Thomas wants to win here; it won't ha...

Thomas wants to win here; it won't happen

There are 223 comments on the South Florida Sun-Sentinel story from Dec 5, 2007, titled Thomas wants to win here; it won't happen. In it, South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that:

The two young, long-shot rookies from Texas, near the end of another late night on the Fort Lauderdale town, waited outside a club for keys.

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United States

#1 Dec 5, 2007
"...sullied by a franchise that repeatedly, criminally failed him."

Sensational garbage.

Criminally? GTFO. Call the cops.

Denver, CO

#2 Dec 5, 2007
Screw that, he should finish his career a DOLPHIN !!!!!

United States

#3 Dec 5, 2007
Zach is all class all the time. Nothing but absolute respect is what he deserves.
All the compliments of this article paid to Zach are right on, It's turning this attitude:
"I'll be back, trust me," Thomas said. "I'll be back as a Miami Dolphin until somebody says otherwise. I love it in Miami and I'd like to get this thing turned around. It's a tough time, but you can only go up from here."
into this:
It will be even more of a blessing if, health permitting, he lands a spot on some contender next season, like Junior Seau did in 2006. Izzo has won three Super Bowl rings with New England, and might get fitted for a fourth.
That I have a problem with. Lets just let Zach decide ok Ethan? Clearly you hope that this article will stir some sort of kneejerk public outcry (indeed it will, from kneejerkers!) that results in the organization feeling pressured to trade Zach. Well let me tell you something pal, we dolphin fans love watching Zach play football, and he loves playing here, so stop trying to F it up for us!
and claimed it meant this:
Allan B


#4 Dec 5, 2007
10 yrs into Wayne's ownership and we're worse than an expansion team. Heck, we're worse than any team expansion or not......LMAO.. thanks Wayne

Lusby, MD

#5 Dec 5, 2007
Good read but I disagree. Zach SHOULD be allowed to leave or stay on his terms. He is the one who as to strap it on and go out there and if Aqua and Orange are what he wants to wear until he hangs them up then so be it. It may be greedy for fans like me to want him to stay but I cant even fathom him in another teams colors. Maybe he has a desire to see this project through. JT says it best you dont get a chance to win without there being a chance of losing. I know Zach and JT have been mercilessly screwed time and time again by every differnt coach with the same hollow promises but lets let them stay if they want to
Miami Dynasty

Glendale, CA

#6 Dec 5, 2007
I'm glad Zack can rest and not play in these worthless games.

San Jose, CA

#7 Dec 5, 2007
I tend to believe they shelved Zach this season not necessarily for the injury but because the season is a lost cause. Zach will be back next year unless this migrain thing doesn't clear up. He still has gas in the tank and desire to win. His leadership on this team will be really needed for one or two more years. I see him in the mold of Ted Bruschi up in NE. He's one of the few veterans I keep on this team.
Amen brother

Sweetwater, TN

#8 Dec 5, 2007
Allan B wrote:
10 yrs into Wayne's ownership and we're worse than an expansion team. Heck, we're worse than any team expansion or not......LMAO.. thanks Wayne
Got that right! Not since the Robbies owned the FINS have they been decent! Shula was run out of town, Marino next. Just a bunch of crap since 1995. Joe Robbie must be spinning! Please Wayne, SELL the team. Just like the Marlins and Panthers. You did a great job screwing them all into the ground! Thanks! For nothing!!

Since: Dec 07

United States

#9 Dec 5, 2007
Allan B wrote:
10 yrs into Wayne's ownership and we're worse than an expansion team. Heck, we're worse than any team expansion or not......LMAO.. thanks Wayne
I guess you thought we didn't read your first 100 posts that say exactly the same thing. We get it, you hate Wayne. Duly noted.

Anything to say about THIS article?

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#10 Dec 5, 2007
Ask The The Fantasy Footbal Experts.(Quoted from the title bar from their home page)

The Winner: USA Today

USA Today

The Winner: USA TODAY

Observant Brown Noser
USA Today


A message to all those with a brain. Believing in the marketing tactics of mobster wayne or his two chronie's speaking here is a total insult to your intelligence. Wake up and realize facts. They didn't re-sign Donnie Jones (punter, 1.5 mil) so they could save 1.1 mil and draft Brandon Fields (punter, 400k) ...

Wayne saved 1.1 there alone. How much more did he save? Where's all our talent? How come the jets, patriots and Rams can afford our talent but we can't? How can Atlanta afford Harrington and St Louis afford Frerotte as backups AND Vick ANF Boler (Vick, the highest paid player in the NFL last year) and we can't afford Brees and Frerotte? How can better teams afford Madison, Surtain, Welker, Mcintosh, Jones ETC ETC????????

The answer is blatantly simple as Randy Mueller and USA Today backs up: We are way under the cap because the owner of the business wants it that way. Why does he want it that way? Because he is the greediest SOB on the planet.

It's all about the money! Very simple really. If you could double your income every year, wouldn't you most likely do it? Some people have morals and higher values than the bottom dollar. Wayne's already proven money is his god.

It's very simple. Joey Porter and a practice bubble doesn't make him Jerry Jones. The best talent and total love for his team makes Jerry Jerry. Wayne is Wayne. You never see him at a game, you never see him wearing a Dolphins T, you never see the team retain talent every other team can afford.

What do you see? A Marlins, Panthers and Dolphins team stripped in the name of profits. A Huizenga school of business. What do they teach over there? How to put principles of love for something 1st, or, putting money 1st?

Profits are King and Money is god. Print it on his tombstone.

“Miami sports fan living in Orl”

Since: Nov 07


#11 Dec 5, 2007
jahndoh wrote:
<quoted text>
I guess you thought we didn't read your first 100 posts that say exactly the same thing. We get it, you hate Wayne. Duly noted.
Anything to say about THIS article?
shut up idiot !
wayne sucks
we could say it commenting on the hurricanes women basketball and it would still be justified

wayne is the essence of everything that is wrong w the Fins.
the sooner he leaves, by natural causes or other - the better!
chris davis

Lakeland, FL

#12 Dec 5, 2007
Jack Del Rio was replaced by Zach and not long after became a HC.
Why not offer Zach the HC job?
Hr works/studies harder than anyone, loves football like few others and leads by example...can he motivate?
tony reay

Barnsley, UK

#13 Dec 6, 2007
Nice piece Ethan, but frankly I think that you missed the point. Suggesting that Zach would be better off on a playoff team is sorta like suggesting that a child would be better off with richer parents... rather than his own family.
Zach has more than proven himself and surely needs no additional baubles or jewelry to "be remembered as a winning player". After all, by numbers alone the sad truth is that MOST "winning players" never get a ring.. or the HoF.
There used to be an old English word... VALOUR, which meant more than courage.. courage in the face of insurmountable odds... courage with dignity...
There haven't been many guys in the recent NFL with true valour..I doubt very much if there are ANY with the stature among players and coaches AND FANS of Zach Thomas.
And if the Dolphins have neither the class nor the sense to ensure that he is ALWAYS a member of the team, as a player and then as a coach... then they don't deserve to have any of the luck and fortune that they so desperately need. I have great hope for the future of this decimated and miss-led team. And I (and probably Zach) would much rather he be remembered as a Dolphin who fought back out of the depths to respectability, than simply coasting off with a teamful of stars. Like Zach, the Dolphins are MY team, good or bad.. and I wish them ALL the best of seasons and a speedy return to good health and good fortune.
And to you also, Ethan.. have a great Xmas season and keep on keeping us informed.
All the way from the north of England.
rock on.

Glendale, AZ

#14 Dec 6, 2007
Zach should stay but the entire secondary exept for Yeremiah Bell and Lehan should be traded, as should Marty Booker,LJ Shelton,Matt Roth,Justin Peele,and defintely Ronnie Brown. Trade for Deangelo Hall and sign Asante Samuel in free agency. Trade down in the draft and take Kenny Phillips somewhere out of the top ten. A new powerful secondary is the path to beating the Patriots which is the only way to redemtion. Who will be DC next year?

Uniontown, PA

#15 Dec 6, 2007
Just win one. This is a business but ZT and JT should get more than a hand shake. Never give up. Head High to the finish see it through. Ya'll is playing for pride now. You have first draft pick you are under the cap now it's pride. Cam it's time for uou to kick in and make decision. You have done this thing all wrong. Your team is trying not to lose. They need to play to win. Fourth and 1 go for it you are losing anyway. What do you have to gain by playing soft? Thank you Zack for the 11 years you gave to our colors.

Since: Jun 07

Rutledge, GA

#16 Dec 6, 2007
OK, I am gonna show my passion here, didnt read the wholke article, as I could not get past the 0-16 referance.WHY THE HELL are FIn fans giving up hope for just 1 win? Reporters, and the such? Hell I have before here, and yall can call me on it, OK. I am bunching me with the rest. I am sick of losing, but why should we expect to lose now? THATS bringing on more ,osing damn it. Fear something so much, it will happen. Have Faith, Faith is the evidence of things not seen. So lets all have faith we will win 1 game. Beck will get better. He is a rookie, so what he threw some INT,s?
So did Peyton Manning his rookie season. They can squeak out 1 win if they all pull together, have faith, play hard, have fun! Who cares now! Let the players just have fun with it now! They can pull out a win.
As much as I am tired of losing, I am tired of pessimism, even my own.

Hollywood, FL

#17 Dec 6, 2007

Not to be disrespecful, but how old are you, have you ever played a down in the NFL, have you ever been a coach at any level, and how well do you know the NFL? I know you cover the Dolphins' beat, however if you study history, and the way the NFL has evolved, then Franchises who experience the lows that the Fins are going through usually figure it out and become competitive. Some have done it from one year to the next.

Do us all a favor and don't make predictions about next year. We all know the Fins are bad this year, but stick to reporting and stay away from predicting.

Delray Beach, FL

#18 Dec 6, 2007
id have a headahe too if i had to be on that team. all this crybaby stuff isnt going to make them win. theres no teamwork. only a few swollen headed superstars who are out for themselves and couldnt play team ball if they tried to.
whine whine whine

anyone got some cheese?

Melbourne, FL

#19 Dec 6, 2007
God bless Zach Thomas. I hope when his playing days end he becomes a coach and eventually a head coach at Miami.

I was fotunate enough to get his autograph his rookie season when I ddin't even know who 54 was.

West Palm Beach, FL

#20 Dec 6, 2007
We need a whole lto more like Zach. His name should go up in the ring of honor, while he is still playing

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