Winds of change

Winds of change

There are 35 comments on the Baltimore Sun story from Dec 4, 2007, titled Winds of change. In it, Baltimore Sun reports that:

Winds were gusting up to 35 mph near M&T Bank Stadium last night - in every way imaginable.

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Phil A

Wimberley, TX

#21 Dec 4, 2007
"an official belatedly announced a timeout had been called "

Uh, not. One of the replays clearly indicated the side judge waving his arms and blowing his whistle as soon as Ryan signaled for a timeout.

United States

#22 Dec 4, 2007
Darby wrote:
Guess Karen Rose didn't watch the same game as the rest of the USA. The Pats didn't call a time out on the fourth down play; the Pats DID commit a penalty that pushed them back 5 yards on the subsequent fourth down play; the Pats did score a touchdown to win.
As hard as it may be for the rest of the country to swallow the fact remains that not a single Patriots player or coach has intimated, stated or hinted that the Pats will go undefeated. It is only the media that keeps shoving this down the public's throat. No knowledgable football fan would have written off the Ravens going into this game: True, the Ravens have been on the skids offensively but their defense is one of the strongest in the league. The Pats had nothing but praise for the skills and ability of their opponent last night. It was a combination of determination, cool headed play calling, and focus that carried the Pats through in the last five minutes of the game.
As for the 'cheating' appelation attached to the team: Folks, it was old a week after the fine and penalty from the league office took effect.
And lastly: To those of you screaming about the Pats running up the score each week, where have you been lately?
Your right the Pats just practice and play football. They don't cheat anymore than ant other team in the Nfl and don't run up the score. But they do perpare for games like the Eagles and Ravens when they need to play 4 quarters. From the coach on down they are class, and great football to watch.
Bart Williams

United States

#23 Dec 4, 2007
Why haven't we played this way all year long? The Ravens were beautiful to watch. That's football the way it was intended to be played. I'm very proud of them. Two words. Marty Schottenheimer.

If not Martyball then, hire Ryan to replace "The Genius".

South Portland, ME

#24 Dec 4, 2007
"Every future opponoent knows how vulnerable you are"

So, what does that mean, exactly? If the Pats lose a game are they all gonna get kidney cancer or something? OH NO, THE PATS MIGHT LOSE! WHAT WILL WE DO? Guess I'll have to strangle my dog. Stop writing as if something REALLY BIG is gonna happen if the Pats lose a game. Nothing will.

Who cares? A win is a win... The Pats are 12-0, you guys are 4-9, and you're right, next week the score could be 40-14 Pats or 40-14 Steelers. My point is it's YOU GUYS in the media crowning the Pats before January, not the team themselves. I have'nt head anyone from the team themselves say anything about anything being a given before the season/game is over. That all comes from you. I doubt the Steelers/Dolphins/Jets/Giants feel that way.

Yes I'm a Pats fan, but I think you guys in the media have a higher opinion of the team than the team themselves. You guys are already giving them the 16-0 tag before it even happens. Just watch the game.
Jeff Tompkins

Washington, DC

#25 Dec 4, 2007
Brian Billick blowing kisses, Ray Lewis dancing, Bart Scott throwing a flag and trying to assault an official, Samari Rolle threatening that official after the game.

Yep. These Ravens sure are classy. Mmhmm.

Because of the Ravens lack of class and because of their pompous a-hole fans in purple. I LOVE it when they lose.

Because the Ravens fans have become just as classless as the players.

They whine and cry that its "us against them" and the world is out to get them.

Hey, maybe, just maybe if you acted with more dignity then people wouldnt take pride in seeing you unhappy.

Terrell Suggs dancing after a sack in the Steelers game. The score was 35-NOTHING.

Yet a player DANCED?!!>!>!

THIS is why people HATE the Ravens.

As Fat Albert would say, you all are like school in the summertime, NO CLASS.

It wasnt the wind. It wasnt the refs. It was a LOSS.

Ray Lewis didnt stab anyone, right? He doesnt know who committed the murders, right?

And you believe that, right?

Well, if you can give old Ray Ray the benefit, why not the refs?

The Ravens lost to the Patriots. Thats it and thats that.

United States

#26 Dec 4, 2007
It sounds just like the same old clueless media junk. If this article was supose to be a valid case of reporting, it sounds of a tale written in some sor5t of stupior. Maese has NO ability to report his name much less the knowledge to evaluate sports action.

Bethpage, NY

#27 Dec 4, 2007
I thought it was a great game, and that we lost it on the two turnovers (Reed's fumble & Boller's int) which should have given the Ravens at least 6 more points, not because of the timeout or conspiracy theory ref'ing.
BTW: Ray Lewis may have had his problems in the past, but he is a great role model now, and takes the time to mentor younger players to help them avoid the same. I don't understand why people continue to criticize him and call him a thug; can't people redeem themselves (especially in a country that claims to be 85% Christian)?

Nashua, NH

#28 Dec 4, 2007
Patriots fan here.

Great game. This may not sound the way I mean it to, but it was getting boring watching the Pats. Winning is great, but personally, I'd like to see my team win an exciting game than a blow-out. I, for one, thank the Ravens for that game. It was great and I enjoyed every minute of it (except when MaGahee had the ball - that was just scary.

Thanks, really.

And just for the record, a touchdown is scored when the officials say so. Claiming that Gaffney's catch was not a catch or not a touchdown is to miss that very important point.

Since: Jul 07

Santa Barbara,Ca

#29 Dec 4, 2007
TURNOVERS,PENALTIES,WHINEY SELFISH PLAYERS, that has become OUR team.....sad but true,they should ALL be cut!! star over next year, and don't you DARE re-sign ANY of these underacheivers.....

Arlington, VA

#30 Dec 4, 2007
it was nice to see the 'browns' lose again, shame on the baltimore fans for accepting this stolen team and inferior sport with its arbitrary rules enforcememnt.

Dayton, TN

#31 Dec 4, 2007
The timeout killed the win, plain and simple ... the game wasn't lost on the field, it was lost on the sidelines ... that one has to hurt, really badly ...

Bangall, NY

#32 Dec 4, 2007
Ravens did play a great game last night, but I don't know if you can say "they're not a team that has ever run from a fight, not a team that gives up early and not a team that's intimidated easily".

Come on, be fair. If the Ravens had played every game like last night's game, they'd be sitting pretty at 10-2 right now instead of 4-8. The truth is, they gave up too easily in other games, and they took last night's opportunity as their superbowl (you heard them say that pregame many times). So as well as they played last night, they're not a team that doesn't quit. In fact, based on what they're capable of, you might instead call them quitters.

Ravens like to trash talk and make excuses (just like the Colts, blaming every loss on no Harrison while Brady had no Moss, Welker, Stalworth last year and never threw 6 INTs). Just look at Ravens blaming the refs for every miscue. They were lucky to get away with so many holding exemplified by the one that was finally called on the guy covering Moss.

It's not that the Pats were lucky to win, it's the Ravens that were lucky to keep it close with great wind, lots of non-calls helping them. Pats didn't jam the line nearly as much and looked at how they were penalized in the Colts game - every commentator said it was a bad call (the one on Hobbs I think). No commentators said any call yesterday was a bad call (the final TD could be called ambiguous, if you stretch it, but the Pats still have 3 downs after that even if the call didn't go their way, and they could've run the clock down more and I do believe they would get the TD no matter what).
John Patriots Fan

Holden, MA

#33 Dec 4, 2007
Say what you will Mr. Maese, the Ravens lost six in a row. Apparently they are not invincible either. While they played well through much of the game, what counts in this game is who wins the game. And remember, the Patiots are not responsible for what the media say about them. The Patriots are great, but only the people who pump them up in the press and then trash talk them when they are down are saying that they are "perfect." We all know that regardless of their record, no NFL team, now or ever, will be truly perfect. Neither are sports columnists.
LG Nelson

United States

#34 Dec 4, 2007
Your comments are as stupid as those crying towels in the stands!!!

Hagerstown, MD

#35 Dec 4, 2007
Talking all this crap about pats not bringing there A game... Ravens just stomped it out of them. Baltimore still has a great defense. this is the first game in 6 where both the starting conerbacks were on the field.Pats brought there A just defense wins championships, Refs gave this game to the pats.

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