i am one of kelvin best friends and i think i am personally resposible for his success. for four years i've put people on thier backs and made running lanes for him at hubbard high kelvin if you read this this is big 69 smiley face. and i just want to tell you that i love you and i'm so proud of you keep up the good work in the nfl. i hope you get a multimillion dollar contract and i hope you have every thing you ever worked hard for your a long way from them washington park redskins days. remember the time we beat the hell out of collins in the city championship man i miss playing ball my carrer was ended so short you know i would have made it to the nfl if i had the chance to really scope my knee out i might go to the player combine this year.you were the best quaterback i ever saw and your are a even better corner now that you are at the top you brag and boast to every motherfu***** teacher at that school who hated us because we play ball and made that school so much money. that's more than i can say for the stupid english department. so keep on keeping on and tell ben good luck in his life i wish my greyhounds a lot of love that's the program i built and you vendoom andre maurice and bowleg were my guy's.