Great article. I am so proud of my Falcons. What a team, what integrity, what talent!! This one line in the article says it all:

"Think about how wonderful a story the Falcons are after the disgrace that was Mike Vick"

It's just "good Karma" working for this young, fantastic, and talented Falcon team. Here's a team that was disgraced by MV, to say the least, something they had absolutely NOTHING to do with, and have come back to be a very very good football team, without the thug. I suppose it helps to have a decent, talented young man at the helm instead of a dog killing thug. It must, because they are flying high. I cannot remember more than one season in Vick's 6 year tenure that gave me hope for the Falcons, equal to what I am feeling now.

Matt Ryan, now there's a quality QB. MV, now there's a monster masquarading as a QB. Wish they would keep him locked up until he is no longer wasting oxygen.