"Kill shots" are the equivalent of knock out punches. Orthopedist Dr. Jonney Benjamen of Vero Beach who works with both pro boxers and football players attests to the connection to the chin.The chin strap /"Glass jaw" has created a catch 22 which, Michael Kaplan of the NY brain injury association say's, could bankrupt the NFLPA pension fund.
A positive study on a medical device used by the N.E. Patriots for over two decades could be the lynch pin. Goodell has exended an invatation the doctor who invented the procedure, Dr. Gerald Maher a Tufts head and neck specialist featured in ESPN the magazine. Futher investigation proved questionable the NFL researchers methods and outcome objectives. The NFL wants researchers in Canada to put a mouth guard in an antiquated untested automotive crash test dummy. To make matters worse the sensors are not located on the jaw joints but within the head form. Making it virtually imposible to register translational forces from the jawbone to the skull base, Many other physiological factors were not considered making it imposible to simulate a concussion in humans. An independent study on humans is the only way of proving once and for all, a boxing designed appliance worn by six world champions and three time superbowl champions the N.E. Patriots, is the silver bullet these player need and the league may be forced to bite. www.mahercor.com for more news stories on this medical development.