Ohio.com - Browns need to end QB tryout

Ohio.com - Browns need to end QB tryout

There are 15 comments on the Akron Beacon Journal story from Aug 24, 2007, titled Ohio.com - Browns need to end QB tryout. In it, Akron Beacon Journal reports that:

Scribbles in my notebook as the Browns take the field tonight in Denver: Here's why the Browns are talking about giving quarterback Derek Anderson some significant playing time again.

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Findlay, OH

#1 Aug 25, 2007
Shaffer is the weakest link on this offense! We will enter this season with 3 quarterbacks, with 3 different skill sets, that can lead this offense effectively. I can't remember when we had this kind of depth at this,or any other position for that matter. Frye and Anderson are playing to see who might make the best backup in the future, without giving away this season in the process. If you look at last season, and the mistakes Frye made along the way, most can be compared to just about ANY first year starter. The problem was mainly DROPPED PASSES which prompted Frye to abandon the game plan on occasion, trying to make something happen while scrambling for his life,( again, see Kevin Shaffer). This is a new year, and with protection, the game will have slowed down ten fold for Frye, and I see nothing but good things. Preseason is nothing more than practice, and Chud's job is to throw out as much as possible in order to see our weaknesses as well as our strengths to figure out what we do well and what needs the most work. This is NOT what will be happening when the games count. The mistakes of preseason will NOT carry over to the regular season. This will be an offense with a game plan, and as long as any quarterback stays within that plan, we will be fine. After tonight's game, there will emerge one player that gets the reps with the first team, and that will be the best thing for moving forward. The ONLY thing that scares me is the DROPPED PASSES, and the receivers need to know that our season is literally in their hands.

Findlay, OH

#2 Aug 25, 2007
Everyone has their predictions for what may or may not happen this season. From just about all I have heard, none seem to give the Brown's much of a chance. I have a habit of seeing the possibilities through rose-colored glasses, and that usually makes accepting not performing up to their potential even harder to accept. This year it seems everyone is basing all on the past, without seeing the real improvements to this team. I see a team that is coming together quicker than I expected. We have depth and talent everywhere you look. On defense we have the makings of what may end up one of the best secondaries in the league. Interceptions and coverage sacks. I see Peek and Wembley meeting at the quarterback on a regular basis, in a battle for the most sacks. I still see them giving up some big running plays on occasion, but enter the offense that will put enough points on the board so that the opposition will have to go to the air to catch up. I see third and one, when we don't pull some type of bonehead reverse, but we plow ahead at will, without having to try to quick snap a quarterback sneek before the defense is ready, out of desperation. I see Frye reading the blitzes and audibling to something that actually works, because the rest of the team sees it to and are prepared. I see Edwards BLOCKING, even when his number isn't called. If he isn't careful, that kind of behavior will get him to the pro bowl. I even see running lanes, that used to only appear in Cleveland when the opposition brought them there. I see backs that are putting their shoulders down and falling forward while making people pay for trying to stop them. Finally, I see opening day, when Big Ben gets sacked 4 times and throws 2 interceptions, and Pittsburgh leaves with their first loss, wondering if they suck that bad or these BROWNS are for real. I see a chance that the chants of "wait till next year", actually don't start until the end of the season. GREAT THINGS MAN!! GO BROWNS!!

Northford, CT

#3 Aug 25, 2007
Pluto says the Browns know Quinn isn't ready. However, the Browns have been pretty bad at evaluating talent. They handed Frye the job last year after he barely showed anything the year before. He didn't exactly light it up. And Frye (and Anderson) continue to make huge mental mistakes like throwing an 8-yard pass on 3rd and 10, key INTs at the end of just about every half, and total disorganization inside the 20. Yet that's the guy the Browns staff thought was good enough to have the QB job without a competition.

We could make excuses for Frye. We could blame our not-so-sure-handed receivers or our blocking-challanged offensive line. But somehow Anderson git through a pittsburgh game without a sack by by releasing the ball faster. That's something Frye will never have but our staff thought he could do the job.

The point is I have ZERO faith in the ability of Crennel (or Savage) to KNOW when Quinn is ready.

I KNOW this. The Browns will likely lose every single game until Quinn plays - and they might not win that many games with Quinn. But at least there's a chance. At half time Frye will be 10 of 15 for 80 yards, no TD's, a FG after a turnover, and a back-breaking INT with 30 seconds left in the half that leads to a TD for the opposition. Then the Browns will tell you his completion pct. was good.
barry bonds

Cleveland, OH

#4 Aug 25, 2007
IM4Real: The only thing that scares you about Chaz Frye are "dropped passes"? That's like saying the only thing that scares me about nuclear weapons is the unattractive effect the missile silos have on the North Dakota countryside. And Chaz needs to learn how to read, write and speak English before you before you expect him to do anything as advanced as "reading the blitzes".
Memo to Pluto

United States

#5 Aug 25, 2007
How often do you wear your Charlie'd fries outfight when writing?
Steeler Killer

United States

#6 Aug 25, 2007
Yes, the qb situation is diffenently a area of concern. However, I, for one, believe the OL is way... ahead of the last several years. This alone will help whoever wins the qb (Frye)derby. We will run the ball early and often and if smart will throw short passes initially to get some confidence in the qb. Whoever, the qb is, he needs to have confidence and support around him. I think the one who will run with that is Frye. He will need all of it when Blitzburgh gets here.
Mike Mattox

Clinton, WA

#7 Aug 25, 2007
Quinn should at least get some 1st quarter time...Right now he has that incredable performance that the fans saw and nothing else to judge him by..
So Start him or Get him in earily in the 1st. Quarter and lets see what he can do...If he stumbles the fans will be satisfied he got a chance and is not quite ready yet...If he is Great again...Well Maybe he is the best we have and Should start.
Last year in the last 3 worthless games ...RAC desperate for another win did not look at his other talent..Harrison, Wright and Barclay should all have had significent playing time and Carries in those games but they didn't...Now we have no clue how good those guys really are....(Another black Mark for RAC in my opinion)
Lets not make the same mistake this pre-season...Lets get Quin in there earily and see how ready he is...we Know that Frye and Anderson and Dorsey are not the future.

Dacula, GA

#8 Aug 25, 2007
Tonight's game will tell us a lot. If Frye can't get into the endzone at least once for a TD, I will officially have zero confidence in him as our starting QB. Maybe if he didn't have the exact same problem last year, it would be different.. but he did.

To be honest, given the opportunity, I'm not 100% convinced Frye would have scored 2 TDs in the 4th qtr last week against DET. He's always shown himself to be completely inept when it comes to scoring TDs.

So if we go through the entire 1st quarter tonight without a Frye TD (and ample chance to score one), RAC better think long & hard about who he plays next, and at what point he gets Quinn into the game. I'll tell you right now, unless we see breakout performances from Frye and/or Anderson, or just a complete Frye-like performance from Quinn, I will personally be in support of Quinn to start the opener.
a fn k

Whitehall, MT

#9 Aug 25, 2007
pluto, please stop talking as if frye is far superior to anderson because he's not. if anything, it's a wash. they both stink. but if i'm going to stink i'll take the guy with the gun over the guy with the noodle arm and mush brain. for the life of me i can't figure out your infatuation with frye. everyone knew that the browns were going into training camp with no solid qb option. so cut the bull and drop the frye talk.

New Philadelphia, OH

#10 Aug 25, 2007
The irony of all this talk is that Ken Dorsey has looked more stable than either Frye or Anderson. Trade one of these guys to Atlanta (I hear they're hard up for a QB??), and keep Dorsey around to tutor Quinn on the finer nuances of Chud's scheme. Say what you will about the rook, when he's in the game, not only do good things happen, but this team looks respectable on offense. No stupid penalties, no turnovers, and the passing game is a legitimate threat. The offense moves forward, not backward. What a concept!

I realize this is only the preseason, but the signs are there. "Franderson" starts the season, but the leash should be short. The kid has moxie and the talent to move this offense. I say give Quinn a shot in the final preseason game, and let him play significant minutes with the starting crew. Let's see what the kid's got against arguably the best D in the NFL, on their turf.

After facing the Bears monster D, Romeo and Phil, you'll know if you have your starter or not...


#11 Aug 26, 2007
Crennel and Savage are nuts! They aer nuts and really lame for the quality of QB we have in Frye,Anderson and Dorsey. Pittsburgh is going to kill them come Sept. Unless our running game controls the steelers defense it looks very bleak not only in hopes for a win but in looking good and being competitive. They also let us Browns fans down by not going out and signing Dante Culpepper or trying to trade for a experienced strong armed not too old veteran QB. Frye and Anderson dont have the field leadership and inteligence to guide this team. Maybe an opportunistic defense that comes up with plenty of turnovers and big special team plays will get us some unexpected wins. I am very disappointed in the talent on the defensive line too. NO ONE STANDS out , none put fear in the opponents offensive coordinators or players. Roye is too old and injury prone lately. Our Defensive ends are too slow. Ted Washington cant play well enough consistantly to make a strong impact. None of these defensive linemen are coming anywhere close to being named ALL PRO. Hopefully Savage can make a deal to bring in some defensive guys who will make big plays and not get pushed around consistantly game after game. Maybe somebody released who will be better than what we have can be obtained. Its so late in the preseason though I doubt Savage and the rest of the coaches will pick up anyone for fear they wont know the scheme ect. I hope im wrong about all of this but this team dont look so good , though its better than last years and should play better on offense some. Go Browns may God bless and keep all the players and coaches in good health and mind. We fans will be rooting for you but you got to win at home more than once or things could get real ugly fast!
browns fan

United States

#13 Aug 26, 2007
Frye did face a soft defense in the lions game. At the end of the second quarter they were in a prevent defense and he still threw an interception.

Dayton, OH

#14 Aug 26, 2007
Charlie frye is a bum. He holds onto the ball way to long, and can only hit short passes.

Anderson, although he has a much quicker release than Frye, he has a tendency to the float the ball.

Quinn hit two great passes in the last game (the TD to Jurevicious, which was errantly called incomplete, and the pass over the middle to Winslow). These two passes NEVER could have been completed by Frye or Anderson, not in a million years. Give Brady a chance!

San Diego, CA

#15 Aug 27, 2007
I watched the game twice yesterday.... just a few observations.....

Frye is still.... STILL.... staring down his primary receiver. He got away with it in his initial throw. The Broncos kinda keyed off him and it was him staring down his primary target that freed up Heiden on that one throw. The linebacker was being a dufus and was reading the QB instead of playing his coverage. The throw to Edwards.... holy smokes.... POOR THROW. Had he LED his receiver (who had beat his cornerback) Edwards would have been doing an end zone dance. Instead, Frye does this odd kinda fade pass-thing that Edwards has to track looking BACKWARDS over the top. Had Frye thrown that one leading Edwards (as it appears the play was REALLY drawn up), he'd have been in the end zone. Luckily, Lewis got in on a run. Strangely though, they didn't let Charlie THROW in the redzone. Maybe that's because Chud knows a thing or two about Charlie. There were a couple of throws that Frye tried during that drive that he had NO BUSINESS attempting. Another thing.... why all the scrambling??? The line did not play badly at all and half the time, all he needed to do was step up in the pocket a little. Watching him carefully, you can see him again watching his primary.... and then when the primary isn't getting open.... he's running. WHY? Check down your receivers dude! Freakin' follow your progressions. Move a little to buy some time for a receiver. He instead tucked and took off running. He did get some yardage running.... but he's clearly not using all of the tools he has available on the field.

Quinn looked good. A couple passes were overthrown, but in general, his target got hands on the ball when it got thrown there. Jurevicious in post-game interview remarked on how nice that throw to him had been. Strangely enough, a lot of the players seem enthused with Quinn if you read around.

One other thing I noticed.... which was a bit odd.....

They showed a couple of times the QB's together chatting, pointing at things in binders and folders and such, looking at the game.... talking strategy......
The odd thing was though.... every time they showed the QB's.... I only saw THREE.... Quinn, Dorsey, and Anderson. Where the hell was Frye???

Am I the only one who noticed that?

San Diego, CA

#16 Aug 27, 2007
"[Quinn] is as good as advertised," said receiver Joe Jurevicius, who's been to three Super Bowls in his nine seasons. "He's going to be a good quarterback in this league."

- Excerpt from The Plain Dealer....

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