The Ravens have played 12 games against top 11 defenses (total yardage) this season. The only top 10 defense (other than the Ravens) that it did not face was Philly. This offense has a great running back (although Cam Cameron's running backs have always performed at Pro Bowl level), a solid quarterback, two very young tight ends, and a solid receiver in Boldin. I actually think Cam's got a lot out of this year's offense against a very tough schedule. Cam must be the luckiest guy in the world to be the OC for LaDainian and Ray Rice. The fact that Ronnie Brown was leading the entire NFL in total yards from scrimmage when Cam was in Miami tells me that his running backs benefit from his system. He's been one of the best OC's in this league for a decade. For all of those who want him gone, you should probably be careful for what you wish.