No question Santonio Holmes is a star in the making, and we won't even have to wait long for the making. He was electrifying during the brief stretches where he got to play in the preseason, and he has a fairly impressive touchdown already.
Of course, the chronic losers on this forum are going to make their desperate, futile claims that Big Ben is not a quarterback who can get these guys the ball. The argument would be funny if it wasn't so sad. Big Ben had two incredible seasons, and one bad one (following a near-fatal accident, an appendectomy and a concussion) and now he's somehow a fraud. They're yapping about him being some kind of hack or babbling about how the Steelers ran their way to the Superbowl with him just Dilfering the team along--all of which is easily refuted by anyone who knows anything about the game.
The proof is in the pudding, boys, and this guy and his receivers are going to school you all year long. Count on it.