Booing won't bother Rex Grossman

Booing won't bother Rex Grossman

There are 93 comments on the story from Aug 6, 2008, titled Booing won't bother Rex Grossman. In it, reports that:

Go ahead and boo Rex Grossman all you want Thursday night at Soldier Field, Bears fans.

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Canton, GA

#1 Aug 6, 2008
Haugh, you such an Orton homer. How can you say that he is even slightly ahead of Rex is ludicrous! Kyle has twice as many Ints and fumbles so far in camp and all he ever does is check off and dump off the ball and you say he is ahead? Get real! When are you going to get off your cloud and smell reality? And then this whole article you are actually encouraging people to boo Rex. Very low class indeed!

Tinley Park, IL

#2 Aug 6, 2008
I think the problem with Rex (and what frustrates fans is he doesn't seem mentally prepaired for games. There is no excuse for that. He has talent and a strong arm. He makes millions of dollars.

So if the main thing holding him back is not knowing the play book like the back of his hand then it's his own fault. It's one thing for ability to hold someone back, it's another thing when it takes 3-4 years and a QB on a 1 year contract to finally wake up and start dedicating his entire life to learning the play book, watching films and preparing himself like a professional (which he hasn't done before this offseason).

Thats just being lazy, and lazy is unacceptable. In fact Lazy cost him a multi-year/multi-million dollar contract extension.

Essex Junction, VT

#3 Aug 6, 2008
If interceptions and fumbles don't bother Rex, why should booing?

United States

#4 Aug 6, 2008
Those who boo Rex for his 'poor performance' are either misdirecting their anger or are only recent fans of the team.
Has Rex been stellar? Once or twice, yeah, but for the most part, no. His 'downs' are too far away from the 'ups'...or in other words he lacks consistancy.
But to boo him and treat him the way some 'fans' do is, well, moronic. Seriously, how long have some of you watched this team? Three years? Despite Rexs' ups and downs he's still FAR from the worst quarterback this team has trotted out in the last ten years. Booing Rex only shows your lack of football knowledge.
If you want to boo management for bring back Rex, fine, boo management. But in that case you need to boo Orton, too, because Orton's numbers AREN'T ANY BETTER than Rex's.
I know, I know your response: Kyle doesn't make the boneheaded mistake. Let's not forget the six turnover game against the Bengals, shall we?
The only reason Kyle Orton doesn't make as many bad plays is because he's SCARED to. I'm sure those who boo Rex will say 'that's good.'
No, it's not. Because if you're afraid to make the 'big mistake' it means you won't make as many big plays, either. And like it or not all of you booers, BIG PLAYS are what this team needs this season if it's going to seriously compete.
Dink and dunk won't do it, folks. Not unless you want the defense to be gassed by midseason.
But please, continue to boo Rex and continue to show your football ignorance.
Da Bears

Sugar Land, TX

#5 Aug 6, 2008
The bears are a better team with Rex at QB than Orton, It doesn't take a bonehead to figure that out. If you want fans to boo Rex, than you really are stupid for putting that in your AD. I think you should be fired for along with the idiot for printing that. The minute Rex do good and we make it to the playoffs you will be hopping on the banwagon. Everyone was talking about how bad the Sox were going to be and now we can't find none of you FAGS that were putting them next to last place. You SucK

Chicago, IL

#7 Aug 6, 2008
REX the gimp is afrid of getting hurt again!He is to frightened to step in the pocket! His track record of fumbles, turnovers and bad choices is normal for him! He is good in practice where it doesn't count.

Same old Rex just a different day as bad as he is, this year he will be worse!

The dunces in training:Angelo and Lovie can't find a LT ot LG!


#8 Aug 7, 2008
I wish all the best for Rex I keep holding out hope that he'll shake off the funk and show us all the "good" Rex from here on out. After reading the article I hope that he doesn't let things get to him as they have in the past. I wish no ill will on Kyle either, but it would be great to see Rex playing up to his abilities and taking another stab at the Super Bowl. Heck if he does well against Indy (assuming he starts) in the first game of the season I think it could be pretty cathartic for him.
Haugh man crush on REX


#9 Aug 7, 2008
To all you suckers who have fell in Love with Rex. I wanna see you all back here. When the Bears have to waste a #1 pick on a QB after another disaterous season this year.
The Bears managment are starting to realize they made a mistake(Just like they did with Cedic Benson).
The Bears made it to the Super Bowl a few years ago DESPITE Rex. And his "Deer-in-the-headlights " performance in the big game gave me a glimpse into the Real Rex. And he followed that up with an "Erratic" performances the next season.
Reality check folks you can't teach Height, and you can't teach HEART(REXXY LACKS BOTH).
Rex is Joe Montana in 7 on 7 practice drills and Rick Mirer in game situations.
Lovie and the Bear's management decided to start Orton because THEY KNEW Rex would be BOOED out the Stadium Thursday night. That's how much CONFIDENCE they have in him.
I know you "Rex" Lovers would love to see him start and go 12-4 or 11-5,. But It ain't gonna happen. Rex's m.o. is a few good quarters followed by some terrible passes, a few int's. A sack or 3 in crucial situations when he hangs onto the ball, and The team will looking for Devin Hester or the defense to bail him out.
It's time folks stop coddling this guy, And I'd really wish David Haugh would get off Rex's jock. The guy is "mediocre" at best. And this is a team game, and it's time the Bears "purge" themselves of this loser.

Skokie, IL

#10 Aug 7, 2008
Clearly, Grossman is the best QB on this roster now.

Tinley Park, IL

#11 Aug 7, 2008
Alex has Rex pegged right. When was the last time anyone seen rex side step a rush, step up with confidence and throw a pass. I've never seen it happen.

Instead we have this bumbling fool drop back in the pocket like a scared little Nancy, frantically scanning the field while bobbing the ball up and down and then when he feels pressure he just throws the ball up to any wide reciever he thinks will be in that area.

Watch Romo, Watch Brady, Watch Farve. These are QB's that are not scared of the rush, they are not scared to get hit, and they are not scared to side step a 300 pound lineman and step up in the pocket and throw a strike and then get blasted by DT.

There is a huge difference in how Rex plays with zero confidence and a QB looking to stay alive rather than making plays.

Alpharetta, GA

#12 Aug 7, 2008
Could ANY QB have faired better than Grossman last year? No running game, very little protection and I read in pro football weekly that insiders pointed out that a large number of Grossman INTS were the result of Bernad Berrian not being where he was supposed to be. Even with that he played really solid football his last 5 games before injury......with no running game or protection. Cut the guy some slack.
Bob Mallory

Erin, TN

#13 Aug 7, 2008
We sent the wrong QB to Tampa Bay. Reports say Greise looks great.

Chicago, IL

#14 Aug 7, 2008
Being a sucky quarterback doesn't bother him either. Dude's got a thick skin, I'll give him that.
Dago T

United States

#15 Aug 7, 2008
This was profound:

"Relationships are all about expectations, and Grossman no longer expects a thing from Bears fans."

And vice versa.

I don't care how hard Gross-man worked this off-season, there isn't a drill on the planet that can MAKE HIM TALLER!

Bottom line, Shorty had the earliest lead in Super Bowl history. He's in the 4th quarter, and all he has to do is complete a pass to a guy in a blue jersey and he wins by 2. But he completed a pass to a guy in white and loses by 12.

PS: How many other teams showed interest in Shorty when they had the opportunity in the off-season?
SC Dave

Columbia, SC

#16 Aug 7, 2008
So Alex and more particularly Shamrock, booing Rex is supposed to give him that confidence you say he lacks?

Just curious.

Dane, WI

#17 Aug 7, 2008
can we all focus on how bad the O-Line was last yr! Or do you Bone heads forget the way they played like dog du! Kyle will fall faster then Rex did thats what I know, the Bears may be alittle pissed off this yr and play HARDER to win on Offense, Because we know the Defense is ready, LOVIE better start being a BEARS coach not a pop warner one

Chicago, IL

#18 Aug 7, 2008
"I don't care how hard Gross-man worked this off-season, there isn't a drill on the planet that can MAKE HIM TALLER!"

...or make his hands BIGGER!


#19 Aug 7, 2008
I knew the Bears had a lot of penalties last year, but forth worst in the league surprises me. Pentaliies have always been one of my pet peves, they kill drives, take you out of scoring position they show that the player doesn't have his mind in the game or that he is getting beat at his position and shouldn't be on the field to begin with.
Bear Fan in huskerland

Fremont, NE

#20 Aug 7, 2008
I really wish the bears fans would just stay off Rex. He is going to be our starting QB. There are alot of reasons qbs aren't productive. Think back when Rex Grossman has not succeeded. Many times he has had pressure, which can be blamed on the management who over estimated the talent they had on the Offensive line, which was obvious last season and was also shown with some of the moves made this offseason.
The game Lovie Smith decided to bench Rex last year was after the Dallas game. If Benard Berrian would have caught the ball on the sideline, which he could have walked into the endzone on, it would have changed the game and possibly the season.
For any qb to be successful they must have some type of running game. During Grossman's time as qb, he has been much more successful when he can get some confidence from play action passing and then work to his others throws (3, 5 step, etc.). Anyone who really watches the bears can not say that the political move of trading the jets for Thomas Jones was a good move. All it did was accomplished the bears finding out the Cedric Benson is not very good.
My philosophy is if he is a bear I will cheer for him. I will have my opinions like anyone else. But nothing makes me more upset than listening to bears fans booing there own.
Just in case you do not know, Rex has way more upside and in order for us to compete with all of the teams, he will have to be our guy.

Indianapolis, IN

#21 Aug 7, 2008
boo if he sucks. if he does sound like a moron booing. and boo orton as well. what, a 45 yard int downfield is bad...but 3 and outs and a 45 yard punt is somewhat better?? gimme a break. some fans are just stupid

Drops-well, moose and berrian are gone so thats alot of the WR inconsistentsy gone. i wanna see Hass...

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