Julia Gillard has demeaned and corrupted the status and reputation of the Office of the Prime Minister Of Australia. History will NOT forget that Julia Gillard TWICE became Prime Minister of this country, NOT BECAUSE of the will of the people, but DESPITE it: the FIRST time, by BACKSTABBING the legitimately elected Prime Minister Of Australia, Kevin Rudd, and then the SECOND time, by the UNHOLY UNION of gays, cowboys and the lunatic fringe, which flew AGAINST any principles of democratic representation.

Because of the disrepute that Julia Gillard has brought to the Office of the Prime Minister Of Australia, the position of Prime Minister of this country now DEMANDS disrespect from the Australian people, no longer any iota of respect. The Australian people no longer feels obligation to house Prime Ministers Of Australia in security and prestige. "The Lodge" should be turned over for public use. The Prime Minister Of Australia deserves nothing more than a dingy room in a 2 star motel.