems crazy to me this is a problem across the us and its not getting more attention.

Tucson, AZ

#16 Sep 22, 2013
All the same things here in Tucson AZ.
We haven't had cable in years, dont watch much TV so have just had analogue for news and the ocassional show. So when the whole conversion thing happened we noticed the difference right away. The reception was hilliariously bad. At least with analogue, if the signal wasn't strong you can still watch the program. With digital, you either get it or you don't. All or nothing.
As with Alex above, we were just trying to watch the game on fox and CBS. It was so bad we went out today to buy a newer antenna hoping that might help. Still shit.
I've pretty much given up on this but I still won't waste my money on cable or dish. Fuck tv, it's just not worth it. I think it's a scam to "force" people to have to get cable.

Portland, OR

#17 Sep 24, 2013
Horrible here in Oregon, too! I used to be able to get solid TV reception, now I fight to get a solid signal on any station and some aren't even available anymore. And I'm only a short distance from downtown Portland with lots of towers. FCC did a bad, bad thing!

Leamington, Canada

#18 Sep 25, 2013
Yes, digital TV sucks the big one and so do all the corrupt bureacrats that made it happen. Sure DTV is nice WHEN IT WORKS.

Give me back my analog tv where a momentary lapse in signal strength just caused a bit of snow in the picture or a momentary reduction in audio quality. At least analogue didn't interrupt everything and make my tv look like I was halucinating while I missed the critical point in the show I WAS watching. DTV is like Vegas. All or nothing.

Yes Virginia, it does suck everywhere.

Why the transition to digital?
1 - MONEY MAKER for the electronics manufacturers. Just think of the millions of new TVs and the convenient upgrades to expensive flat panels with digital tuners!

2 - MONEY MAKER for hollywood. Got a digital tuner inside your TV? Lost the mechanism to RECORD TV without some crazy expensive DVR?

3 - MONEY MAKER for the cellular companies. Yup. You guessed it. The spectrum freed up by the DTV transition made room for more data bandwidth for the cell carriers who already grossly overcharge for their services.

4 - MONEY MAKER for governments. Yup. With more prime spectrum space available, that's more license money for the government make at spectrum auctions.

5 - MONEY MAKER for cable and satellite companies. They know DTV sucks and surely have gained more PAYING customers because of it.

But yes ther IS a positive side.

1 - It gets people to become more vocal on line about DTV crapulence which hopefully lead at least one person to become more politically engaged, speak up and make their views known.

2 - It will reduce TV viewing thereby getting at least some of us to do something better with our lives.

If you will all excuse me, I'm going to recycle my brand new useless TV into e-waste and go enjoy the great ourdoors.

Techdiver signing off. I'm going fishing...
see Florida

Miami, FL

#19 Oct 6, 2013
it sucks in Southeast Florida too. you would think a strong digital signal for an NFL football game would have a higher strength signal, not even close! the commercials seem to come in fine. not a cloud in the sky, no wind or rain. we all need to start a petition online at change .org. if we get millions of signatures they may actually do something. or all Americans that don't have cable or satellite should revolt and simply not watch television.

Georgetown, TX

#20 Oct 12, 2013
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