Is Tim Tebow gay?

Los Angeles, CA

#22 Nov 7, 2011
Alright, any of you out there that believe that T. Tebow is straight, need to move out of your small town and into a big city an meet a few openly gay people. He is so gay it hurts (no pun intended). As for him coming out, I wouldn't bet on it. That is one of the biggest career enders in the NFL. There are tons of famous homosexuals who have managed to keep it fairly under wraps.

Campbellsville, KY

#23 Nov 10, 2011
Tebow played for the Florida Gators, so he is some sort of gay by default.

Lancaster, WI

#24 Nov 18, 2011
I'd like to think that being gay isn't a "career ender" but I have to say.. even if he is secretly gay, he has probably had the "Christian Morals" so beaten into him throughout his life that he is fighting any sort of urges he may have and wrapping them in a heavy blanket called religion. It's not easy to come out, and even harder when you're in the public eye. If he is, big whoop. If not, fine. Either way being happy is what counts. But living a lie is never healthy..
Florida boy

Jacksonville, FL

#25 Nov 21, 2011
moneyright wrote:
You're totally right. I grew up in a christian school where 32 of us were in my graduating class. Out of the 32, 29 were still virgins! But you know what? Those religous guys that were virgins were all married with kids by the time they were 21, some right after high school to their high school sweethearts. That's what straight devout christian men do. If they save thierselves for marrage, they get married young so that they can get some pussy. Because religous or not all straight men need to start getting pussy by the time they're 21. Tebow apparently doesn't and needs to cloak himself in the religion shield for protection.
Nope. Tebow is Gay, he just won't come out of the closet, just like lance bass and ricky martin....both also good Christian boys who waited....most people who wait until they get married, realize that the person they married wasn't the person they thought they divorce rate increases with that...He should not lead his female fans on..thats not right.

Kanata, Canada

#26 Nov 26, 2011
Did Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny or anyone else help you make your choices? God is in your head. Live in reality.
p.s. Tebow is gay. It doesn't matter, but he is.
Pat Cunningtrombone

Rockville, MD

#27 Nov 28, 2011
He is not gay; but he is pretty clueless about some things. My son Paul is not gay but acts like a teetard at times; I want to hit him over the head with a plastic baseball bat!!!!

Since: Apr 11

Aldie, VA

#29 Dec 4, 2011
tebo talk wrote:
I only thought he was homosexual when I heard him talk. Scary thought. I hope it's not true because everyone deep down inside knows it's wrong. What's new under the sun?
Hey Tebow Talk... I think you sound like the one still in the closet. It's OK come on out. It's a new world we won't hurt you....You loser!
Catholics are Christian

Pittsburgh, PA

#30 Dec 4, 2011
Dear Tim Ti-bone -- your statement about "Christians or Catholics" makes you sound like you have no idea what's going on.
Catholics ARE Christian, by definition. In fact, the first Christians were Catholic (the Protestant Reformation didn't come along until the 16th Century).
Christians are composed of Catholics, Protestants, & Eastern Orthodox.
Saying "Christian or Catholic" is as offensive to the 1 billion Catholics of this world as the statement "Human Beings or African people" (implying that somehow the definition of human beings may not include all people of African descent).
Stop sounding like a red neck hick & wake up...
Tim Ti-bone wrote:
Trust me when I tell you that this guy is NOT gay. I don't know if he's celibate or what. The one thing that you guys have to understand is that many Christians or Catholics or anything, are not invulnerable to girls. He IS christian. He ISN'T gay
someone who knows-GVL

Lexington, KY

#31 Dec 4, 2011
Do any of you see a problem with the fact that you care about this subject either way? I am feeling stupid even responding but I have to because I hate stupid comments with no factual base.
He is NOT gay. He is not a virgin. Coincidentally
I sat next to a girl this morning at my church in Micanopy. She is smart, christain, and considerered very attractive. She told me funny stories about make out sessions she has had with him (on several occasions).
Tim has been around our community and church for years. Additionally he attended HS in Jax/Ponte Vedra FL where my friend is a teacher, She knew him then and totally confirms Tim is not gay,
Hey, how about this novel idea: Worry about something that matters, like is he going to get hurt running the ball because his teammates suck and he has to save every game because of all their screw ups. COEXIST you haters.
Chris Gaither

Alsip, IL

#32 Dec 5, 2011
I don't have a problem with it either way; I enjoy the company of folks who are gay or straight all the same. I think he is a very good person, a very spirited and inspiring teammate, and a fantastic football player. I'm also quite convinced that he is gay. Again, no big deal to me-- I just think it's rather obvious.

Cleveland, TN

#33 Dec 6, 2011
johnonymouswordpresscom wrote:
i agree with you that God is in control of your, tebow and my personal love lives. yes i am a Christian as well. i am however a homosexual. i think people are a little upset b/c tebow does appear to be a little gay and when you add all the evidence up it's easy to jump to that conclusion. i wanted to jump on the call-his-gay-butt-out movement too but then i realized if he's gay then he's a victim of society like every other gay person. society is so homophobic that you all refuse to even entertian the thought that he MAY be gay. that tells you how awful GAY is!! news flash folks not all gay people are FLAMING fags or short haired BUTCH lesbos. we are your ministers, your lawyers, your doctors, your teachers, your mailman, your pro football player, your butcher, your bartender, your HUSBAND and your FATHER. God is the only one capable of JUDGEMENT!!!!!!!
Sorry man, but saying you're a practicing, unrepentant homosexual and at the same time a Christian is the same as saying you're a practicing, unrepentant adulterer, liar, or thief and also a Christian. You're not. God will judge all in the end according to the standard that God put forth. Due to your Sunday School faith you can quote "Judge not lest ye be judged," but your Sunday School faith hasn't shown you 1 Corinthians 5:12. While Christians can't judge those OUTSIDE the church, it is their DUTY to judge those INSIDE the church. Sorry, but telling a professing believer that he/she is wrong in their sin is a Biblical mandate. You, sir, are wrong in your sin if you're living a homosexual lifestyle according to Romans 1:27.

Homosassa, FL

#34 Dec 8, 2011
I am certain. Tebow is Gay. Anybody who talks like that is gay. I know I am not wrong. Mark my words.

Since: Apr 11

Aldie, VA

#35 Dec 8, 2011
Pedro wrote:
I am certain. Tebow is Gay. Anybody who talks like that is gay. I know I am not wrong. Mark my words.
News FLASH!!...
Tim Tebow will be on the inaugural cover of the new NFL Magazine coming out next Tuesday. Billed as the "Hottest New NFL Star" Gay or straight, it makes him a "cover boy" As long as he keeps winning, I don't give a rats ass about his persuasion!

So all you haters have one more reason to crow....Love it!!!
Tim tone

Anaconda, MT

#36 Dec 11, 2011
Definitely gay. Saw him in gay bars this fall in Denver.

Since: Apr 11

Aldie, VA

#37 Dec 11, 2011
Can any of you homophobics stand Tebow's success ??

Detroit, MI

#38 Dec 12, 2011
OMG....if he's gay leave him alone! if he's a Christian then he's destroying himself internally trying to fight being gay, and guess what "gay" will win. Why? because GOD makes someone gay, society does not. Christians that "think" being gay is wrong will get their judgement from God when they die. I just hope its not real bad for you guys, but i think the judgement will be harsh, IMO. Its not my job to judge other Christians, but allot of you need to go back to school and get some common sense! Do some research on homosexuality. You will find NO facts that show people choose to be gay.

Palm Desert, CA

#39 Dec 13, 2011
he is gay

Boonton, NJ

#40 Dec 14, 2011
Good lord society today has made people so dumb and detached from the real, and natural; ignorant. There are a lot of guys out there, who actually do wait until they find the right person, before they have sex. Hard to believe in this day and age, but they do exist.

Two men can love each other, and be affectionate with each other; and be young single roommates; and not be gay. That's the same kind of relationship I have with a friend of mine who I had also served with, but we also do MMA and are on the same team; and travel a lot to fight. Love each other to death, but have no desire to have sex with each other. David and Johnathan in the bible exhibited that same kind of love, closeness, and affection in the bible. It isn't unnatural for two men to behave that way with each other, only ignorant, distorted, and perverted people of today's society deems it "weird".

If the guy is gay, so what? Just because someone is gay doesn't mean they can't have faith, and a love for Jesus. Last time I checked, Jesus never turned away anyone, who wanted to know him. If he's gay then that just means he's an even stronger person; to not let his faith be wavered by fake Christians who like to condemn and judge so harshly, and also crazy gay activist who believe, if you're Christian you're hateful, and if you're gay and Christian then you're a self-hater.

Has he said anything hateful towards any groups of people? He does talk a lot about wanting to help many people, and the guy's been doing that since he was a kid- and in other countries, and feels his money and fame from football allows him to do that even more so, what has anyone criticizing the guy so harshly done for others?

People who get all uppity about him praying before a game, or thanking god; are retarded, and don't understand what its about. Athletes who do this, are not praying for victory; they pray for the event to go well, meaning they hope neither themselves or their opponent(s)are seriously injured or killed. When they thank god after the game or fight; they do so, feeling that that should thank god for all accomplishments that come their way, and also the fact that no one was seriously injured or killed.

Its sad we live in an age in which good people, who do inspiring good things, noble things; and are heroes for the right reasons- are bullied, mocked, and have people salivating to see them fall. And then we're so shocked and surprised whenever we hear on the news of another shooting, or kid killing themselves over being bullied, or videos of people standing by and or walking by as someone is being beaten in the streets or dying in the streets. Its because society is increasingly becoming shit, doesn't know shit, and repeats the same horrible shit over and over. Hell yeah I have to believe in god, because my faith in mankind is low to none.

Boonton, NJ

#41 Dec 14, 2011
Russ wrote:
OMG....if he's gay leave him alone! if he's a Christian then he's destroying himself internally trying to fight being gay, and guess what "gay" will win. Why? because GOD makes someone gay, society does not. Christians that "think" being gay is wrong will get their judgement from God when they die. I just hope its not real bad for you guys, but i think the judgement will be harsh, IMO. Its not my job to judge other Christians, but allot of you need to go back to school and get some common sense! Do some research on homosexuality. You will find NO facts that show people choose to be gay.
1.) If he's gay and Christian, he isn't destroying anyone. He's just a guy who happens to be gay, and has faith and love for Jesus; and understands that his sexuality does not equate with god, or Jesus hating him-because a REAL Christian knows, god and the son-aren't about hate. Some people choose to be gay, and some people are definitely born that way, there are interesting differences between the two though that's another topic; though neither are hated by god or the son. However only god knows the true heart of someone, and it is only god who can judge someone. There are only 3 things that can put us in deep trouble with god; and that's...


B.Evil with no remorse in the heart. These are people who do horrible acts to other men, and enjoy it; aren't sorry for it and even try to justify it; and often do so distorting things that are meant to be good.

C.Being both A&B while vehemently rejecting everything the father, and son are about; that is called "Antichrist spirit". In the end everyone will be given the chance to know god, even people who never believed, or were of another faith; believe it or not though, there will still be people who reject him, even after seeing the things we'll see.

2.) God doesn't make us anything. He's not sitting up in the sky on a throne molding us, giving us personalities, allowing some to be born perfectly healthy, while others born with a number of illnesses or disabilities. Adam and Eve are the mother and father of the human race- we come from them, and they came from god. They were perfect, but their disobedience, and answer to Satan when Satan and other angels who followed him rose the question "Why should man serve you?" took that perfection away; which is why mankind is exposed to the bad things we are, why we grow old and die ect.

Jesus Christ however was created, and perfect- to buy back humanity, give humanity hope, and a prelude of his father's (god) kingdom. His cry "Forgive them father, for they know not what they do". That had nothing to do with the situation he was in, but the way we are, the way we've become- and how we are to each other. Just reminding god that we are imperfect in all ways.

Atlanta, GA

#42 Dec 14, 2011
I only just heard an interview with Tebow for the first time. As a gay man, my gaydar is pretty darn good. He's gay. I feel sory for him, because he's obviously got himself in this box with very public religion, being a virgin etc. Probably just a nice guy struggling with it. In public. There are many religious gays who are out.

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