Greg wrote:
Just to prove my point here's how the WHOLE thing began Victor:
patsfan wrote:
I must admit as a Patsfan I'm quite impressed with the phins use of the Buzzer on QB's. Seems like the current group of QB's are getting alot of Buzzing, if that doesn't work, maybe the can try tasering them or a beebe gun in their butts to get them moving.
They could also try picking up a decent QB, ooops! Sorry, I forgot this is the Dolphins, not a real NFL Team.
YOU WROTE: You know, 1-15 sucks. But 18-1 is worse.
Were you just trying to instigate things Victor?
No I was not the instigator. As you can see by patsfan's post, HE was the instigator. The last sentence of his post proves that. Please tell me you can see THAT Greg.