Was the Brett Favre trade worth it?

Was the Brett Favre trade worth it?

There are 140 comments on the Newsday story from Nov 3, 2008, titled Was the Brett Favre trade worth it?. In it, Newsday reports that:

Doug the Jets Fan was incensed that I had chosen this topic for my column in today's newspaper: Did the Jets get the worst of the deal when they traded for Brett Favre , cut Chad Pennington and then saw him go ...

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Bedminster, NJ

#1 Nov 3, 2008
You're an imbecile, Bob.

Besides the fact that the Jets are actually in first place, why would you make sweeping assessments about the trade 8 games into the season?

Nor should it comes as a surprise that Pennington's rating is slightly higher than Favre's: Pennington's career passer rating is also higher than Favre's - and Dan Marino's, John Elway's, Eli Manning's, etc., which shows how absurd the formula is and how moronic it is to judge QB play on the basis of "passer rating." The formula rewards QBs who play it safe and complete short, high percentage passes even as their team struggles to put up points, which is why Pennington was able to post a solid 86.1 rating last year even as he led a Jets' offense that was one of the most anemic in the league. Passer rating is pretty much useless.

As for their respective yards-per-ATTEMPT stats (yes, Bob, you misquoted the stat in your column as "yards per completion"), you would think being a reporter you'd do a little research and realize that Favre's 6.8 ypa so far is identical to the 6.8 and 6.9 ypa numbers Pennington posted in 2006 and 2007, and only .2 yards off of Favre's career 7.0 average.

You also might want to take a gander at the points scored column in the standings. Favre and the Jets happen to be second in the AFC in points scored, the most important and consequential statistic for an offense.

Being the hack that you are, Bob, you can have the guy who has thrown 20 TDs exactly once in his career and who is on track for just 14 this year -- the guy who will complete 68% of his passes while his team struggles to score points; I'll take the future Hall of Famer, the all-time leader in TD passes who puts points on the board and his team in the playoffs.
1 jets fan

Bedminster, NJ

#2 Nov 4, 2008
These inane kind of columns infuriate me. Some people are so quick to prejudge. It's no mystery that players go on hot and cold streaks; right now Chad's hot and Brett's cold. How about waiting until the full season actually plays out before making judgment? Now this writer is going to wind up with a ton of egg on his face.
What's especially ludicrous is arguing that the Jets would be just as well off if Chad were the QB. Chad, of course, went 1-9 as Jets QB last season
KJ from Albany

Cleveland, OH

#4 Nov 4, 2008
The name Brett Farve = Winning.

Ask any player on the field and they will tell you that with a field general like Brett, it changes everything. Brett is one of those rare individuals that just make a team better. Doesn't matter if he is having a good or bad game. The opponents defense is always worried about his gunslinger ability, thus opening up gaps in the defense for our RB's. And his ability to bring a team back in the 4th quarter is legendary. On the flip side, the defense knows if they make a big stop.. they have a hall of fame QB leading his squad out onto the field.

Measure this: Leadership on the gridiron.

South Salem, NY

#5 Nov 4, 2008
Yes it was worth it. I like Chad he will be a great coach someday. 2 years of Favre just for the exitement he brings is worth it. Winning is just a bonus. Lets go Jets...

“Go Ahead Liberal, Make My Day”

Since: Dec 07

Florida...home of Trump

#6 Nov 4, 2008
it was a gamble, but because Kellen Clemons didn't work out, it had to be done

Chicago, IL

#7 Nov 4, 2008
This article is exactly why I do not subscribe to Newsday. Writers that know nothing about the game of football want to blame the team struggles on one man.
If you are going to write an article like this to compare Brad to Favre you should start by saying that Favre has already won more games than Chad last year. You might also say that Favre, with the Dolphins offensive line and coaching would be 5 and 3 and have a better record than Chad.
The problem with all writers these days is they do not bother to do the research to form a solid argument. Anyone can write a inadequate article like this one. Heck, It probably took about 8 minutes.
What about Favre learning a completely new offense?
What about the terrible play calling by Schottenheimer?
What about the weak offensive line play?
You should be asking why the coaches do not do more to protect Favre so he can open up the field. There success early was when Favre was able to take shots down field.
What about the coaching so far?
What about the fact that this team believes they can win. That belief came when Favre came to town. The Jets are in first place and you still want to be negative. This is all typical negative media. This is exactly why newspapers cannot get anyone to read them anymore.
Why has your papers subscriptions plummeted over the years?
Why don't you blame that on your negative writing,.

Fayetteville, AR

#8 Nov 4, 2008
Nice comments, guys. Couldn't have said them better myself. I hope it took this joker only 8 minutes to write this. He only put Favre in the headline so he would get more hits. Nice way to get attention. Writers like this better hope Favre comes back next year so that they will have something to write about.

“I'm down with F&P, ”

Since: Aug 07


#9 Nov 4, 2008
no and here's why. they don't have a qb in the wings to groom when farve leaves either at the end of this year or next year, the latter seems unlikely. look at the dolphins. they got chad as a stop gap. Henne's in the wings. sounds like a good plan. what's the jets plan? if anyone's gonna respond that clemons is the qb in waiting, please keep it to yourself.

“It might have been !!!”

Since: Aug 07

F&P City

#10 Nov 4, 2008
roger43 wrote:
no and here's why. they don't have a qb in the wings to groom when farve leaves either at the end of this year or next year, the latter seems unlikely. look at the dolphins. they got chad as a stop gap. Henne's in the wings. sounds like a good plan. what's the jets plan? if anyone's gonna respond that clemons is the qb in waiting, please keep it to yourself.
It will be the Jets ultimate demise.

Montgomery, AL

#11 Nov 4, 2008
Bretts a good qb. But he was not worth the trade! Why would you give up a good qb for an interception king! Penninton could throw it down the field like that and have picked! But jet fans know thats not his style He may throw shorter passes but by doing so eats the clock Its a trade off i know and us dolphins fans will gladly have to live with it Oh by the way thanks for giving us chad for nothing im sure you could have got a nice draft pic for him. GO DOLPHINS

Katonah, NY

#12 Nov 4, 2008
Glauber is a fraud...he is invested in the trade not working out...he wrote against it in the summer...this jacka$$ has no credibility..say hello to James Dolan...u 2 deserve each other

Milwaukee, WI

#13 Nov 4, 2008
Brett belongs back in Green Bay. Only 2 people made the choice to trade him and their jobs are on the line because of it. As a huge Brett fan, I hope you folks appreciate the gift you've been given. He's the best QB playing.

Richmond, VA

#14 Nov 4, 2008
you should also understand the time when Favre came to jets and how he changed the fan base to get involved into the game again..... just coz of him i started following Jets then imagine ....also it can go either way??? how can be sure that if Chad is there then jets will be far better....u cannot predict anything with other record or some assumption..... favre is favre ....no comments on him.......

Madison, WI

#15 Nov 4, 2008
Look, Favre is a 2 year at best deal...everyone knows it. You want to know why the Jets got the best deal? Look at the Packers...and think about what all the players there gained from Favre's approach to the game. From the youngest team in the NFL to 13-3 (with absolutely no running game for the first half of the season) and, by the end of the season, a widely considered "talented" team for Rodgers to take over with...Either Packers Management is so amazing that they loaded almost an entire team with "talented" players, the system is so solid you can literally drop anyone in any position & get the same results....or the youngest team in the NFL got on-the-job training on what it takes to be a champion in this league from a guy who's leadership on the field is second to none. Even with the picks, you ask any receiver who's ever played with the guy & they'll always say they believed they had a chance to win in spite of them...that belief makes them better players.

So honestly, you can sit and discuss Favre's TD's, INT's, whatever. Favre was only on a truly talented team during his Super Bowl years...and minus the Favre "presence", not a single running back (or receiver) who achieved any measurable amount of success after they left...none even reaching level of "semi-household" name. The Jets have a Rodgers waiting & once the rest of the team adapts to the "playing the game vs. trying to get on a highlight reel" mentality that Favre brought the youngest team in the NFL last year...the Jets are going to be in great shape.

Now, if Favre had a line that could either protect him or open holes...we wouldn't be having this discussion. That INT in the Buffalo game wasn't Favre in the pocket with time, it was throwing the pass and getting nailed at release which threw it off.

Tied for first is what you're getting from a 39 year old QB who is spending a lot more time than Penn or Rodgers on the ground in a completely new offense...poor Jets.

Stafford, VA

#16 Nov 4, 2008
Um ... wasn't all of the wheeling and dealing during the offseason done to STRENGTHEN the o-line? That was my impression.

Let's be honest--Favre could have gone out the god in Green Bay. But he got greedy. He thought if he said "I'm retired" that the Packers would cough up. They didn't. He's no team player, it's all "me, me, me," coasting on his past legacy. But all Mangini and Tannenbaum saw was OMG BRETT FAVRE and fell all over themselves. In the process, they cut a guy who was always team first but just wasn't flashy enough to sell PSLs for the new stadium.

You have no idea how hard I'll laugh if the Dolphins make the playoffs and the Jets don't. And don't delude yourself into thinking that can't happen.

Madison, WI

#17 Nov 4, 2008
Trish...Favre never asked for more money to play so the Pack didn't have to cough up anything, the Pack wanted him to stay retired & offered him 20 Million to do just that. "Greedy" Favre refused...and unlike an organization (Jets) who showed class & respect for what the player has done for the organization & releasing, they dumped him (literally) last minute out of fear he would join an NFC team...afraid of having to face the man who shaped the legacy they enjoy today. Forget all the he-said-she-said media crap surrounding it, to many of us in WI that 20+ Million $ offer not to play anywhere says more about what was really going on than anything else. That action spoke more words than any media outlet...on both their parts. Personally, I doubt anybody in the US would turn down 20+ Million to do anything (let alone nothing) unless that isn't what this was about. What more proof does anyone need that the guy just wants to do what he loves to do & doesn't get caught up in much of anything else. What you see is what you get...and what you get is a roller-coaster ride every game where nothing that just happened impacts what will. People stay in the seats (because they have to), ticket sales go up, more money for the Jets, better teams in the future. There's your Favre.

Bellflower, CA

#18 Nov 4, 2008
Who is this guy? what promises did brett favre make. The answer to that is none he said he would try his best and for the most part has done pretty good ya he has turned it over but he has alson thrown alot of TDs no one seems to be talking about that. Chad has nothing to his credit but injury and losing. I could list all the awards and record and not to mention a superbowl ring. Miami is not going to the playoffs this year. So how many times is this question going to come up Just leave Favre alone your team has one more games this year then when the wonderful chad pennington was benched last year .

Wayland, MI

#19 Nov 4, 2008
i can't believe i just wasted my precious time. i should've been digging my hole that i'm going to live in for the next 4 years. stop bashing favre, and grow up. wins are what matter, and he's winning.

United States

#20 Nov 5, 2008
I may be biased, I am a packer fan, and a BF fan. Brett has been with the jets for about 10 or 11 weeks, CP has been there for maybe 9 years last year the jets were 4-12 brett takes the team to more wins in his first 8 games. I know the team has made other changes in their personnel besides brett. but for a guy that had no prior ota's or mini camp with the team and is still trying to get on the same page with his new coaches and players has not done that bad of a job. despite some of his gunslinger mentality and turnovers some of which may leave you scratching your head he is a winner more than in other qb in history he will always give you his best win or lose.

“I'm down with F&P, ”

Since: Aug 07


#21 Nov 5, 2008
abc wrote:
i can't believe i just wasted my precious time. i should've been digging my hole that i'm going to live in for the next 4 years. stop bashing favre, and grow up. wins are what matter, and he's winning.
you're right but he shoulda won 2more games. and if they don't make the playoffs and he retires (again) where does that leave the jets and was it worth it? i believe that's the discussion

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