California Proposition 19: the Mariju...

California Proposition 19: the Marijuana Legalization Initiative

Created by CitizenTopix on Oct 7, 2010

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San Leandro, CA

#16395 Jul 22, 2013
Have faith that the people of the US will do good.
George D Horwitz wrote:
I long ago stopped using marijuana, so I am only commenting as a disinterested observer at this point,but there are I think two things worth considering.
1.) Pot's presently against the law, so anyone using it is breaking the law. So if millions of Americans are out breaking that law, might they not be easily led to breaking other laws? I do not favor having such a lax attitude for the law.
Many people think laws are stupid and they break them. Slippery slope.
2.) If we decriminalize marijuana, that might lead to less criminal activity. It might not, but it might.
For twelve years, alcohol was illegal in the United States, and this gave rise to a gangster class we now call The Mafia. It also lead to a more accepting attitude among previously law-abiding citizens toward criminal activities like drug dealing, hiring imigrants without papers, fraudulent lending, tax evasion, the whole enchilada. Many Americans engage in some form of criminal activity, and I am not convinced that changing the rules governing pot will change our attitude at this late date.
Significant opponents of pot law reform include the folks who make beer and liquor.

Covina, CA

#16397 Jul 22, 2013
Pickle palace Republicans come in a jar or on a stick.

Remember Boehner don't know squat, That's why they named him Boe-Hner.

Boe don't know a Hner he don't like.

Hopkinsville, KY

#16398 Jul 23, 2013

Covina, CA

#16399 Jul 23, 2013
The PizzO Ant Factory are taking order's.
Curb Service

Covina, CA

#16402 Jul 24, 2013
Now your going to have to walk to the curb and pickup your mail.
Old Reb

Hopkinsville, KY

#16404 Jul 24, 2013
Tell that to the Feds. We tried the "states rights" and "nullification" approaches and it didn't work. California ain't an independent country.

Covina, CA

#16405 Jul 24, 2013
The Radical Right is mobilizing against the D.C. Circuit nominees. And some Senate Republicans have indicated their desire to persist in their blanket obstruction.

Since: Sep 07

Location hidden

#16406 Jul 24, 2013
Objoes wrote:
The Radical Right is mobilizing against the D.C. Circuit nominees. And some Senate Republicans have indicated their desire to persist in their blanket obstruction.
you're an idiot.

to begin with, the right is not radical. it is conservative.

radical is a word reserved for the liberal left who do not want the status quo/conservative to continue.

in the last century, because of all the inventions that our country was fortunate enough to discover, we were high on the hog so to speak from the profits.

and then the stupid liberals brought in their ideas of sharing with everybody. of purging poverty. of providing aid to everybody.

now look at us?

we're broke, and most of these countries that we provide aid to hate us.

radical liberal left is to blame for this mess. no one else.

Covina, CA

#16407 Jul 24, 2013
How are you getting back, plane, train or automobile?

Covina, CA

#16408 Jul 24, 2013
This conversation is off the topix lets talk about green leafs here and how it heals bro

Covina, CA

#16409 Jul 25, 2013
Hey is spelt Hay also?

Roseville, CA

#16412 Jul 28, 2013
smoke dope i'll put you in jail.
A-hole !!! Really.... Ur a huge dick! Prob bullied in high school (or was the bully). In any case yeah ... U go make ur arrests super cop. To protect and serve! I pay your god damn salary with MY taxes! So relax go have a few shots of ur favorite alcoholic beverage ... Get in ur car and go drive into on comming traffic!

Covina, CA

#16413 Jul 28, 2013
Hey is spelt Hay also or hay's or hazer's.

Livermore, CA

#16415 Jul 28, 2013
I think people should have the choice to use marijuana for medicinal purposes. Doctors in Western medicine prescribe all sorts or random drugs for every disorder and ailment, and we eat them like candy. I am inclined to believe that a more Eastern approach using natural medicines derived from the earth, such as Marijuana may be better for us in the long run. But one should be able to choose whichever remedy they feel it for themselves.
gimmie gimmie gimmie

Vallejo, CA

#16416 Jul 28, 2013
tell us about ear-wax you dope head scumbags

Redwood City, CA

#16417 Jul 28, 2013
I am voting NO. As for you people that say cigars and cigarettes are worse than pot, Smoke a cigarette and you can still drive your car legally. Smoke pot and drive your car and now you are driving under the influence of a controlled substance putting innocent people at risk for a accident. Anyone that votes yes for prop 19 is a IDIOT!!
Seals ahead

Covina, CA

#16418 Jul 28, 2013
Demo zone and or will make your days
Kenny lee aka bulletproof

Folsom, CA

#16419 Jul 28, 2013
Their has never been a death as a direct result from marijauna never . People can't od on it
Never has a pot head ran outta pot and went on a crime spree to get more pot like crack heads heroine addicts or like cranksters ..people smoke pot they get happy they laugh they eat they ate friendly .. Drinks beat and kill people crack heads rape rob and murder meth heads and heroine junkies also they would steal the gold fillings out of moms teeth when she slept for a bag of dope a pot head would just grow a plant..
Legalize it our state needs the income and people need a safe high to relax and unwind .. Pro bud yes on 19
Salt Peter

Covina, CA

#16420 Jul 28, 2013
No proof needed, take it as is.
American Joe

Calabasas, CA

#16421 Jul 28, 2013
It is only a matter of time before it will be completely legal. 20 states already have some form a fuck you to the Feds on it. For all you pot haters out there, you are just like the people who tried and failed at alcohol prohibition. Still believing those Reefer Madness movies, the same ones pot heads like me smoke and laugh at. If you have never smoke pot and claim its the gateway drug you are just retarded. As your generation grows and dies off, those laws you fought for are going the way of the do do bird. Probably because we are much smarter in general than 50 years ago along with being connected to more people with technology instead of being force fed a load of crap the government laid out.

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