Little to no blame falls on Moss. When the Patriots didnt have huge leads in 2007 Brady wouldnt ever take chances and throw it deep. Dont feel yourself into thinking Moss is always wide open when he gets long touchdowns because he isn't.

Moss is playing at the same level if not higher than he was in 2007. This year he has racked up catches in spurts, and it isnt because the defenses just stop covering him for a few drives either; it just that Brady throws it to him.

The only person shutting Moss down this year is Brady. He needs to just forget coverage and throw it to him. Last week Moss had 1 catch for 36 yards. But, Brady airmailed a 36 yard touchdown and another 14 yard that would have gone for a 1st down. Moss should have had ATLEAST 86 yards and a td on 3 catches from the 3 looks he got...and lets be serious, Randy Moss is the most talented player on the team. He shoudl be getting a lot more than 3 looks.

Literally, everything, falls on Brady for last weeks offensive struggles because they were getting open.