No program is safe in the wrong hands

No program is safe in the wrong hands

There are 12 comments on the Pasadena Star-News story from Nov 4, 2010, titled No program is safe in the wrong hands. In it, Pasadena Star-News reports that:

It's been just more than a season and a half since Duarte principal Eric Barba fired varsity football coach Wardell Crutchfield Jr.

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Bowl Fan

Los Angeles, CA

#1 Nov 5, 2010
Are you kidding? Really? Why is this paper refusing to give Duarte a chance? Unbelievable! Crutchfield was not and is not the solution. As you pointed out in your article, the school had issues long before Crutchfield came along; give them time. Granted, Crutchfield - his coaching staff and most importantly, the kids on the team, provided a glimpse of what a team could do when supported. Where is that support now? It's certaintly not in your article...or Mr. Miguel's.

If CIF was to make all the Southern Conference teams field their varisty teams with only 11 and 12th graders, nearly all of the teams in the conference would be in the exact same position as Duarte. Heck, Pasadena High alone has 25 sophmores on its varsity roster. I remember a time that for any kids under the 11th grade to play varsity, expecially in the SS conference, had to be "GREAT." Being good was not enough. Run the report on every team in the conference and subtract all players in the 9th or 10th grade and ALL of their rosters will total about 17-21 players...not much different from Duarte's.

Give Duarte a chance.....and maybe a little support along the way.
Bowl Fan

Los Angeles, CA

#2 Nov 5, 2010
Additionally, I find it odd that Crutchfield's firing/dismissal as head football coach can bring such criticism but yet he still teaches at the school. Specifically, none of his apparent teachings, off the field, is influencing any football participation? None? Really? The man who changed the history of (in your own words)the football program at Duarte, sent kids to colleges, etc. still teaches there but his presence doesn't inspire participation? He can offer no booster support to a program that he worked so hard for? He would really rather watch the program suffer while building another school's program. Really? Our kid's can't attend one school and play for another, why should he? What type of example is he setting?

Team spirit, pride, memories that last a life time, yadda yadda are clearly things that the youth of Duarte can't get from the almighty, all knowing Crutchfield. You're right, no program is safe in the wrong hands - Mr. Crutchfield's to be specific. Your passive attempt to warn us of these dangers with Mr. Crutchfield as an example is poor and insulting. "Coach" is a term that should never, ever be used in reference to Mr. Crutchfield....he lost that title and the respect that comes with it.

Norco, CA

#3 Nov 5, 2010
This is BS - If COACH Crutch was still there DHS would not be in this situation. He did amazing things for the program and the kids. The kids loved him and so did alot of parents. I cant remember the last time I saw the stands so full of spectators and fans as i did when COACH Crutch was there. People really looked forward to Friday nights. Now we are lucky if there is 20 fans in the stands. He brought the life back too the Football program.

It is not fair to the players on how the last two seasons have gone. Yes I believe COACH Crutch made a huge difference for the Falcons. Of course Mr. Barba is not responding or didnt return phone calls because he has nothing to say. Or better yet what can he say..????

Los Angeles, CA

#4 Nov 5, 2010
"But administrators don't get paid by a football team's wins and losses. They get paid by test scores and attendance. That's what makes things like any kind of (sports) program expendable."
Mr. Tolegian is absolutely correct. Districts, all Districts, not just Duarte, need to remember that they're supposed to be here for the student; not just the student academic, but the student athlete, the student artist/musician - the student as a person. So often I've seen District personnel (and not all can be lumped in this bucket) treat the student as an inconvenience that has to be dealt with, in order for them to move on to whatever they feel they want to do.
What do the schools pound into our children's heads, starting from the 4th grade - balance! It's the triad of academics, sports and community service that colleges want, and most of all that make a young person, a well-rounded, balanced young adult.
And for the administrators that are so focused on test scores....are you sure that your students have the tools to take that "knowledge" and actually apply it to a life situation? That's what sports and community service bring to the table.
"The point is to show all of you just how fragile any (sports) program is."
"The point is to show that winning and sending kids on to college to chase their dreams never should be taken for granted." And isn't it also an objective of a school to send kids on to college? For some, going to college through a sport maybe the only way they get there, or stay there.
Yes, the events and experiences that come from sports build memories that last a lifetime, but they also are a basic thread that makes up the fabric of our American culture and life - working as a team, fighting the good fight, digging deep and giving it your all, attaining success and confidence through wins, and learning humility and maturity through loses. Getting a glimpse into what you're made of.
Yes, no program is safe in the hands of the wrong administrator, but don't think you're any safer being in the hands of administrators that just don't care, because this doesn't effect test scores or attendance. I would argue more programs face extinction from simple neglect. Either way, it's a crime.
Bowl Fan

Los Angeles, CA

#5 Nov 5, 2010
Now we are lucky if there is 20 fans in the stands. He brought the life back too the Football program.
I'm sure "COACH crutchfield" (what a joke) is not one of them.....

Norco, CA

#6 Nov 5, 2010
You are right, he's not one of them because he is now at BP helping their program out and getting some of those kids into college.
ROC Alumnus

Tempe, AZ

#8 Nov 5, 2010
Having attended DHS in the late 90's I can assure you that the Falcon football team was not "dormant" then. I am confused by the statement that DHS football was "dormant for years." I'm pretty sure we won 2-3 Montview league titles during my tenure there and wasn't it in 93 or 94 that the football team was undefeated heading into the CIF championship game at Citrus College? They may have had a few rough seasons prior to Crutchfield's arrival, but they were equally as good under Andy Boynton and James Harden. Though Harden may not have sent as many players to D-I schools (Weathersby to Oregon State, Pauley to San Jose State) we did field a decent size football team with a fairly large following. While watching the fall of DHS football is a tough pill to swallow, has Tolegian assessed the enrollment and whether students are taking advantage of open boundaries to play elsewhere, or is Duarte's talent pool just that small now?

What is even more depressing is the demise of DHS basketball. Once a FORCE in the SGV, who would DOMINATE Montview league opponents and battle the NBA bound Collins twins in the CIF playoffs have become and stayed a doormat quickly after the departure of Mike Swanagan (sp?).

Athletics are clearly not a priority at the good ol ROC anymore, which is a shame. The community could really get the beat up football stadium and Falcons nest gym rocking back in the late 90's. Sports serve as a reason to stay in school for a lot of kids, if they are to be graded on the state's test scale they are "Falling far below the standard" and need to get assistance from the state. What is going to keep kids from leaving to go play at Monrovia, Arcadia or Glendora if our athletic programs are nothing more than a place to wipe your feet?

I hope its a lack of talent and not a lack or coaching or student participation that is killing Falcon sports.
ROC Alumnus

Tempe, AZ

#9 Nov 5, 2010
And to correct Tolegian's Gross Factual Error. Duarte has not lost every game since Crutchfield left, they went 6-6 in Sanders first season. Get your facts straight Aram, you've been doing this too long to not do your homework.
SEM Eagles Stink

United States

#10 Nov 5, 2010
I read the title and could not help but think this article was going to be about South El Monte and the wonderful job coach Hernandez has done to destroy the program. Word is if he comes back the sidelines are going tO be awfully lonely next season. I am surprised the writers for the trib have not sacked up to write about everything going on at South. Very reminiscent of what went on at La Puente!

Honolulu, HI

#11 Nov 6, 2010
ROC Alumnus,

Yes, I accept your apology for saying I made a "gross factual error" and not getting my fact straights.

The 6-6 season came in 2008 ... Crutchfield's last year there. Crutchfield was fired in Jan. 2009 and Tip's first season was 2009. They have not won a game.
Bowl Fan

Los Angeles, CA

#12 Nov 8, 2010
SEM Eagles Stink wrote:
I read the title and could not help but think this article was going to be about South El Monte and the wonderful job coach Hernandez has done to destroy the program. Word is if he comes back the sidelines are going tO be awfully lonely next season. I am surprised the writers for the trib have not sacked up to write about everything going on at South. Very reminiscent of what went on at La Puente!
Exactly....South El Monte has a group of talented kids and absolutely no coaching. Mr. Hernandez, "rebuilding" is a term that's only used for professional teams not for high school of college...."winning" , or even trying to win, is the goal for every game. Get on board with your players and the entire South El Monte families that support them, or step to the side. They deserve your best every year...again, rebuilding or not. know that Cructhfield was not the answer to Duarte's success...a big part, yes, but exclusively??? NO! He didn't run a single touchdown.throw a single pass or make any tackles. In your next article, write about how hard those boys (who stayed and are loyal to the school) on the current squad work to win...let you tell it, they're wasting their time suiting up without the almighty, all wonderful Crutchfield. Shame on you.

All your article said was "school officials, bow down to the head football coaches, or he'll leave and so will his players...takings your memories of a life time along with them." Really?
Bowl Fan

Los Angeles, CA

#14 Nov 9, 2010
Aram...are you serious? Your so-called breaking story about Duarte players quitting the football the end of the season with no chance of a playoff berth, IS THAT REALLY BREAKING NEWS?

It's obvious that you and Miguel are pandering to Crutchfield...your write in ballot won't work. Try supporting the team...better yet, write a story about the struggles that this team has had to endure and how regardless of what they have been through, they still found the courage to be united. Try it.

To all who have read Miguel's and Aram's articles about Duarte High School's football field....remember them when they come back with their tails between their legs as they praise "TIP" for turning the program around...without Crutchfield.

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