Information on French actress Valerie...

Benld, IL

#62 Oct 10, 2009
Elsa, did you catch that I gave you Miles Chapin's email address? I asked him yesterday if you had contacted him yet or not, and he said he hadn't heard from you. But he would definitely like to hear from you and answer any questions you might have.

Loganville, GA

#63 Oct 10, 2009
Andy's Summer Lovers site has a forum. While catching up on a few posts I had missed, I found one guy wrote a blog about SL and Valerie. Here's the link:

And, a quote from it:

"... As for Quennessen, she probably comes off the best of the three in terms of performance, in large part, because her character is exotic and has the most mystery about her, but I think she is even more beguiling in the earlier French Postcards. In her review of that film, Maslin calls Quennessen an "irresistible French gamine" and I agree with her.

Unfortunately, the young actress retired prematurely from the screen after Summer Lovers to concentrate on raising a family. She was rather revealing during a press junket in New York for the film, which was quoted in a Globe and Mail article at the time. "When they called for the movie, I had to stop all what I'm doing. These Americans, they expect you drop everything for a movie. In France, we never get involved in the actor myth. We try to get close to the actors we work with. You can't get this close to American actors. They get so wrapped up in what they do that they ask themselves afterwards,'Who am I?'" Her life would end tragically in a car accident in 1989, making her few film performances even more poignant...."

I agree with his opinion that Valerie gave the best performance in that movie. When she is on the screen, Daryl Hannah all but disappears. I would think that's not easily accomplished as I've never seen another actress even come close to doing it

Phoenix, AZ

#64 Oct 10, 2009
Elsa, thank you so much for clearing up the debate. While it is not the answer anyone wants to hear at least it should end the speculation.

Although I saw Valerie in Summer Lovers only once when it came out in 1982, her performance made such an impression on me that I never lost the sense of yearning created in the movie when Lina left. I also never forgot the intensity of her eyes. I cannot think of any other performer who became emblazoned on my memory after only one sighting like she did. Her loss still makes me truly sad.

It would be interesting if you would like to comment on your family's thoughts about the Summer Lovers movie, since, if I understand correctly, your parents met on the set.

I wish you and yours all the best.

Kenosha, WI

#65 Oct 10, 2009

Hang on to your hat (a good American expression, Raymond Chandler uses it). A Summer Lovers fan club has been alerted to the fact that you confirmed the death of your mother. A few hundred people that love Summer Lovers are members. Valerie touched the hearts of thousands of people around the world.

When you combine the internet and celebrity, there are privacy issues. I know that you will make the right decison that is correct for you and your family.

I am grateful for the chance of "meeting you".

Milwaukee, WI

Kenosha, WI

#66 Oct 10, 2009

This is the fan club website, for your information,

Amsterdam, Netherlands

#67 Oct 10, 2009
to doctor Bob:
thanks a million for the address of Chapin. I didnt have the time recently for it. I shall confess that ill watch french postcards for the first time tomorrow. It was impossible for us to find it anywhere in france util one day...Ill watch it simulteniously with my brother who lives on the other side of the ocean. my greeting to you all,
than you for keeping me posted. As for the privacy on internet, yes i'aware, but i think its fair to tell the fans the truth. There is nothing to hide on the fact that she is dead. Everyone can remember the joy of seeing her without suspicions.
wish you all the best, till next time. It nice to "meet you" all in return.

Loganville, GA

#68 Oct 12, 2009
DoctorBob and others:

Elsa most definitely did inherit her mother's talent and beauty.

She seems to be getting noticed in Amsterdam for her work. As I'm married to a successful artist, primarily portraits, I know a little about that world. It's difficult. It's extremely difficult. I wish Elsa the very best.

For anyone interested, I found some information about Elsa. She and another student at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie collaborated on a work titled "books and fans". Still photos of it didn't do anything for me, but what do I know? Then I found a video. Now, it works!

Elsa's aunt is correct as she is quite beautiful. Very much her mother's daughter. Here are two sites with pix of her. At the first, she is near the bottom of the page in a quite clever pose. One would never suspect it's an art school...

Elsa, thank you so very much for sharing with us. It has been a joy getting to know you, even this little bit. I wish you the best of luck, happiness, success and much love in the future.

Trondheim, Norway

#69 Oct 12, 2009
Hi all.Im part of the SL fan club.I came across it a few years ago and didnt realize how many people were huge fans of the movie. I remember seeing it in my little home town in New Zealand when it first came out. I vowed some day I was going to go there.(Oia,Santorini). I now live in Europe so its much easier to travel to Greek islands than it wouldve been had I stayed in NZ.
In may this year I finally made it to that beautiful island.Its more amazing than I ever imagined. I spent a day in Oia and visited the "summer lovers" villa. Then over to the Oia Castle apartments which was where Valerieś character Lina lived. It was rather poignant as I mustve watched SL countless times so seeing up close the little balcony where Valerie and Daryl were filmed was thought provoking.
It took me back to when I first saw Valerie and was totally entranced by her beauty. I know many other guys thought the same when seeing her. Those eyes of hers burned through you.
I just would like to say to Elsa, that your mother was truly a classic beauty.She gave a small town boy from the south of New Zealand a dream of what timeless beauty is and what should be. Thanks for giving us a small insight into her. I wont venture any further to this but thanks for sharing with us the answers to questions many of us have been asking.

Kaysville, UT

#70 Oct 12, 2009
Every time I get an Email telling me there is an update to this topic I get a smile on my face. When I started this topic I did it because I was very curious and am the type of person that will find an answer. I hope everyone including Elsa and maybe someday her brother or other family will keep giving us insights into Valerie's life. Also Elsa, I don't know if you have heard of the Sundance Film Festival. It's a US version of some European festivals. I live 25 meters from the center of it in Park City,Utah if you are ever interested. Bill

Since: Oct 09

Humble, TX

#71 Oct 13, 2009
I first saw SL in the 80's on cable. I wasn't sure what to expect from the movie other than to see some gorgeous Greece locations.

However, SL gave so much more...great music, location and a charming story with a very enchanting actress...Valarie :)

This movie is one that has always lurked around in my head as it captures such a great time for those of us that were in our 20’s back in the 80’s. This movie introduced me to Lime. Your Love has got to be one of the best disco tunes ever recorded. The sound track is one of the best.

The movie also captures an innocence of spirit which is beautifully expressed by Valerie. Her acting is so effortless and open.

As mentioned in one of the posts above, SL is showed a couple of times a year on U.S. cable and I just happened to catch it last month.

Now with the WWW at my finger tips, I decided to look-up and see what I could find out on Valarie and where her career and life had led her. I too, was saddened to read that she had died tragically at such a young age leaving behind her children, husband, family and friends.

I would like to add my thanks to Elsa and her aunt for replying and confirming what had happened and allowing us to share a bit in their lives.

The WWW is a great place to meet and share. Yet, one still needs to exercise caution and I know that Elsa along with her family realize the need to keep some things private.

I’m sure that Valarie would be delighted to see that her children are healthy, happy and pursuing interests that they love with the support of family and friends.

Thanks again to Elsa and her aunt for taking the time to respond and best wishes to all =)
gary knowlton

United States

#73 Oct 14, 2009
Elsa wrote:
to doctor Bob:
thanks a million for the address of Chapin. I didnt have the time recently for it. I shall confess that ill watch french postcards for the first time tomorrow. It was impossible for us to find it anywhere in france util one day...Ill watch it simulteniously with my brother who lives on the other side of the ocean. my greeting to you all,
than you for keeping me posted. As for the privacy on internet, yes i'aware, but i think its fair to tell the fans the truth. There is nothing to hide on the fact that she is dead. Everyone can remember the joy of seeing her without suspicions.
wish you all the best, till next time. It nice to "meet you" all in return.
I just watched French Postcards today what a delightful escape back to paris where i had spent time in the mid 1960s having spent 3 years in Germany i also traveled to Amsterdam many times and loved it. i loved europe immensely and hope to get back there since my daughter may ironically spend 3 years there with her husband in germany with the us air force. I couldnt wait to see the scene with your mother and i was not disapointed she was as lovely as i remember from summer lovers and performed magnificently i am curious as to your thoughts if you were able to watch it with your brother and your impressions. these last few days of posts on this website have been a revelation i am sure to me and the others not to mention you and your brother and Nathelie . god bless you and your family and your work . thank you ELSA regards gary
gary knowlton

United States

#74 Oct 14, 2009
OF course i meant SCENES PLURAL not just scene so i am correcting myself thanks
Mike Mogelgaard

Seattle, WA

#75 Oct 14, 2009
Bill wrote:
I just watched a movie that Valerie Quennessen was in and out of curiosity I did a search on her name and found out she died in a motorcycle accident in 1989. I was devastated. She is so beautiful and full of life in the movie. I would like to find out more about her. I have found that she was married to Francois Manceaux ansd had a son, Antoine Manceaux. But the details of her death and where she is buried are of great curiosity to me. I am greatly relieved that she had a child as someone with her talent and beauty should pass those characteristics on. Can anyone help me with more details. Merci.
Her son is a movie editor/producer living in Brooklyn New York. sure would like to talk to him.

Weert, Netherlands

#76 Oct 20, 2009
I searches in Google for: Valerie Manceaux and I found the following tragic message:
Confirmation of the death of Valerie Quennessen in 1989.
( )
I copied the message for all of you.
From: KingDaevid < >
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 2009 15:44:32 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Confirmation of the death of Valerie Quennessen in 1989
"...there have been douts voiced in this newsgroup as to the actual
death of actress Valerie Quennessen (FRENCH POSTCARDS, SUMMER LOVERS, CONAN THE BARBARIAN) in a 1989 car crash. Below is a message posted this weekend on a Yahoogroup dedicated to SUMMER LOVERS that, I suspect, should put the doubts to rest...
Many of us have hoped the lack of information about Valerie's death was because she didn't really die, but simply decided to disappear.
Unfortunately, we now know she was killed in a vehicle wreck in March, 1989. At another forum, the discussion about the mystery surrounding
Valerie's death and whether or not she had actually died was joined by someone who assured that group Valerie truly was dead and had been
buried in Paris. That person would seem to have definitive knowledge as she is Elsa Manceaux, Valerie's daughter. To read all the posts, follow this link:
Elsa stated her mother died the 19th of March, 1989 and is buried in the Montparnasse Cementery, in Paris, France. She is in the Jewish section of the cemetery in the MATALON family grave. In the cemetery records, the grave location is listed under Drodelot/Quennessen(but Matalon is the main name), entrance by the Rue Froidevaux. I was
saddened by this information and I'm sorry to post it here, but thought people would prefer to know the truth. May she rest in peace..... "
Now you all know what happened to Valerie.
Elsa Manceaux

Amsterdam, Netherlands

#77 Oct 22, 2009
Thank you René!

Phoenix, AZ

#78 Nov 26, 2009
Elsa, are you still here?

Today is the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. We have a tradition of telling people what we are thankful for. On behalf of all the fans of your mother's work, I would like to thank you for clearing up the misinformation about her.

Best wishes to you and your family.
Elsa Manceaux

Amsterdam, Netherlands

#79 Nov 26, 2009
WOW! Thank you very much! On the behalf of my entire family, we wish you all a merry thanksgiving! Today is just a regular day for us, rainy and busy...haha!

Pleasant Prairie, WI

#80 Dec 5, 2009
Happy 52nd Birthday Valerie...

Apple Valley, CA

#81 Dec 5, 2009
valerie is/was a shooting star! In a Hollywood world and the invasion of privacy it holds...I could understand someone chosing to take the course of 'apparent death' to avoid further contact. If she is alive...let her live in peace with her family as I'm sure this is her wish. If she passed in the reported accident...may her memory in pictures and thoughts live on forever!!!

Beaumont, CA

#82 Dec 7, 2009
Elsa Manceaux wrote:
Thank you for your comforting messages. I see that you feel alsmost the same way as I do when you watch her movies. She died when I was very young, and I do not remember her. Her movies are a gift from the sky in a way, i can still see her, and hear her, at the times where she seemed to be happy, doing the work she always wanted to do. I'm very proud.
My mother is burried on the jewish side of the graveyard, can't remember the section number, but she shares the graves with the Drodelot family, the Drodelot Quennessen family. Jewish people always leave a stone or two on their grave after visit. You can do the same, sign it with your name, and next time I'll go to Paris I shall leave some stones too. You can just ask the guard of the cemetery, he'll indicate you the place. You often g to Paris? That's a long way... I've forwarded the address of this site to my brother, if he wants to add hiw message.
You said my aunt had been contacted (I read in messages above). Who? I remember 10 years ago someone asking for pictures for a magazine in transylvania, somehting like that... But let me know, if you know... Take care,

Your mom was fantastic in French Postcards which I saw when it came out. It made me want to go to school at the Sorbonne! I thought she was so pretty back then and I liked her in that more than in Summer Lovers or anything else. She was too great and I love watching her to this day. I have been to Paris many times since. My regards to you and your family and the way you replied to all these posts.

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