When Nicks was out and he was inserted, caught 11 passes out of 12 for 132, he would have had more production if the Giants tried to score more later in the game. He wasn't inserted again and targeted until late in the Eagles game drawing two interference calls on an All-Pro cover guy on the final Giants drive. Then an Eli gaffe on a go route on the sidelines, Eli threw the ball to the inside of the defender, forcing Barden to take the interference call to prevent an INT, and we all know we missed the winning field goal. Kildrive & Son will regret losing him to Washington, Philly or Dallas next year as he will come back to haunt the Giants. I wish him well and I am very frustrated by his lack of playing time and targets in each game we lost, with his size and soft hands which could very well have been the difference between winning and losing those games. MHO!