'D' flopping in 4th quarter

'D' flopping in 4th quarter

There are 60 comments on the Chicago Tribune story from Sep 25, 2008, titled 'D' flopping in 4th quarter. In it, Chicago Tribune reports that:

How does a Bears defense that helped its team go 26-1 when leading after three quarters during the three seasons Ron Rivera was defensive coordinator explain blowing fourth-quarter leads in five of the past six ...

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Monticello, UT

#41 Sep 26, 2008
GL Jeff wrote:
Lovie Smith is the smartest guy in the room. He knew Babich was better than Rivera. That Benson was better than Jones. That Archuleta was better than Harris. Etc., ad nauseum.
Lovie knows. He is a genius.
That is why our home is a Bears-Free-Zone until such time as the team fires both Jerry and Lovie. Won't watch a single down. Not a single second.
If everyone will recall, Wanny was not fired until the fans stopped watching, listening and, most important, showing up.
Please join me in this boycott of the Bears until they fire Jerry and Lovie.
Good for you,Jay Mariotti!! Sorry but you will be hard pressed to get support from us Bear fans posting here.You would be better off trying to get your boycott on the green Bay web site! What a ridiculous post,thanks for the laugh.We all are not stupid & can tell you are not a Bear fan posting on our site! So do us all a favor & Go Away,Far Away! The Rams are looking for some worthless fans.Bears Fans are the Best! Take care fellow Bear fans! God Bless! BEAR DOWN!! GO BEARS!!!

Canton, IL

#42 Sep 26, 2008
Tired of the BS wrote:
<quoted text>
The problem is winning once every 20 years isn't enough. There is no reason for the Bears to be a losing team. I personally am getting tired of spending 3 hours each week watching a losing team. Last week was terrible. They had the game won and gave it away. It's not just one player. It's the team that doesn't seem to be in shape. We are going to get crushed on Sunday. And yes I am a die hard fan. I wish we had some die hard players. I really wish they show the same enthusiasm on the field as they show at the beginning season when they hold out for more money. I am just tried of being a die hard fan of a losing team.
Couldn't agree more...the holdouts are a disgrace given how the biggest whiners have played so far, with the exception of Briggs. The Bears should be a top contender virtually every year, instead they've won twice in the last 60 years.

Mesa, AZ

#43 Sep 26, 2008
I've been a bear fan since 1963. During that time we've had two championship seasons. At least back then we had some hall of fame players that were fun to watch including the guy who was the most complete player in the history of the game! In those days, coaches weren't worried about offending a player, if you didn't perform, you got benched, in 63 the bears used two qb's although wade played in the championship game against the giants. Those guys played with PRIDE, some of these guys don't seem to care if they win or not! They're not in condition, bad play calling! They look like bear teams of the early 70's! they are professional football players, free agent carpetbaggers instead of being BEARS, know our history and play like it. That's why some of us like Ditka, he played hard, he lived it and he also won! Look at his teams, full of talent and guys who cared. Anyone want to look Walter in the eye after a poor effort! Or Iron MIke, Hampton or any other guy on that team. True Fans remember when we could hold our heads up just because of the effort put forth on the field even if we lost (except to Green Bay, we want wins only please) These young guys better be able to look themselves in the mirror and know they gave their all to win. Coaches, and GM's too.

Currently our players are not given the opportunity to win the game. Why not let Orton throw down field, that's all he did at Purdue?! We need better plays on both offense and defense and better effort from our players. And CAPTAINS, you guys need to LEAD the way! Time to BEAR DOWN!

Park Ridge, IL

#44 Sep 26, 2008
Thanks for speaking the truth on this issue David. Right on the mark too! Bob Babich was Lovie boy!! If the Bears fail to make the playoffs with this aging defense and bad defensive schemes being called by Bob/ Lovie during the games, then it's time to shake the Lovie tree branches a bit after the season fire some assistant coaches and defensive scheme will be needed to changed. The “Fire Bob Babich” website link will go up right next to fire “Jerry Angelo” now website. Everyone in the NFL has figured out how to cover the Chicago 2 defensive revision of the Tampa 2! Tampa bay proved it and philly will do the same.

Since: Jul 08

Windsor, Ontario

#45 Sep 26, 2008
1bearsfan wrote:
Fellow Bear fans: I do tend to get defensive with fans over my Bears! Believe me it is not personal,its only about the Bears! Its not about the fans as a person!My Dedication gets me in trouble sometimes,& I cant help it! I guess i am a freak of nature as a fan! I have been that way for 37 years.I hate to lose & I get frustrated as well,But every week I am fired up to watch them.No matter Win or Lose or how the season is going.Every week is a different scenario & I believe they always have a chance to win.Fans really can make a difference.None of us would do very well if countless people were trash talking us,calling us losers.Basically kicking us while we are down,it doesnt help it makes it worse.I love to try to rally the fans in my posts,although I get alot of trash talk.I am willing to take it in support of the Bears! We are all on the same team.It just maddens me to hear so much trash talk towards the Bears on our own web site or from our own media!So I get Defensive & fire back! So I just want us bear fans to come together & support our Bears! Come on Bear fans,it has only been 3 games with 2 on the road vs very good teams.We could be 3-0 & our stupid mistakes are fixable! We are only 1 game back in our division with 13 games left! We have shown we can play with the good teams.The 2 losses hurt me bad inside too.But they are over we cant go back.Time to move on,I am sure they learned from it.At least our mistakes happened early in the season.Some people are talking like it is week 14 & we are 4-10.I believe Bears fans are the greatest fans in Sports.I am proud to be a Bear fan,we are a special franchise.Have we made some bad decisions,Yes.But everyone & every team does.I try to hold on to the good,& not Dwell too long on the bad.Lets go Bear fans,lets support our Bears to victory.Please have Faith dont give up so soon.sorry to ramble on,I tend to do that. Take Care Fellow Bear fans! God Bless! BEAR DOWN!! GO BEARS!!
Big guy, I'm with you 100%.
I've said it before, "cut me and I bleed navy and orange" and I freaking meant it for the last 40 years! Just wish it was possible for me to live in Chicago - I DO get to every Bears game in Detroit and occasionally in Chi' Town.
I'll always be a fan no matter how bad or good the Bears are. But, I reserve the right to be outraged when I see inept coaching and game planning - like I am this year. That's my problem not theirs.
I'm sure some of the players read comments on this site and would love to set us straight occasionally. Don't know about the rest of you but, I invite their input.
Bears 28 Eagles 13


#46 Sep 26, 2008
1-bearfan in Utah,

you need to chill a bit dude. There's no prize for who's the biggest Bear fan. I think EVERYONE here is a real Bearfan or we wouldn't be here, pouring our hearts out about the misfortunes of the team.
Having said that, I'm glad this week's game is at night. I can do some yard-work, relax and perhaps watch whoever's playing(on local t.v.) w/o the stress and strife, I
get watching them play on Sundays.
I knew the game against Carolina wasn't over because as ususal, Ron Turner started to "scale-back" the play-calling, and the game was at Carolina, and it was their home-opener. I knew the Buc's game was not over because the defense was sucking air before the 1/2.
those 2- defeats were bitter pills to swalllow, and discerning fans have the right to dispute the way this team is being coached. it doesn't make us "Less" of a bear fan than yourself.
I know by 6:30 p.m., Sunday night. I would've watched ALL the highlights ad nauseum, settled into my chair, and started to think of scenarios how they can defeat Philly, By 7 p.m., that knot in my stomach starts to grow, and by kick-off, I'm in Full Bear fan mode. And by 11 p.m., I'll be either excited about the next opponenet or watching the local sports shows to get their take on the game.
I'm a die-hard fan too, but I'm not "Blind" to the short-comings of the team as well.
Tired of the BS

Chicago, IL

#47 Sep 26, 2008
1bearsfan wrote:
<quoted text>
No you are not a Die Hard Fan!You are the type of Fair Weather Fan he is talking about! If you are tired of watching the Bears then dont do it,find another team.Being a Die Hard fan Requires alot of dedication.WE always look forward to the next game,& support them.I have been a die hard fan for 37 years.Believe me I have been through alot of ups & downs.Die Hard Fans are Proud of our Bears,& never get sick of watching them.Never do I consider giving up on them.Die hard fans are like that,Win or Lose,always a fan! Losses,losing seasons & close games are a part of Football! If you cant handle it,go away then.Just pick whichever team is winning that particular season! So called fans & fair weather fans expose themselves in their posts.With constant trash talk towards the team they supposedly like.Also trash talking a Fan for supporting their team,that you all claim to be a fan of?? A Fan is someone who rallies & supports someone or something.Die hard fans like me hate to lose & get frustrated as well,but we keep our frustrations in house.WE Never trash talk our Bears in public(internet)or with the media who is trashing us!! I can appreciate everyone having a right to their opinion & that is fine.Whats Frustrating is some people calling themselves a Die hard fan,when they obviously have no idea what a Die hard fan is.Or the dedication it requires to be a die hard fan,it really makes me sick! Some so called fans throw around the Die Hard status too often.When they just arent one & dont really understand what Die Hard Fan really means or what it requires.Sorry to ramble on. Take care everyone. God Bless! BEAR DOWN!! GO BEARS!!
I do know what being a dedicated die hard fan is. Spending 40 years watching a team and only getting ONE Superbowl ring should prove a point. I do have the right to an opinion and that doesn't take away from being a fan. I'm tired of hearing these over paid players cry and hold out for more money and then not show up and play. I'm tired of seeing the stadium filled up and the team does nothing to show for it. Dismal coaches and players is all we are getting. Players more interested in what party is going on after the game the the game it self. And I should remain loyal to these guys? I have seen more then my fair share of losing. I want to see some winning!! Don't tell me I am not a die hard fan because you have accepted losing as a way of football.
Bears Rule

Miamisburg, OH

#48 Sep 26, 2008
Get Real wrote:
<quoted text>
Saps like you that are the reason the Bears are mediocre - its your support that enables the McCaskeys to year after year put mediocre product on the field.
leave rooting for the Bears to the real Bear FRans SAP!!!!!!!!
The Eye

Los Angeles, CA

#49 Sep 26, 2008
Ann Arbor John wrote:
Why do people still care about what Mike Ditka would do? Remember - you and I won only one less Super Bowl than that loudmouth. And don't say it was the McCaskey's fault - he was a miserable failure in New Orleans, too...
They would have won in the 86 season as well if not for McCaskey being CHEAP. Don't give them a pass on that. Plus they were dominant if unlucky in 1984. The Bears under Ditka were pretty consistently very good for a solid 10 years. Ditka is a PROVEN WINNER.

The Bears under Lovie have been good 1 season and terrible 2 other season and just 'OK' on 1 other occasion. Oh and the only thing they've won is the NFC title before being woefully outcoached in the Super Bowl.

The bottom line is Babich is a clown. Rivera shouldn't have been let go and in fact should be high on the list to replace Lovie if this current malaise continues.

Chicago, IL

#50 Sep 26, 2008
The Bears should be 3-0. They are
1-2 because of the coaching staff. If the definition of "diehard" is to sit there like the Silence of the Lambs, then call me "fair weather". This is the pros for goodness sake.

Champaign, IL

#51 Sep 26, 2008
I would think that the Bears are going to rebound from this 2 game slump. Those two games they lost, were lost not because they didn't play good but because they made wrong decisions late in the game... be it because of penalties, the possibility of them playing to just protect the lead they had or some other reason. I really feel that they would learn from these mistakes and make a comeback run starting this Sunday. GO BEARS!!!

Pleasanton, CA

#52 Sep 26, 2008
yeah, come to think o' it, Kyle's not really started that many games; he should be given a chance; get off his back; there is a learning curb here. yet it is the NFL. and can't just once CHITOWN GETS A QB?!? BLUE 80

Escondido, CA

#53 Sep 26, 2008
go back in time figure it out . this is hard to watch . come on d lets finish .

Sweet Home, OR

#54 Sep 26, 2008
The Bears defense is one of the finest in the league. Lets look at who they have played. Three playoff calber teams in a row with a fourth on the way. The team has played well through most if the quarters with some lapse. The Bears will beat Philly on Sunday and will earn no respect when it happens. The Bears will silently advance in satndings and power reatings with no respoect. So what else is new? The Bears will win the division and will make the playoffs. les watch hstory in the making!!

Sweet Home, OR

#55 Sep 26, 2008
The Bears are a great team and will win on Sunday. I challenge any team out there to play Indy at home, Carolina at home after a big game, and Tampa and emerge at three and zero. No team, and not even Dallas could do this, and not New England and not New York. Put the season in perspective. Remember, one game does not a season make just ask New England!! Lets see where all you great negative fans are after they demoralize Philly on Sunday!!

Sweet Home, OR

#56 Sep 26, 2008
The Portlands fans are cool!! I live in the portland area and I also call jy self a die hard fan. I will follw thge Bears even though a 1 and fifteen season which will not happen. I used to ne an Andy Frain Usher and enjoyed watching the Bears at Wrigley. For anyone out there I went to Lane Tech from 1967 to 1971. The Bears vwill beat Philly and will win at least four of the six games with Minnesota, Green Bay and Detroit. That will record will hold water and will be enoough for the Bears to win the division. Go Bears!!!!!!!!!!

Sweet Home, OR

#57 Sep 26, 2008
Sweet 34. I love that calling card. Walter was the finest player to put on a uniform. The finest total back in the history of the game. Do I enjoy reveling in the past? You bet when it comes to recalling the finest player to play. Just ask Madden or Ditka. I would say they are students of the game. I love the name. Good work!!
sweet34 wrote:
yeah, come to think o' it, Kyle's not really started that many games; he should be given a chance; get off his back; there is a learning curb here. yet it is the NFL. and can't just once CHITOWN GETS A QB?!? BLUE 80

Sweet Home, OR

#58 Sep 26, 2008
This Sunday the Bears will record three sacks, three hurries, and and two fumble recoveries and one blocked punt. They will score two rushing touchdowns and will get to Mc Nabb all evening. They will have one interception and one punt return for a touchdown. They may as wll not play cause the victory is here!!

Sweet Home, OR

#59 Sep 26, 2008
Come on guys. I am trying to stir up some emotion out there!! I feel like im talking to myself. I guess there some truth in my rambling. Let the good fans and the mean fans, and the upset fans, and the restless fans, and the fans who wont forget. Lets stand behind our team and do the job.
This is the tem of greats with some of the fisest memories i football. Let this year be year of memories. Look Urlacher, if you are reding this Lets sack McNabb for the gipper!!

Palmetto, FL

#60 Sep 26, 2008
George wrote:
It's Orton's turn to have a FULL season without worry of being pulled whether he does good or not.

When did Grossman or Griese get a full season whether they were bad or not?

The last question Mr Haugh addressed was from me. I disagree.

But, once again the answer from the Orton supporter, in this case the Tribune reporter, only compared Grossman to Orton, as if that is the end all for any discussion about the QB situation in Chicago.

Can't any fan of Orton's ever discuss the comparison of him to the average NFL QB?

I'm sick of the always ready answer of "he's better than the other guy" when the fact is even if he IS better, he's better than one of the worst in the NFL. He ISN'T better than the below average NFL QB.

He's tied for 18th in the NFL in TD passes. The only thing keeping him from being tied for 27th after the Eagles game is Tarvaris Jackson is no longer a starter. He's 18th in QB rating and 18th in YPG, and 18th in YPA.

If you understand there are only 32 NFL teams, you have to realize 18th is BELOW AVERAGE.

So why does everyone seem to think below average is something to hand out hopes on?

People, understand something. Matt Ryan, a rookie throw into a completely revamped team, is doing as well, or better in some stats, than Kyle Orton, a 4th year player.

JT O'Sullivan, a practice squad player on a joke of and NFL last year, is playing better.

Aaron Rogers, the guy almost all of you said you didn't want if Favre came back to GB, and Rodgers was traded, is playing better and he has just as much time in the NFL.

Kerry Collins, a 35 YO career backup has better stats with one less start.

Chad Pennington is doing better on a team that went 1-15 last year.

Can none of you see that lauding a 1-2 Qb that is having, at this point a career year and is STILL below average is very silly?

He gives us the best chance to win?

Then why isn't he doing it?

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