Let's not kid ourselves: Losing to le...

Let's not kid ourselves: Losing to league's best team is no sur...

There are 118 comments on the Baltimore Sun story from Nov 18, 2008, titled Let's not kid ourselves: Losing to league's best team is no sur.... In it, Baltimore Sun reports that:

A win over the Giants would have been tantamount to the Giants' upset of the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl .

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Since: Oct 08

Holland, MI

#101 Nov 18, 2008
Mike wrote:
Hate to come here full of doom and gloom, but here are the facts. We have only beaten one team with a record above .500 ( Dolphins ) Those beaten teams have a combined record of 15-27-1.
Teams that we've lost to are 32-8. We've been in two of those games, and blown out the other two.
Simply put, we are years from being an elite team. Flacco has progressed nicely. Mason is still a great Reciever, and Heap is now FINALLY getting into the mix. Our O-Line will take a couple years to really be good. Thats the positives.
The negatives are that by the time those things mature and come together, Ray Lewis will retire, as will Mason, Heap, Anderson, Pryce, Reed, Rolle and McAlister.
Sadly...people we have drafted in recent years, Williams, Clayton, Chester, Cody, Boller, Figurs,Patrick, Harper, Burgess, Pittman , Daniels, J. Green, Mike and Musa and Marcus Smith, Martin, LaCasse, Darling, R. Green, Abney, Moore, Harris, Have ALL BEEN BUSTS!!!
I have always supported Oz....but maybe its time for some front office moves too.
I agree Oz cant pick his butt when it comes to WR's but how can you call Marcus Smith a bust when he has never seen any playing time yet? The O-Line is good now considering they are all new to the position. Rolle should have hung it up 3 years ago. Also a seventh round pick like Patrick is not really subject to bust status.
Mr Football

Baltimore, MD

#102 Nov 18, 2008
Mark wrote:
<quoted text>
Quite frankly, I haven't seen this "expert" analysis of yours. I have only read you gloat about how great the Giants and how the owned the Ravens which many of us agree. The Giants won, everyone knows that. What some of us are saying is that perception of the game and how it went various from how you look at. You see a drubbing, I saw a close game in the 3rd quarter until the momentum swung. The Indy game was much worse than the Giants. The didn't play well at ALL against them. Playcalling was bad, execution was bad, the D was bad and the offense was bad. That was not the case Sunday. The Giants haven't played well all the time. The played poorly against Cleveland and lost. Fought tooth and nail with Cincy and Philly. The beat on lowly NFC opponents and beat a Dallas team without Romo. They have the toughest remaining schedule so let's see how they fare. Nobody is trying strip away your pride with your team so rest easy but I will put you in your place once you get out of line. That's all.
I agree. Either these Giants fans can't read or their arrogance blinds them. All educated fans are saying iks that the Giants didn't destroy the Ravens as media types and Giants fans are spewing. Yes, they beat the Ravens and were the better team on Sunday because they made plays but the missed FG and pick six were fluke type plays that wouldn't happen 95 times out of a 100. Take those away and you have a close game that probably could have gone either way at the end.
GiantFanFred in VA

Richmond, VA

#103 Nov 18, 2008
I was very impressed with Joe Flacco. That kid is going to be a heck of a QB. The play he made on the touchdown pass was big time. That said, it was sweet to humiliate Ray-Ray after the Super Bowl and Eli's rookie year game.
Mr Football

Baltimore, MD

#104 Nov 18, 2008
jcharles wrote:
and people: if you were down 20-3 and come up with a score and it is 20-10 it is a close game to you? man i am glad i am a giants fan. you guys got low expectations. you couldn't score all day but no, "if coulda woulda shoulda" rolle got that pick all of a sudden you guys were going to start scoring on the same defense that you could not score on all game. ok. you folks are blinded by fanhood. giants101.com now this is the giants site. we are not blinded by fanhood and are not making crazy statements about how good our team is when it is not true.
did the ravens get beat 31-3 by the colts? what happend? i'm sure ifa thisa woulda happened like and you guys can fill in the blank with how you would beat them if you played again.
i'll give you guys the injuries. they have been unfortunate. but even without those runs yesterday how could you defend manning and toomer and plaxico and hixon and smith(leading receiver)and boss and moss AND earth wind and fire with a depleted roster? we win how we have to. if eli needs 3tds he'll do it. if we need to keep running the ball, we will do that as well. we put up 3 times the amout of points you did. flacco threw over 30 times and could barely put up more numbers than eli who barely threw the ball. and flacco was the leading rusher!!!
so why could you guys not run on us? was it a fluke. if we played again would you run all over us all of a sudden. will flacco and mason out play eli, plax,toomer and co. will you all of a sudden whip the best o and d-lines in football?
again blinded by fanhood
Actually the momentum had turned in the 3rd quarter. Giants fans all over were urinating themselves as the Ravens got to midfield down 20-10. Then the fluke pick 6 came and the game was over. So yes, the Ravens were in the game down 10 points and driving with 25 minutes left in the game.
Mr Football

Baltimore, MD

#105 Nov 18, 2008
Texans Suck wrote:
<quoted text>
I agree. Giants should be thankful for the 30 gifts the Ravens gave them...LMAO!!! What a dork. No clue having moron.
Pretty big talk from a team that has not beaten anyone good this year so far.
Here is a "Gift" for you...
“The Ravens needed a big game from one of their tailbacks to have a chance against the Giants, and since McGahee is the leader of the group, we will give him the spotlight. McGahee, who had a 112 yards rushing last week, couldn't get anything going Sunday and finished with just 18 yards on nine carries.”
You're a tool. Who is your team, homo? YOu come on here talking crap and never own up to your team. Yes, there were fluke plays that put the game away, it's a fact. The Giants were the better team that day but not as much as half you blowhards would like.
Mr Football

Baltimore, MD

#106 Nov 18, 2008
jcharles wrote:
actually mr. football we were very respectful of the loss and thought it was a good thing for our team. we know we are better than the browns, but noone on there was hating on the browns talking about woulda shoulda coulda. we got beat. plain and simple. they didn't run for 200 yds on our number 1 defense and us come out and say it was a fluke.
What arrogance and again, contradictory statements from a Giants fan. So you owned the Ravens and are so much better then they are yet when you get destroyed by a team "you know you're better then them but played a bad game." I say the same thing about the Ravens and Giants fans come out of the woodwork saying I'm full of it. You can't have it both way.

Honolulu, HI

#107 Nov 18, 2008
ClarkWGriswold wrote:
<quoted text>
I see there's still one dope with his head in the clouds.Let's pick apart your post one sentence at a time shall we?
1.Let's see....Giants,SB Champions,best team in the NFL, at home,where they are undefeated,favored by at least a TD,with the best front four in the league,against a rookie QB with a hurting receiving core......Umm,yeah,sure there was every reason! LOL!
2.Every team is beatable period,including the Ravens.We all know that every team stubs their toes every now and then,including last year's Patriots.....the greatest team ever assembled {so they say} that went eighteen AND ONE!!!! Personally,I'd rather lose a meaningless intra-conference game during the regular season than the SB.
3.Closer than the final score!? What game were you watching? CBS switched to the Den-Atl game EARLY in the 4th qtr.....when it was ALREADY 30-10!!!
And as far as "gifts" go,the only gift the Ravens gave the Giants was their big,bad,#1 ranked {yes,they were rank!}rushing defense.So thank you! LOL!
4.The only way you'd beat the Giants this year is if you turn back the clock to 2000 and get the Ravens team from back then to play them....Good luck with that!
Scary front 4. 1 sack for the day for them against that rookie QB you are talking about and a banged up line. Your head is in your a$$.

Washington, DC

#108 Nov 18, 2008
I must disagree with you on the fact that the ravens have only one reciever. Joe has gotten tunnel vision when D. Mason is in the game. What is needed is for Mason to sit until he can lift his arm up to catch a ball. Both interceptions came from Flacco trying to force passes to Mason that he would normally catch or a least knock down. So let's not give the Giants the Super Bowl yet. They can be beaten. btw is it me or is the AFC north the most penalize divison in the NFL? I don't think we are all undiscipline. The Ravens a victims of bad press clippings.
jon dey


#109 Nov 18, 2008
Sometimes you're the statue and sometimes you're the pigeon. Sunday we were the statue.
Where's Heap?

Chesapeake Beach, MD

#110 Nov 18, 2008
AngryDragon84 wrote:
Actually, Mike Preston was spot on with this article, which is usual for him.
However, if Billick was still the coach this article would have a completely different vibe to it.
That is exactly right...his personal vendetta against Billick has always been annoying to me. And now for him to continue to make statements that "this is a well coached football team" is his way of still jabbing at Billick.

First of all...how the hell does Preston know whether we are well coached football team? And secondly & most importantly, LET IT GO! Billick is gone so move on Preston.

Virginia Beach, VA

#111 Nov 18, 2008
Cut_Clayton_Now wrote:
<quoted text>I agree Oz cant pick his butt when it comes to WR's but how can you call Marcus Smith a bust when he has never seen any playing time yet? The O-Line is good now considering they are all new to the position. Rolle should have hung it up 3 years ago. Also a seventh round pick like Patrick is not really subject to bust status.
The very fact that Marcus Smith has not played yet on a team that is VERY weak with Wide Reicievers proves that he's a bust. It is also for this reason, that we picked up Terance Copper...who by the Saints standards, was a bust in his own right.

A seventh round pick is absolutely considered a bust, when you consider he didnt even make the team his first year....a team that at the time was VERY thin on Running Backs. Thats why the Ravens went and got that kid from Washington and the other one from Charlotte.( the names escape me )

You may think the 7th round is a throw away...until you consider players that came from the 7th.

Tyler Thigpen
Syndric Steptoe
Marques Colston
Matt Cassel
Shane Olivea
Patrick Crayton
Casey Bramlet
Derrick Ward ( who just ran all over us )
Ronald Curry
Rock Cartright
Donald Driver
TJ Houshmanzadeh

Now lets consider the players that EVERY NFL TEAM didnt think were even worthy of a 7th round pick, and went undrafted.

Leigh Bodden
Tony Romo
Gary Bracket
Mike Bell
Josh Cribbs
Robbie Gould
Nick Novak
Nate Washington
Kassim Osgood
Kris Dielman
Antonio Gates
Earnest Graham
Nick Harper
Dominic Rhodes
Antonio Peirce
Brian Jennings
Jeff Saturday
Phil Dawson
Brian Finnerman
London Fletcher
Jon Kitna
Jake Delhome
Willie Parker
David Patten
Rod Smith
Kurt Warner
Mack Strong
Adam Vinatieri
Wes Welker
John Randle
James Harrison

I will give Oz credit however of getting our own undrafted players, Will Demps, Bart Scott, Brendon Ayanbadejo, Mike Flynn and Priest Holmes.

Dover, DE

#112 Nov 18, 2008
"If you took away a couple of big Giants plays, then it was a close game." Ummm thanks for stating the obvious, doesn't every losing team says that..... Don't blame poor tackling, I watched that Giants offensive line push the Defensive line back, and one thing you noticed was they sustained blocks, and I don't remember seeing any Giant offensive lineman on their back.. I give credit to the Giants, it's not a fluke when you have 3 runs over 20 yards and a 77 yard run.. It's just tells me that the offensive lineman did not quit on any plays, which resulted in 1 arm attempts by our players to make a tackle.. This does give our defense something to prove, and hope they prove it to the Eagles on Sunday
Yard Birds


#113 Nov 18, 2008
Eagles, lol. What a joke. But then again, some of you morons on here will think the Ravens rebounded if they win. After all, Eagles are 5-4-1. Pathetic.

New York, NY

#114 Nov 18, 2008
I think that one of the things muddying the dialogue here is that the Giants and Ravens have a unique history, meaning the Super Bowl. For those of you old enough to remember, and I believe this, the Ravens had a much better chance to beat the Giants on Sunday than the Giants did to beat the Ravens in 1995.

Reading some of the posts here, and this was my experience, I didn't believe the game was over until the fourth quarter.

All that having been said, I also believe that Flacco is the real deal. He's a scary QB for the opposition. The Ravens will do what they usually do with trades and the draft -- go for the defensive guys -- but I think grabbing a top-tier receiever (or two) and a reliable back (to help keep their opponents' defense honest) would likely put them in the elite category.

My prediction: People will not forget about Tom Brady in two years, but only because of all the comparisons between Brady and Flacco. This guy has all the tools, knows how to play the game and seems to have nerves of steel (did anyone here forget how good he is making time in the pocket and running the ball when he needed to?).
Boat Rocker

Washington, DC

#115 Nov 19, 2008
Earth to Ozzie Newsome - you need some playmakers on offense. Particularly a go to wide receiver who is taller than 5'10". Travis Taylor and Patrick Johnson etc. just aren't good enough. You missed out on Anquan Bolden and Marques Colston.

Springfield, VA

#116 Nov 19, 2008
jono wrote:
<quoted text>
Yeah, nobody liked it last week when I suggested using this game as a "bye" and resting all our ailing veterans and sending Troy Smith out there with a bunch of bench players. But in retrospect, it probably would have been nice to come home to the Eagles better rested, and in a better position to rack up the four more wins we need to make the playoffs. Instead, Mason, MaGahee and Terry and got a bit more banged up.
I think that is a good idea to rest some players and give them a "bye week". Kinda like baseball. I wouldn't sit all the starters at once, but I would stagger it throughout the rest of the year. I think we need to consider that this is Stovers last year and let the young kid kick. That would allow Barnes to play, which we need.

Virginia Beach, VA

#117 Nov 19, 2008
Boat Rocker wrote:
Earth to Ozzie Newsome - you need some playmakers on offense. Particularly a go to wide receiver who is taller than 5'10". Travis Taylor and Patrick Johnson etc. just aren't good enough. You missed out on Anquan Bolden and Marques Colston.
Michael Crabtree 6'3" 214lbs Texas Tech
jon dey


#118 Nov 19, 2008
Sorry Mike but Crabtree will be long gone before the Ravens pick.
Where's Heap?

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