The Lions line canít get into a zone because we have a line that for two years was built to pass block and now they are asked to be dominating run blockers with a new scheme. When we run the ball we are too high. We are slow getting to the second level. Our guards are getting blown up at the point of attack on any runs that go through the A gaps and we look to slow to block small quick defensive lines. They just run around us and make the play. Its always obvious when our linemen do make it to the second level and get a hat on a LB because K. Smith pops a big one. We have something special in K. Smith and if we can get some OL around him we will do some damage. It might actually help if we had an offensive coordinator who has experience calling plays. I donít know why we seem to go find backups and try and make the ďstartersĒ whether itís a QB (Kitna) or a Position coaches (Jim, Rod) turned into head coaches and coordinators. I donít know a lot about Jim but for as long as he has been in this league maybe there is a reason he has never been an offensive coordinator? He may be a great O-Line coach but an O-Line coach and an Offensive Coordinator are two different things.