Dell E1505 dead
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Marion, OH

#41 Feb 12, 2009
When i got my e1505 945GM intergraded
dell said it would play halo 1 and 2
of choorse i pluged the charger in and out and wore out the battery and charger
so i read dell recalls called in both dell charger and battery but i asked for a newer battery line cheated me of my 9cell for 6 cell but all dell 9cells at the time were bad
they replaced my charger with another bad charger got that one replaced
after learning from a friend dell laptop replacement laptops they replace with a worse condition laptop same for refurbished
then i could not play halo 2 on my 945 card because it met requirements but dell says to me that they don't really know why it does not work but they do not wish to make new driver to fix issue??? WTF
however i found out the e1505 and e1505 6400 were best in dells laptop series
then like most my e1505 board goes bad but i tore my laptop apart and sniffed out a burnt very very small chip then main chip dead in most e1505's!!!
i identified it and sent it in to a repair shop telling them which chip it was the total repair cost 50$ the same thing happend to my 6400 board i replaced the chip the graphics card i had on at the time was a ati x1400 i found out most of my buddys boards for 6400 that went dead was because of a dell download for ati x1400 same as i BUT dell's policy i found out was if there is a burnt chip your not in any warrenty if we cause any burning it is still your fault under any condition of frieing and burn marks are on board or chip fries it is your fault.?????? OK WTF i said over phone, any how i got it repaired for 50$
for dell it would of cost 300-600 in repairs alone.not worth my time with dell.
i wanted a e1705 but my friends laptops died due to poor cooling to processor i mean those heatsinks are 1/3 to the size of the e1505's
so i stuck with e1505 i upgraded it fully
now i am buying a magma express box 2 to put a HIGH end graphics card in it so i can play it as if it were a desktop/ contacting a buddy so him and i can make a 19 hour laptop battery for e1505.
i am contacting a guy to make a crack so halo 2 will work on a laptop with 945gm intergaded card then send it out on internet.
OH and dells software refuses to let me get the final update for 945gm video card so i can only use 224 MB or so of the 256 mb i forced the upgrade to work....all in all dell has bad rep but in the past they have keept most word on their products
And for you guys with e1505 dieing batterys
i'll tell you how to fix them
1 pop open the battery with knife
2 solder all points to cords and put back in watch what happens
I have images for this so if you want to contact me fell free at [email protected]

San Pablo, CA

#42 Mar 29, 2009
Same here, I got the E1405 and tyhe battery does not load and no power at all.

Never ever am I going to buy a dell, first they provide you with specialized drivers they never update, then they install tons of crapware and now their power connection is seriously flawed.
Joanne Burbank CA

Duarte, CA

#43 Apr 15, 2009
Well I've just had the same exact experience with my 1505....I don't think that this battery has 50 hours on it and that even seems high as I write it. All of a sudden, while plugged in to charge, everything died. The battery won't re-charge, and the computer can't be used. Of course this happened three weeks after the warranty expired, and my bad, I re-up extended warranty - what a dumb move, though I don't think the battery would have been covered. From the very beginning, I complained to Dell that the battery was running extremely hot. I filed for the recall, supposedly my battery was not included, though I could find the number on their list....but I'm telling you no computer should run so hot that you cannot keep it on your lap or a desk without a blower under it. Now my only option (for a laptop rarely being used), is to spend almost $200 for a new battery. What's up with that

Ann Arbor, MI

#44 Apr 17, 2009
My battery is definitely dead but my 1505 won't even boot when connected to a power adapter. Does anybody have an idea of why this is or a solution to fixing this?
Shelly in Bellevue

Kirkland, WA

#45 May 5, 2009
ClassAction wrote:
So I have a E1505 and it looks like a dead motherboard problem...completely dead, no boot, no life.
I've read many discussion boards and all indicate the same thing: SERIOUS FLAWS with these laptops.
Isn't it time for a Class Action suit against Dell for this???? This is irresponsible and UNACCEPTABLE. I'm looking to start a class action - please post if you're intersted in joining.
We are VERY interested in joining! Have you started ityet??
Dell owes me money

Aiken, SC

#46 May 5, 2009
I bought a 1505 for myself and then one for my son for a graduation present. Mine died after 18 months. His died after 18 months. Coincidence? I bought a Mac Pro which I love and have had NO problems. I am still paying off both my 1505s. Dell needs to be sued. Count me in!!!

Paso Robles, CA

#47 May 5, 2009
peter jenkins wrote:
<quoted text>
same problem. anyone found a solution yet? I would really appreciate your help on this.
[email protected]
Probably too late now but the problem is your battery. Take it out of the computer and you will at least be able to run your computer of AC power.
Golden Boy


#50 Jul 8, 2009
I have same issues with you guys... Battery isn't charging and this is my SECOND battery after the first one did exact same thing. I have to connect the AC adapter 24/7 to make my E1505 running. I have always been a dell fan. I really hope they can fix this.

Chicago, IL

#52 Jul 22, 2009
ugh, I'm about to throw this laptop through a window! I bought my 1505 brand new in January of 07. the issues I've had w/ it:

-battery died almost exactly 13 months later in Feb of '08 (and of course I didn't get the extended warranty!)

-even before it died, the battery went from surviving 4 or so hours on a charge to barely lasting an hour, all w/on 8 months

-the DVD player has been a mess from the start. I had issues w/ it right out of the box and Dell replaced in around March. in the past 6 months (2 years after buying it new), I'm noticing the DVD player no longer writes any DVD or CD. now I can't even play a DVD and when uploading CDs, some of them skip on playback. I did a bit of researching and quickly learned that the Philips drive that comes w/ this laptop is a piece of %^&* and a ton of people have issue w/ it

-BSOD pops up at LEAST once a month. I once had an issue where I got a BSOD nearly every single day for a week (Dell "fixed" that problem so now I've gone back to only getting them once a month)

-according to my techie friend, it sounds like my hard drive is dying. swell. I've been backing up my stuff to an external hard drive every night just waiting for the inevitable

so for a laptop I paid about $800 for, I'm looking at almost the same amount of money to get it in working condition after 30 months of use (not even hard core use; I have a desktop I use for most of my gaming/graphic editing). a new battery alone is nearly 25% of what this laptop cost me and after 4 years, the costs of replacing the batteries would have exceeded the initial cost of the laptop! Dell customer support is laughable at best, intelligible hard to understand at worse. I never had such issues w/ Dell desktops, but after dealing w/ this mess of a laptop, I'm selling it and getting a Macbook Pro (at least the folks at the Genius Bar speak English!) and never buying anything Dell ever again!

Danvers, MA

#54 Aug 10, 2009
i have just replace the adaptor to my Dell inspiron e1505 for the third time....the battery seems to charge ok ......then the green light on the adaptor dies out and does not go on again...why does this keep it after market parts? I thought so ...but 2 of the adaptors were original Dell....why do they keep burning out??

Irving, TX

#55 Aug 13, 2009
Seems I'm in the same boat with the e1505 battery issue. My dell e1505 battery status has five lights come on when I test the battery which I presummed means it's fully charged but when I install it in the laptop it doesn't recognize that there is a battery installed? It doesn't show battery percentages or that there is even a battery installed? Plus when I unplug the power adapter and run the laptop on battery power it only runs for about a minute? Anyone have any Ideas on what is going on? thanks

New York, NY

#56 Oct 14, 2009
The very first post describes exactly what has happened to me. Dell is hopeless and I will never buy anything from them again. I talked to someone who repairs laptops at and he thinks it's the power commander/controller chip. I presume this controls all things power related. It must be the same chip that talks to the batery and the power adapter and has caused so many of these battery/adapter problems. We'll see once it has been replaced. But lesson learned - don't buy dell - you get what you pay for...

Saint Helens, UK

#57 Mar 19, 2010
Hey guys, I have Inspiron E1505 and have the same battery problem which works when i am plugged.But when i remove the plug laptop dies.

Solution : Turn off the laptop-> remove the charging plug-> Remove the battery from the laptop->discharge the battery couple of times-> attach back the battery to laptop (Don't connect the Charging plug right now)then start the laptop.If that doesn't help then connect the plug and let it charge for sometime and then try

It worked for me!

battery from the laptop and discharging it.And then attaching the battery back and i just restarted without plugging in and now it works perfect.I am so happy! Guys you should try out!

Enfield, CT

#58 Apr 28, 2010
I'm an Inspiron Dell 1521 owner. I purchased the laptop two years ago because the company I work for had an agreement with them and they gave us discounts. I paid around $1200.00 back in 2008.
My laptop won't turn on with the battery and
adapter plugged in. It's completely dead. I barely used the laptop. It looks brand new.
I called Dell and they want to charge me $30.00 to trouble shoot. Im stuck with a laptop that did not provide for me as I expected. Just the other day, my son's DELL laptop stopped working too.

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