Name change issue to be continued

Name change issue to be continued

There are 29 comments on the Lake County Record-Bee story from Feb 20, 2008, titled Name change issue to be continued. In it, Lake County Record-Bee reports that:

After three hours of discussion, the Kelseyville Unified School District Board decided to table its decision about reinstating the name "Indians" as the Kelseyville High School mascot to its March 18 meeting.

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Tom Shelley

United States

#1 Feb 20, 2008
The indians owned this country?????? Sez Who ???

Until we can control people's minds....
Perfect mascot...

WEll done..who will bite on that ?
Holley Luia

United States

#2 Feb 20, 2008
If someone steps on my toe and I say "ouch" that person is responsible to then realize the pain that was caused. If they step on my toe again after that, that's being outright nasty.

We were told that the use of the Indian mascot was hurtful to some. Not by Kville actions but by the actions of rivals because of what our name is. We heard the "ouch". Why can't we just get passed the arrogance and move on in the path of decency that was forged by the board two years ago.

Chicago, IL

#3 Feb 20, 2008
thank you holly!-
The continued is bullying to the nth degree.
I also see that this paper has chosen not to post online Mr. Springer's excellent letter on the topic that was published in the Saturday February 16 print edition.
It is a pitiful commentary on some people's lives, when the only measurable achievement they can point to is that they got thru 4 years of high school, and that identity is the core of their existence...and in the case of two of the actors in this story, not in a particularly notable fashion.
What a sad sick community we have become.

United States

#4 Feb 20, 2008
I went to school in Kelseville, was in the class of "52", And even though it was years ago in the past...I was proud of our Mascot "INDIANS" my two son went to school in Kelseyville. Even my mother went to school in that the Indian name no longer is like the school no longer exists.
I was born in Old Doc Uptons house in Kelseyville (1935). My Birth Certificate
states I was born in Kelseyville. If that name is do I get my birth certificate changed????

United States

#5 Feb 20, 2008
This will be a true test of the newly elected school board on weather they will have the highest regard to the quality of education standards for the children of Kelseyville, by providing leadership to all positive aspects of the positions they have been elected to hold. The issue is simply, does the community show equal concerns FOR ALL its students feelings, or are outdated traditons more important then bringing any level of sadness to a childs life who may suffer from hurtful remarks heard while attending a school sporting event. If the child is yours, it matters a great deal I would suspect.
Janet Smith

Downey, CA

#6 Feb 20, 2008
As an alumni of Kelseyville High School I was always proud of the Indian name for our teams and felt it was an honorary name not a derogatory one.
Mireya Turner

Lakeport, CA

#7 Feb 20, 2008
It is unfortunate that this non-academic issue will require so much of the Board's time. It is unlikely that our children will look back as adults and think, "If I had only been a Kelseyville Indian, I would have gotten into a better college, gotten a better job, made something more of myself." Let's focus on the things that will actually make a difference in our kids' lives, their education.
Ryan Wagner

Roseville, CA

#8 Feb 20, 2008
I graduated from Kelseyville in 1998, and several of my family members are KHS alumni as well. I am of the mindset that the choice of the INDIAN as a mascot is more of an attempt to honor and recognize the history of our town. Certainly there is an unfortunate irony that exists with the name "Kelsey" and the mascot "Indian" - but to me, this is a past issue. We (the current alumn, the current residents, the future residents) have NO control over the past. No name change will EVER make that history go away. I gaurantee you, if you polled EVERY KHS alumn and asked there thoughts, the overwhelming majority would favor the INDIAN mascot. We are proud of it. Stupid or not, it is something that I take pride in. And for this to become such a focal point, is kinda ridiculous. There are certainly more pressing issues in the community that the name of our school. Both sides should step back, and realize this. Keep the INDIAN mascot, and make it a point moving forward to pay tribute to the namesake, and educate those who pass through the KHS campus about the history of our town.

Chicago, IL

#9 Feb 20, 2008
kusd handbook mission statmeent:
Kelseyville High Schoolís vision is to shape and encourage students who will be responsible, self-motivated, communicative, involved, cooperative citizens of the future. Itís goal is to instill values of academic excellence and an awareness and appreciation of other people and cultures. These values will enable our alumni to lead intelligent, productive, and fulfilled lives in a democratic society.

The philosophy of Kelseyville High School is one that encourages developing students intellectual, ethical, physical, creative, cultural, social and technological capabilities. Each and every student is recognized as an individual of great value and encouraged to develop to his/her fullest potential. As a direct result, students will achieve academic success; grow personally, intellectually, and socially.

also see

and answer one question - why is Klvl high the ONLY school in the county that doesnt field an
academic decathlon team?
those kids in other schools that compete truly do make their communities proud...
Whooooooooo Cares

San Francisco, CA

#10 Feb 20, 2008
How about just changing the name to the "Kelseyville Crybaby Indians" or the "Kelseyville We Have Nothing Better To Dos".
Maybe all involved can get behind the new "Kelseyville Time Wasters" name. I like that one the best.
Raphael Montoliu

United States

#11 Feb 20, 2008
Tom Shelley wrote:
The indians owned this country?????? Sez Who ???
Until we can control people's minds....
Perfect mascot...
WEll done..who will bite on that ?
The "Indians" were living in their own country, on their own land, minding their own business and not bothering blood-thirsty and power-hungry Europe in any way, when this continent was "discovered" by Europeans, invaded, and stolen from the original owners, the "Indians"...Did you get your history lessons from a fortune cookie?
The mascot issue has however nothing to do with this. It has to do with social progress towards justice and respect. It has to do with respecting the thoughts and feelings of a people you are pretending to "honor", and that acting as vindictive bullies attempting to force the Indian mascot stereotype back in existence is not honoring, it is just the opposite, and it is a truly ugly, shameful attempt than many decent Kelseyville residents find embarrassing.
Raphael Montoliu

United States

#12 Feb 20, 2008
"The irony is that it happened as a result of the insatiable ego of one man who doesn't even care about his own community, let alone ours." Rob Brown is quoted in the article as having said that.
This distasteful, sly, hypocritical, arrogant attack on Clayton Duncan is wholly unjustified. Rob Brown, you are on the smelly side of the issue here, and your personal attacks on Clayton only demonstrate you willful ignorance of the matter being discussed.
The United States Commission on Civil Rights, that issued a statement in 2001 against the use of Indian mascots is neither run nor controlled by Clayton. The National Congress of American Indians, the National Indian Education Association, the Los Angeles School District, the Dallas School District, and numerous universities and colleges than banned the use of Indian Mascots are neither run not controlled by Clayton.
Open your shutters and greet the new day. All Indian mascots will be banned throughout this nation sooner or later, get with the program, Bob.
Clayton cares more about his own community, and has done more for it than many of the corrupt ex-con tribal chairmen or women or tribal board members who just go along to get along with the mainstream society, from educating many about Bloody Island and the true local history, to standing for his people's right in the face of hostility.
Some of the Kelseyville locals talk about "honoring", through the use of the Indian mascot, the fighting spirit of such people as Sitting Bull, etc. Yet in those days, these exact same Kelseyville locals would have been fighting such leaders as Sitting Bull and would have wished him dead, so as to grab his land and resources. On the other end, I know Clayton well enough to believe that he would have been at the side of Sitting Bull, of Crazy Horse, of Geronimo or others, if he had had the opportunity, because he is a real Indian, not a "Kelseyville Indian", and not a "go along to get along" Indian.

Chicago, IL

#13 Feb 20, 2008
Why the nights who picked that name or who thought of it anyway?
Mike L

Sacramento, CA

#14 Feb 20, 2008
A race of people should not be a mascot. Admit it was wrong and move on. Hopefully you have more precious associations and accomplishments in your life.
Mike L

Sacramento, CA

#15 Feb 20, 2008
I have to agree with "why." Knights is kind of weak! Maybe y'all should nominate or petition some new names and vote on them.
Raphael Montoliu

United States

#16 Feb 20, 2008
Mike L wrote:
A race of people should not be a mascot. Admit it was wrong and move on. Hopefully you have more precious associations and accomplishments in your life.
Very well said...It would be a very sad reflection on our culture if people's sense of identity was totally devastated, as some of these Kelseyville residents suggest, by a change of the mascot's name from "Indians" to "Knights"...How empty and lost would people have to be to invest so much of their personal identity in a high school mascot, and this into their middle and old age, according to some?...
As far as academic performances allegedly going down since the mascot name change, it would have to be supported with facts, but if true, does it mean students become more intelligent when they identify with Indians, and revert to being less intelligent when they are made to identify with a European symbol (Knights)?
Perhaps, then, they should start listening to Indians.


#17 Feb 20, 2008
As an alumna of KHS and former INDIAN MASCOT. I took GREAT PRIDE in the fact I was mascot. My mother went to great lengths to make as authentic dress as possible. PRIDE WAS DEMONSTRATED!
Alumni 85

Waukesha, WI

#18 Feb 20, 2008
The board made a mistake in 2005. It didnt have to take on the mascot change. They did it on their own and are now reaping what they had sown. If it was left alone we wouldnt be in this mess and the board would have the 100% backing of their elective. If the Previous Board would have represented their townspeople, Kelseyville Indians would still be going strong; gyms would be filled, rallies would be exciting, kids would have pride in their school and the people in the community would not be fighting off degrading remarks from outsiders
Raphael Montoliu

United States

#19 Feb 20, 2008
KHS77 wrote:
As an alumna of KHS and former INDIAN MASCOT. I took GREAT PRIDE in the fact I was mascot. My mother went to great lengths to make as authentic dress as possible. PRIDE WAS DEMONSTRATED!
No one is arguing with your took great pride in dressing up as what your mother thought an Indian should look like, and that's nice.
But now, the Pomos are respectfully asking the Kelseyville residents to drop the Indian mascot, and you can take great pride in honoring their request.

Petaluma, CA

#20 Feb 20, 2008
Thank you Alumni 85 for summing it up perfectly, succinctly and eloquently!

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