Bears drafting in wrong direction

Bears drafting in wrong direction

There are 80 comments on the story from Aug 31, 2008, titled Bears drafting in wrong direction. In it, reports that:

It seems hard to say the Bears cut a big-name player over the weekend when the biggest name was one most fans never learned to pronounce.

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Vic in NoCal

Livermore, CA

#1 Aug 31, 2008
"Nobody saw the rapid aging of Ruben Brown and Fred Miller"?
Are you kidding me?

Also, if any skill position player should be cut it should be Garrett Wolfe. That guy is useless. Of course, there's no way AngeLOW would cut him because that would represent his third first-day pick from last year to get cut.
What a joke AngeLOW is.

United States

#2 Aug 31, 2008
We are absolutely going in the wrong direction...and because of our stupid draft picks we cannot rebuild....Angelo is a complete idiot, Lovie, Turner and Babich have made the Bears the laughingstock of the these guys....get a GM that can draft.....and get a coach that can acutally coach and pick talent....our dyanamic twosome of Angelo and Lovie have destroyed the Bears and closed the Super Bowl window so quickly....the management team is a total waste....The Chicago fans deserved better than this....
Jim in Green Bay

Johnson Creek, WI

#3 Aug 31, 2008
Good column. The Bears seem to be unable to develop young offensive linemen no matter where they're drafted, and Angelo has consistently ignored obvious needs on the O-Line. On the other hand, Green Bay has drafted numerous offensive linemen the past few years and does a solid job of getting them ready to play. Perhaps the Bears' offensive line coach isn't doing his job very well.

Chicago, IL

#4 Aug 31, 2008
David is right. Every team misses on draft picks; HOWEVER, the good teams might miss on one or two players out of every ten picks whereas the Bears miss on 7 or 8 out of ten. You cannot draft the way this team has over the last several years and except to be successful for very long. Yes, Angelo has made his share of good picks, but Benson, Bradley, Bazuin, Garrett, Okwo, Haynes, Grossman, etc. is a pretty damning draft resume and not in a good way.

Chicago, IL

#5 Aug 31, 2008
If the Bears want to become a great football team again:
1. Get a better owner.
Virginia Halas McCaskey is a cheap and horrible owner. She's a big reason why the Bears have fallen. George Halas was a great owner.

2. Get an offensive coordinator.
Ron Turner has made the Bears such a horrible offensive team. Sucked with Illini and he sucks now.

3. Get a better GM who can draft and make smart decisions.
Jerry Angelo can draft defensive players, but sucks horribly when he drafts offensive players.


River Falls, WI

#6 Aug 31, 2008
5-11 this year, can't see it much more than that. Probably next year too. And to think Halas Hall paid a serach firm to get Angelo--cost them over $300K. Phillips aint much better. Get rid of those two mopes, Lovie and his flunkies. Maybe Mark Cuban can buy the Bears too....

Las Vegas, NV

#7 Aug 31, 2008
That leaves only Grossman (who would be cut on any other NFL roster as Angelo's pet) to show for 2 #4 overall selections by Angelo!(Haynes and Benson are now out of the NFL!)

Haugh declines to mention that Angelo gave away Thomas Jones for Bazuin, now out of the NFL! And that Angelo/Lovie propped up a fumling Benson after Jones ripped off the only big play in the Super Bowl

Why should Angelo and Lovie keep their jobs after this season?

Evanston, IL

#8 Aug 31, 2008
Angelo's misses are the worst Ican find in the NFL, I believe of all his first round picks with the Bears Harris is the only starter. His second round picks are almost as bad.

Booker and Bradley should have been cut niether earned a spot. Williams should be on IR and I don't now why on earth they are keeping on the roster to do nothing. There is currently only 1 healthy backup on the offensive line. Tait is on the down side of his career and I bet it is his last year. The Bears think Miller is a better option than Barton, Olin is at the end of his career, Garza is a stop gap, and then there is Williams with his back, 22 years old with a bad back. So our backup for Olin is also are LG, who is filling in for Metcalf who has never been able to hold down a spot or stay healthy but was considered a better option at LG than Beekman, St. Clair the LT has earned the nickname human turnstyle and is a career backup, Garza a stop gap with no backup and Tait a guy with gimpy ankles who is at the end of his career and whos backup is a guy the Bears feel is not as talented or ready to play as drive killer Miller. Oh did I mention that last year they thought so little of Beekman that even when Miller, Brown and Metcalf were all hurt they didn't let him dress for a game but rather had injured players like Brown and Metcalf play instead of him at the end of a season in which they had no chance of making the playoffs but thought they didn't need to develop there young players.


#9 Aug 31, 2008
AGAIN, if angelo doesn't sign willie anderson and beg him to come play in chitown...the guy should be fired after the season. yeah he's had some hits but, jesus year and you're ALREADY cutting a second rounder??

angelo, either get your head out of your 2ss or admit you're an idiot...and call Mel Kiper to see who HE'D draft. c'mon, you can't be any worse. ok, i guess he COULD have cut Bazuin last year. da bears are kind of reminding me of the white sox. they can't draft worth a d3mn and have no YOUNG talent coming in. if only angelo knew how to trade for talent like Kdubb can...

Hamilton, Canada

#10 Aug 31, 2008
I am blown away. The last three years have been spent bashing the Bears brass for over committing to their draft picks, giving too many chances, not knowing when to cut the cord. These two players both had two chances to prove themselves as members of the bears, healthy and ready to make an impact. I heard Rod Wilson's name during the preaseason broadcasts, I heard Nick Roach's, Ervin Baldwin's, Idonije's, but not Bauzin's or Okwo's....not once. If you want to criticize bad picks that is fine, but how about some consistency? How about giving some credit for cutting some dead weight despite draft status? That is what the chicago media has been complaining about for the last few seasons. If you want to dish out some criticism for blown picks be my guest, I am not defending the choice of either player, but at least the GM is not giving these guys paycheck after paycheck for not producing, hopefully that becomes a bigger trend in the Bears' front office.
The Realist

Covina, CA

#11 Aug 31, 2008
4 -12 this season. Hopefully Tebow comes out early and The Bears can get him. Write this season off. Also, no more of that "Da Bears" and "Da Coach" nonsense. It is as embarrassing as the Bears play on the field. Have the sense to live in the present.
not starry eyed

Chicago, IL

#12 Aug 31, 2008
Hanie's looked good against other team's scrubs so I'm not campaigning for him to start. However, it would be nice to see him in a game or two that have been decided early, even if it's only for a series or two. It would be nice to learn what he has to offer sooner than later. After three years on the roster, we are finally going to find out what Orton has to offer. Maybe. This team is such a mess that if Orton flops, we'll be wondering if it was him, the OL, the running game, the receivers, or all of the above.

Honolulu, HI

#13 Aug 31, 2008
The Bears have a history of being cheap. They will do anything to save a buck and will hope and pray they somehow get the best out buster NFL players. The past is over and time to think about the future. These fools need to get good quality players that have proven they get the job done. Start fresh and get a good QB, not some washed up has been who can't run or throw. Speed kills, that's the new NFL, every position guys are fast as hell so get up off the loot spend it and bring in guys who can compete on the field.
The Realist

Covina, CA

#14 Aug 31, 2008
Angelo and Smith's total neglect for the O-Line, both in the draft and in free agency, over the past several years is a disgrace. I'm a 30 year loyal fan, but have to say now that 2006 was a fluke. Angelo and Smith are simply not qualified for their current jobs. Smith will eventually be fired, and will catch on as a coordinator. Angelo will get broomed too. I don't see how Angelo will ever get another GM gig. He has failed. Also. it is not a good situation that we have a totally disengaged owner, and a CPA for a President. Let's just call it what it is now: The Bears are a lousy team, with probably the worst offense in the entire NFL. It will be interesting to see how Smith and Angelo handle the fans anger and the media's relentless barrages, both of which will intensify with each subsequent loss. Can't wait for the post game press conferences, and Bears Post Game Live on Comcast. Those will probably more entertaining than the games. Lastly, Ron Turner and Babich need to be fired as well. They are not qualified either.

Cicero, IL

#15 Sep 1, 2008
Just once I'd like the Bears to make a 2nd or 3rd round pick and have someone at ESPN either not say or imply the pick was a reach.

While the O-Line situation is bad, maybe it could be tolerated if they had a bunch of quality skill players on the offensive side of the ball. Oops, they don't have those either?

Maybe Hester, Olsen and Forte step up this year; but as of right now they have zero proven impact skill players (I'm talking about Hester as a WR, not a return guy) and an aging, injured offensive line. I think 5 wins would be huge.

Downers Grove, IL

#16 Sep 1, 2008
Vic in NoCal wrote:
"Nobody saw the rapid aging of Ruben Brown and Fred Miller"?
Are you kidding me?

Ha ...Ha ...

THAT should have read "Bears Management never saw ..... "

Florida Bears 1

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#17 Sep 1, 2008
There's something else that nobody has seen coming. The defense is in decline. More than any other factor, that's what cost the Bears the Super Bowl. You can call Rex whatever you like, but he didn't allow Joseph Addai to run up and down the field in the 2nd quarter. Angelo should have done something about the O-line. But hindsight is 20-20. Let's see what happens the next two seasons before selling the farm.

Saint John, IN

#18 Sep 1, 2008
I love how people criticize the Bears organization for being cheap. They spent something like $186 million on contracts in the offseason! The problem isn't that they're cheap. They're just really, really stupid.

Quincy, IL

#19 Sep 1, 2008
Bears fans need to forget about the '06 Super Bowl.

Fluke, exception not the rule, blind squirrel finds nut....anyway you want to put it.

Mully put it best...(paraphrasing) "Some years a team makes it to the Super Bowl that maybe shouldn't have been there. And it looks like the Bears were one of those teams".

No other team has question marks like the Bears. QB?RB?WR?

Someday this organization is going to have to break down and hire a coach with experience (Cowher?) and a G.M. with experience.

Why does this front office and coaching staff have to be "learn on the job"? Phillips, Lovie, Angelo, Babich.....
Jeff H

Libertyville, IL

#20 Sep 1, 2008
Our home is a Bears Free Zone. No Bears on TV or radio until they fire both Angelo and Smith.

Has there ever been a more systematic destruction of a previously contending Super Bowl team? Thomas Jones, Chris Harris, Adam Archuleta, Ron Rivera, etc. Add bad draft picks and incompetent coaches to the mix. Now, convert the one highlight return man into a wide receiver, where he can become injured.

This team won't see .500 in the distance, let alone reach that type of record.

We are looking forward to reclaiming our Sundays and being constructive. Anyone care to join us in the Bears Free Zone movement?

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