Second-guessers missing mark on Willi...

Second-guessers missing mark on Williams' back injury

There are 43 comments on the story from Aug 16, 2008, titled Second-guessers missing mark on Williams' back injury. In it, reports that:

Anyone who wants to throw a stone at Bears general manager Jerry Angelo for drafting Chris Williams with his first-round pick should know he didn't do anything the majority of his peers would not have done.

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New York, NY

#1 Aug 16, 2008
I 'd still very much like to throw stones as many as possible at Angelo please...Do you remember Mark Hatley? God rest his soul...He should have been the GM, not Angelo. Mark my word. He has never been a good GM and never will...Angelo should be let go IMMEDIATELY and there has to be a new owner, period.

Monticello, IN

#2 Aug 16, 2008
Chris Williams has Stan Thomas written all over him. Jerry Angelo has reached on too many draft picks and it is coming back to bite very hard. Bears are staring at a 4 or 5 win season thanks in big part to what will be one of the lousiest offensive lines and quaterback situations in football. That's inexcusable when your General Manager has been in place since 2002.
Jim Bob

Pensacola, FL

#3 Aug 16, 2008
Pompei, your article justifying that the Bears did the right thing with Williams is a bunch of hogwash. Don't you think the people you guys talked to about the Bear's decision are all cut out of the same cloth? Do you really think the front office from other teams are going to criticize the Bears lack of common sense in the draft? Cmon? Anyway, why couln't the Bears be one of the two "smart teams" that perceived Williams' potential back concerns? If this guy doesn't turn out to be a bust, I will be very surprised. Unfortunately, this looks like Dusty Dorvacek all over again.

United States

#4 Aug 16, 2008
This is bull.....Angelo should be fired before season begins and take Lovie, Turner and Babich with him...Angelo couldn't draft the right players even if he were the only GM making picks...Fire Angelo now.......Bears are pathetic.....

Chicago, IL

#5 Aug 16, 2008
Pompei, how much are the Bears paying you for these lame excuses for the trainee Angelo!

Last year the trainee Angelo's 2nd pick was wasted on a DE, the 3rd pick was wasted on a miniscule running back..........

Congratulations Pompei, you are on list of Bear butt kissers!!!!!!!!!!
Larry Richton Park

Matteson, IL

#6 Aug 16, 2008
This is going to be a long season, Lovie Smith is overated as a coach and the Bears are stuck with him and you might as well include Jerry Angelo as well, how in the world do you sit around all off season and you do not upgrade your team offense and Angelos drafting has been horrific, how do you pick Benson with the fourth pick in the first round along with Grossman and Chris Williams and I could go on and on.
football gods

Stevensville, MI

#7 Aug 17, 2008
no offense to Chris williams but the knock against him was that he was fragile according some scouting reports...Since the bears have a history of being cheap, they probably tried to lowball him when it came to his signing the contract which explains why it took all parties concerned so long to get the deal done
Vic in NoCal

Livermore, CA

#8 Aug 17, 2008
Yeah, nice spin job, Pompei. Ridiculous.
Look at all the Round 1-3 draft picks that Angelow has wasted: Bazuin, Wolfe, Danieal Manning, Chris Williams, Benson, Bradley, Dvoracek, Okwo, Haynes. All guys who have contributed little to nothing. Throw in Rexy too while you're at it.

Meanwhile, Lovie just stands around with his deer in headlights look on the sidelines, not doing a single thing to earn that $4.5 million salary (I knew it was a mistake to extend him like that).

United States

#9 Aug 17, 2008
"Williams injured his back during the first practice of training camp and underwent surgery to repair a herniated disc." Bull hockey! That doesn't pass the stink test as Williams did not practice as he had "back spasms." This is nothing but damage control by the Bears organization after they chose a player that was too injured to even participate in football this season. The Bears screwed up by not doing their homework and this is the cover-up. I am just surprised by Dan Pompei taking a part in this charade.

United States

#10 Aug 17, 2008

Its seems like you are trying to defend Angelo by saying, "Sure he whiffed on a multi-million-dollar bet, but 2/3 of the other teams looking for linemen also thought this guy was healthy enough".

This was a pick Angelo absolutely, positively couldn't miss on for the Bears to have a chance this season. He took a player that a third of GMs/staff thought was a medical risk. Even with the data you present here, I think that is inexcusable.

I said at the time, and still feel the Bears should've traded up 2 spots and taken Clady from Boise State. I'd rather give up the 4th round pick it would've taken to do that than take a left tackle described as "soft" and "a medical risk".

Angelo should have someone else make all the picks on offense for him. He shouldn't even be allowed in the room. Benson, Colombo, Williams, Grossman, etc. Yuck.

Chicago, IL

#11 Aug 17, 2008
this is pathetic. first, the idea that the guy didn't have a pre-existing condition is just a ruse that you don't even need. tell us that the bear's drafted a guy for a career, not a season. lie to us that he will come back and never have a back problem again. hoping that is acceptable. i'd rather have a great left tackle for a decade after missing a season, than an average one that never missed a game.
but, the idea and the propaganda that no one knew of an issue or that there wasn't one is ridiculous. quote all the unnamed sources and the mysterious "front office" people all you want. half of you football people are dumb anyway since all you hire is friends and family, and those that are "owed" positions because of longevity and loyalty.
all of us aren't dumb. some of us know rex will start regardless of preseason.(i'm sorry rex sucked last night, i guess you have to put you "rex has snatched the top spot" story on hold) some of us know that devin hester is the #1 regardless of the purported "competition." i guess your bosses want to create another story and you have to get paid. i just found out how journalism students are actually taught to parce information in order to create the story they want. you get an A, sir.

Chicago, IL

#12 Aug 17, 2008
i don't understand all the angelo hate. we have the best lineman in the league in tommie harris. we have the best cornerback duo created from the draft in the league. we have had the best linebacker and have another top 10 backer in briggs. i don't think many would argue that when healthy our defense competes as one of the best in the league. hester is the best returner of all-time. forte will compete for rookie of the year. angelo is fine. of course, we'd want him to hit home runs on every pick, but who's better than angelo in the nfl? 2 gms? over the next three years, if he gets a great qb, no one will care about his other 20 picks. but, if he scores on the other 20 and fail on the qb, idiots will be calling for his head. these same haters probably crucify warren buffett because he didn't pick microsoft or google. nature of living in a world of people who vote president the guy they'd like to drink a beer with.

United States

#13 Aug 17, 2008
I would like to throw more than a stone at Angelo. The man is an idiot with first round picks, not just Williams but all of them. Angelo should be fired along with the rest of the coaching staff. In all of Angelo's years he has NEVER fixed the offense and now the only offensive thing in Chicago is him and his management team.

United States

#14 Aug 17, 2008
Joe you are an idiot and are you related to Angelo?
M r Kennedy

Rensselaer, IN

#15 Aug 17, 2008
This year will be a real good test for Jerry's kid's.It will make or break the Bear's.Hanie look's good but do not push him to fast.
dakota bear

Beresford, SD

#16 Aug 17, 2008
Whatever. Here's a tip. When there's three decent Offensive lineman to choose from with a draft pick. Don't take the one with back problems.

United States

#17 Aug 17, 2008
allchifan: joe is not the idiot you are! thanks Joe nice response.The rest of you are pathetic by still believing a rumor,that Pompei has just put to rest.Thanks Dan Pompei for finally clearing up that rumor over Williams.Williams was a great Pick for us.Unfortunately He got hurt,it happens,move on already.Alot of other teams are dealing with injuries as well.A guy is not a bust,just because he gets hurt,that is lame & idiotic.Angelo cant predict a injury any more than anyone else can.You people are suckers who still want to believe a false rumor,about teams not wanting Williams cause of injury.Pompei just showed the research which proves that rumor is not true.Yet some of you still believe it & curse Pompei for putting it to rest.It was not pre-existing & teams didnt take him off their boards cause of injury concerns.So the Rumor is Dead now,so move on! Its really pathetic to hear some of the comments on here.Too many fair weather so-called fans on these post's.Some of you must just have miserable lives,with all the hate talk & gloom & doom.Its a joke to hear someone call them self a fan while they are publicly trashing & backstabbing their team??? I get frustrated too, but i keep it in house.I have been a die hard fan for 37 years! I will never talk trash on my team publicly(internet).I love my Bears & i am always excited to see them play.I will always support them win or lose.Every team has injuries & holes to fill on their team,no one is perfect!! The past is the past,you cant go back.So stop harping on it,beating the dead horse over & over.Move on already grow up.The O-line definitely needs work,it takes time for O-lineman to gel together.But we do have a top Defense & top special teams in the N.F.L. Angelo has done a good job there! but some just focus on the few misses & rake him over the coals forever about it.Quit blaming Lovie on things he doesnt control like personnel.He works with what he is given.Lovie has done quite well for us.We just have too many holes on offense for lovie to make it shine.The Bears will get it corrected,but the past is the past.The salary cap kept Angelo from signing a big free agent lineman.He did draft the 2nd best O-lineman in the draft,unfortunately he got hurt.The Bears will probably sign someone after final cuts.I believe the O-line will find a way to hold their own this year,so Rex can be successful.Take Care Everyone! GOD BLESS!! GO BEAR'S!! YOUR TRUE FANS WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT YOU!!!

Monticello, IN

#18 Aug 17, 2008
Bears are going to be brutally bad in 2008. My only solace is that hopefully this will be the straw that breaks the camel's back and Jerry Angelo will be fired.

United States

#19 Aug 17, 2008
So we should feel better that Angelo and his staff are incompetent because a lot of other GMs are incompetent too?

Personally, I don't think it's important that other GMs weren't concerned about his back, but rather that at least 4 GMs WERE concerned about it. So the information was there, and Angelo didn't see it. Even though he's spending millions of someone else's money, and his team desperately needed a tackle who could play this year (because Angelo did nothing to fix the o-line this off-season), he took a player with an injury risk. Dumb.
Rod from Tennessee


#20 Aug 17, 2008
When you're a GM of a team that is desperate to upgrade their OL, taking risks especially on a player that's not a difference maker to begin with is very foolish. Whether it can be justified or not, the facts are adding up that Angelo is missing far too much on draft selections. On a team whose best unit, the defense, is getting older and the offense being so weak as it is, the GM can't afford to keep selecting bad selections in the draft.

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