Mullin from the Trib gave the following grade: Coaching
A+ Ron Turner scrapped the offensive script after the first play and adjusted to the harsh conditions for an 18-play opening drive that consumed nearly 11 minutes of the first quarter and produced a field goal while keeping Brett Favre on the sidelines. Electing to go for fourth-down conversions three times was a momentum builder."
Great, Turner got a "A+" on the pop quiz, but he still failed the mid-term and the final and gets an "F" for the course.
Wow, he made an adjustment (about time) and went with the run/short pass game in gale force winds. He's must be a bleeping genius to figure out a strategy like that, NOT! Why haven't we seen Wolfe on sweeps and screens before today? Because the Turner wanted to keep running him up the middle (especially when we're on our own one yard line). The running game worked today because we stuck with it and didn't (couldn't) pass 50 times like Turner did in previous games (even when we were winning late in the game!). We didn't quit running against the Pack even if we only netted 2-3 yards on first down. It took you long enough to figure it out, Turner, 2-3 yards is a positive gain... and better than a Grossman sack. Fire Turner, NOW!