I know Paris Lenon and he is an outstanding, unassuming, hardworking young man who is well mannered and well respected in his community. His intentions are to never belittle anyone or speak disparingly about their chosen careers. He understands fully the sacrifices required to achieve meaningful goals. His family is all about hard work and responsibility.

His response to the question was simply in jest regarding the comparison between the different job performance responsibilities in the Post Office. I have family members and friends who serve as mail carriers and they didn't view Paris' response as a negative one at all. Just having fun.

Stop whining. Yes, take your job seriously but not yourselves so seriously.

The Lions organization are fortunate to have the caliber of person such as Paris Michael Lenon. He doesn't get the recognition he deserves but the neat thing about him is--he doesn't mind. He simply keeps effectively doing his job, loving his family and giving back to others.