Isn't it so true,all the tough seasons,the high hopes that got stepped on by are enemies in the east i for one am sick and tired of it. Kinda makes me wonder how detroit still has fans."But" it wasnt that long ago that we had a good coach and we were in the playoffs. Hail coach Joe Gibbs you will never be forgotten.. and I think it truely gives us reason to believe this could be the real deal. Good coaches upgrade in players and new attitudes in old players. Plus breaking down the tapes were teams really that much better than us, I say no weve seen all the teams be built romo not that good in college hasnt blown anyones doors off. Or the light duty manning with a mediocre D or how about the over achieving eagle team thanks to mcnabb and westbrook and a ok D i still think we could easily smash are east rivals. I cant wait for week one. Hail..