Future not now

Future not now

There are 49 comments on the Baltimore Sun story from Jan 17, 2008, titled Future not now. In it, Baltimore Sun reports that:

Maybe it's all of the political rhetoric that monopolizes the headlines and television airwaves during an election season, but I'm starting to buy into the idea that we're really on the verge of a new day.

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#1 Jan 17, 2008
I just can not understand why the Ravens haven't made a bee-line to Russ Grimm. And why none of the Sun writers have even mentioned him. He's been a star at every level - high school, college, pro. Five Super Bowls, winning four. Coached under Joe Gibbs, Norv Turner, Bill Cowher. Seems to me the only future Hall of Fame coach out there (other than Belichick) and no one's talking about him. The man, the team, the situation seem a perfect fit - much like when Joe Gibbs started with the Redskins in 1981. Read these 3 articles & think about the legacy he would have after having coached the Ravens for ten years: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/07011/752956-6... http://usatoday.com/sports/football/nfl/2005-... and http://www.azcentral.com/sports/cardinals/art...

Washington, DC

#2 Jan 17, 2008
Hope you're right. Took Gibbs 4 years to re-educate or remove the posers and thugs from the Redskins. Ravens have as many or more.

San Jose, CA

#3 Jan 17, 2008
Bravo! About time someone sees that this hire is about the next ten years, not the next two.

Fort George G Meade, MD

#4 Jan 17, 2008
Great article, Rick. And I sure hope you're right about the RAVENS wanting to establish a whole new culture. Goodbye to the chest thumping, muscle flexing, trash talking idiocy and hello to some class and discipline. The guy that the PLAYERS want as the new head coach should be the FIRST name crossed off the list by Mr. Biscotti and Ozzie!!!

Charles Town, WV

#5 Jan 17, 2008
Bravo Kros, Russ Grimm has been my favorite from the start of all this. Though I am not a Steeler fan - I truly respect the organization. The fact that they considered Grimm as a candidate should speak volumes. He's doing a fairly good job with Arizona's offensive system - the Ravens have quite a few young players. Grimm's lunchbox mentality would be ideal for Baltimore.
Set-the-record-s traight

Owings Mills, MD

#6 Jan 17, 2008
Finally - a column in the Sun that someone has spent more than 10 minutes considering before writing!(Someone must have ghosted it for Rick...)

I never thought the problem was Billick as much as the players (Ray Lewis in particular) who only wanted to play on their terms.(Like 2005, when "Ray-Ray's" pulled hamstring morphed into a phantom "tear" requiring surgery, so he could sit out the rest of a season that was heading south. What a team player!)

Yes, the new head coach will have to make some tough personnel decisions - clearing out the dead weight - but it will be best in the long run.

Washington, DC

#7 Jan 17, 2008
I never thought of Russ Grimm either. Excellent suggestion. Kudos to Rick Maese for summing up the state of the Ravens quite precisely as well.

One little tidbit, though. What is it about Rex Ryan that makes people think he will be a good head coach? Because he took a defense that was strong for many years and kept it strong? This over-glorifying of Ryan reminds me of all of the broadcasters wishing Matt Millen well and loudly declaring he was going to be a great GM at Detroit. Uh-huh. Right.

New Baltimore, MI

#8 Jan 17, 2008
You give too much credence to what Lewis says or doesn't say. He's entitled to his opinion but if any one takes his view on anything seriously they're the fool.

Clean house, struggle for a few years and come out with a real team not a group of ego maniacal individuals such as Lewis, Ogden, Mason and the rest.

I hate what the present day Ravens stand for and the "thug" mentality they possess. I hope that the powers that be can change that and we can actually have a franchise in Baltimore that we can be proud of whether they win or lose.

Right now they are an embarrassment the way they mouth off on their radio shows, see C-Mac's statement that he didn't want to learn a new system because it would ruin his summer. Billick was vilified for his play calling which of course was awful but he should be run out of this state for letting these criminals run the show. I don't relate to thugs and criminals nor do most fans but the hardcore element that emulate them love their boyz.

It is time for a change or slowly this team will lose it's fan base. Stop the criminal element in football, draft and trade for players with integrity and let the rest go their own way.

Since: Nov 07

Baltimore, MD

#9 Jan 17, 2008
The main point you missed, Rick, is that Garrett has stars in his eyes, not black birds singin in the dead of night. HIS long range plans involve the Cowboys, not the Ravens. So that sort of throws a monkey wrench into not only your theory, but into Steve Bisciotti's plans as well. Not a real great long range plan, if you ask me.

I do agree 100% with Kronos, however. Why has Russ Grimm not been concidered? He's got 15 years of coaching experience, and 11 years of high caliber playing experience. And he's not jurassic like Marty is either. What gives?
Joe Mess


#11 Jan 17, 2008
Anyone missing Brian Billick yet? Hope all of you idiots are happy.

New Baltimore, MI

#10 Jan 17, 2008
skaybaltimore wrote:
The main point you missed, Rick, is that Garrett has stars in his eyes, not black birds singin in the dead of night. HIS long range plans involve the Cowboys, not the Ravens. So that sort of throws a monkey wrench into not only your theory, but into Steve Bisciotti's plans as well. Not a real great long range plan, if you ask me.
I do agree 100% with Kronos, however. Why has Russ Grimm not been concidered? He's got 15 years of coaching experience, and 11 years of high caliber playing experience. And he's not jurassic like Marty is either. What gives?
I agree. Why not Grimm?

Actually the problem is that the owner will hire someone he can relate with as do most people. Without knowing how much weight the "committee" has in this decision,
he may hire who he likes the best but maybe not the best coach for the team.

What bothers me is his lack of experience owning a sports franchise. People say he must be smart because he's a billionaire but history is chock full of successful business men who were terrible owners.

It's just too early to tell but I have to admit this is the most unsettling time to be a fan of the Ravens.

Spotsylvania, VA

#12 Jan 17, 2008
Well said, Randy.I have been a Ravens fan from the word go, but there are times when i am ashamed to see how they conduct themselves.
They lose the respect of the whole league, and us, when they act like a street gang instead of a football team.Get rid of that element, and things will imrpove on that basis alone.

Baltimore, MD

#13 Jan 17, 2008
1. it really annoys me the you talk about how long ago winning the super bowl was as if you were even here at the time.

2. If the team isnt' focused on the aging lockerroom why did they fire Billick in the first place?
Ed So Pa Fan

Lewistown, PA

#14 Jan 17, 2008
There is a season for change.

Sometimes it is more beneficial to go back to square one and begin. This is where the Ravens have chosen.

Good move! This team has too many player long in the tooth and with far too much to say. It could be for the lsst several years there are too many in the front office with far too little to say. Seems the positions may be changing. Biscotti is going to focus after the chach hiring on the quality in te front office.

Whoever the new coach I think the organization has determined some of the old are going to the trade market now. If Rex goes to Atlanta would that organization want to take Ray, McAllister and Reed for a set of major draft choices. Interesting thought to put people in the seats while they try to develop their team and the Ravens begin the revamp necessary. No change is going to happen without giving up something of value. Reed is that value. Seems, like Ray and Chris, he has had a little too much in the lack of team on the Ravens.More focus on me and being in charge of the clubhouse. This is the Ravens not the Lewis team.

Spring in near!Let the last of the leaves fall and start a new beginning.

The new coach needs to choose Baltimore First and Foremost. Hestitation is not a good sign for a coach. Respect the thorough approach but accept only a Hunger to be a Raven. Garrett is not a Raven. Harbaugh is 2 years away from being a good coach. So if we hire, bring in only experienced coordinators.

This team makeup is divided with aging, young talent to be developed and those not nfl talents. So much division has led to a fall. Time to beign the developing of baiscs. Start with the trenches. The QB issue depends on this. The other teams QB needs to feel uncomfortable with our defensive line. Our QB needs to be able to feel he has the time to make the decision and the lay to develop. Everything else comes after this. Build from the ground floor up To me is means the defensive ends and offensive tackles need to be future hall of fame quality.

Niceville, FL

#15 Jan 17, 2008
Okay already. For the past, oh I don't know how long, you reporters(and I used that word quite loosely) have waged a negative campaign against Brian Billick in an effort to get him fired. Well, you guys have been successful, now let up. Please do not start groaning and moaning about the new coach, no matter who it is, even before he is hired, give the guy a break. Do not plant seeds of doubt in the minds of the fans about his abilities and potential or staying power. Not being privy to the selection process, not you guys , me or the fly on the wall have any idea of how the applicants conducted themselves during the process. One more idea, I believe the people in the front office has a h--- of a lot more insight and intelligence then most of the sports writing staff of the Sun, so again let them be and allow them to make an informed decision without you jumping on their selection before the decision is made.

Englewood, CO

#16 Jan 17, 2008
"When Lewis finally does speak, it'll be noteworthy, sure, but not earth-shattering. All indications suggest that the future of the Ravens revolves around a young head coach, not an aging linebacker."

Well said!

San Jose, CA

#17 Jan 17, 2008
I agree Rick...good article. I wish a few of your fellow writers there would read it and take notes...lots of them. Everything at One Winning Drive isnt peachy keen, but there is a way to explain it...and a way not to.

For me however....Im ready to bring this to an end. The offer has been made to Garrett and he has already crossed the Falcons from the list. This sort if indecision does not make me comfortable when its the 4th quarter at M&T and we are down buy 4 with 1:32 left on the clock and its 4th down. What will you do Garrett? This is for all the marbles...either have some balls and pull the trigger or punt.

San Jose, CA

#18 Jan 17, 2008
*by* not buy....sorry

Washington, DC

#20 Jan 17, 2008
Ray Lewis traded to Atlanta ... heh heh heh ... I can hear Brian Billick chuckling from the eastern shore now. That's a good one.

Trading Lewis, McAllister and Reed for Atlanta's 2008 first, 2009 first, 2008 second and 2010 second would be interesting.

Sterling, VA

#19 Jan 17, 2008
I agree, they are looking for the future, but this team is not that bad, that we need to do the whole rebuilding process. I say let go of JO, McNair, Rolle, Price, not to sure on C Mac or Mason. But No WAY you let go with Ray Lew, unless he asks to leave. This man is The Ravens. He should be Mayor. He is by far Not washed up yet, I see at least 2 maybe 3 more GOOD seasons left in him. Reed may be the best player on the Team, but their will never be a LEADER like Ray Lew, The Ravens would be abunch of Softees without him

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