I've been a long-time Mike Shanahan fan, but after last week's stupid decision to let Jason Elam run with the ball and last night's coaching debacle, I'm losing my patience with the calls he's making. No other NFL coach would call a 4th down and 2 yards on their own end of the field with a rookie quarterback and plenty of time left on the clock...not once, but TWICE. Even worse, the first was on the Bronco 46 yard line with an 11 point deficit and over 11 minutes left in the game! Unheard of! The second was on the Bronco 28 still only trailing by 14 points, and almost 7 and 1/2 minutes remaining in the game. What kind of coaching is that! I wouldn't make those calls in a high school game. C'mon Shanahan! The Broncos didn't lose the game...YOU did!