Nowhere to hide

Nowhere to hide

There are 85 comments on the Baltimore Sun story from Jan 1, 2008, titled Nowhere to hide. In it, Baltimore Sun reports that:

The Ravens' Brian Billick became like the emperor with no clothes on, with his greatest weaknesses as a head coach becoming exposed more and more every year.

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Trenton, NJ

#1 Jan 1, 2008
Thanks for your years of service, Billick. Thanks especially for the Super Bowl.

Bloomington, IN

#2 Jan 1, 2008
Congrats Mike. You've done more for the city of Baltimore in the area of public opinion of this city then any other sports writer since the days of the demigods who dismissed Eddie Murray as an insignificant selfish player. I'm continually amazed at your wealth of knowledge in the area of pro football. More right then wrong. I strongly suggest that the many readers you have watch the ESPN dvd of the 1977 New York Yankees. To see how the press worked both sides in trying to destroy the players, the coach, and the ownership.... priceless. I see that you've studied with the best of them, and on that note, you have truly become a master of the media. In that aspect, we are similar to New York. Thank you for helping us arrive. I wish that in this the new year, you continue to show your wealth of knowledge and help take this city back to the 70's when fan support waned, and we lost our beloved Colts. A parasite living on the abilities of those who truly have talent. Good luck in the future. And remember, dieting is for dummies. Eat, drink and don't worry !

Washington, DC

#3 Jan 1, 2008
In case you couldnt tell, that last post was sarcastic. Billick was a good coach, and his players are fools for turning their backs on them. This was the softest group of players I've ever seen. Ray is an actor. He could have played the last game, but he tried to show Billick up. Turns out, they didnt need him. Billick will be missed.
gus from perry hall

Rosedale, MD

#4 Jan 1, 2008
you blame mike preston for the firing of billick?...

you don't blame a franchise record losing streak?..losing to the hapless dolphins?.. mundane play-calling?.. conservative "play not to lose" mentality?... losing the vets on this team with repetitive BS?...

Are you kidding me?..
I'm not the biggest Preston fan but c'mon the writing was on the wall.

Trumbull, CT

#5 Jan 1, 2008
Way to go Mike, you got the last word. Great journalism!

Stafford, VA

#6 Jan 1, 2008
Let's face it everyone, the time was well overdue for this move. Billick spend to much time trying to make a career back-up quarterback ( Kyle Boller) into his star quarterback. The one's who suffered were the defense, trying to work both sides of the ball by providing offense on the defense side. Thanks for nine years of the worst offense.
Frank K

Baltimore, MD

#7 Jan 1, 2008
Maybe it is the right time for a change at head coach, good for the coach and for the team, Brian certainly showed more class than many of the players who were certainly quick to blame him for their failures. X's and O's were often a weakness when the team lost. but he didn't deserve the disloyalty of these players , he treated them as men, the problem is that many of these player's would do well to grow a spine before a new coach exposes their lack of courage.Sunpaper Writer's !!! buy a dictionary, the next coach may use some $50 words too.

Owensboro, KY

#8 Jan 1, 2008


Voorhees, NJ

#9 Jan 1, 2008
Hey Mike, why no comment on Biscuit's 11th hour change of heart after telling everybody Billick was coming back? An unafraid journo would have touched on that Angelosian tactic. And how is Rex Ryan going to improve the offense when we still have a GM who couldn't identify a quality QB or WR in an NFL draft if his life depended on it?

Huntingtown, MD

#10 Jan 1, 2008
I'm sure Mr. racist, preston, is very happy with this turn of events.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#11 Jan 1, 2008
I think the people who cannot see that Billick had to go know very little if anything about football.
I blame Billick directly for the ravens having won only one super bowl during his tenure and I do not credit him with winning the only one superbowl victory. Billick system is a quarterback's career killer and his game planning and play caling is abysmal to say the least.
Billick demonstated to perfection the fabric of what this country is made of ...the gift of the gab and B.S. and he rode it to the crest.
Unfortunately he wasted the careers of many high quality playersif their careers are to be measured by Super Bowl victories.
Enough said...Thank you Lord ( Steve).
Ravens Realist

Hogansville, GA

#12 Jan 1, 2008
I get christmas again. This is the best news a raven fan can hear. Mike you the man, keep doin what you do. Change was needed, and now we have to purge the roster. I believe Rex Ryan is a good choice only if they hire a coordinator on offense that is dynamic. This all started and will end with lack of offense. Mike Martz got fired, he is available? We need to purge the roster too. The kyle boller experiment is over. Ozzie is one of the best at what he does so I am confident we will be ok. This offseason could be huge in terms of being a rebuilding year or getting a young teams with a good nucleus and good philosophy that can grow and make a run at the end of next year. We are at the bottom and can only go up from here.

Glen Burnie, MD

#13 Jan 1, 2008
The really amazing thing is the different scenarios floating around this story by the press. Mike Preston is back on his Billick can't coach kick as the reason for his dismissal (presumably for the last time and odd given Mike's impressive coaching resume'), although the coach's overall record refutes that. The radio press was going wild yesterday saying that every assistant coach was fired but Buddy Ryan and they added to the intrigue by noting that a meeting was occuring at The Castle without Billick's car in the parking lot -- when in fact we later learned that Billick was appropriately the first to hear the news yesterday morning. The Raven owner said he has not talked to Bill Cowher and "reporters" came on the air immediately thereafter and dispute that. All I have defintely learned is that coach Billlick was better at this profession than the Baltimore sports press has been at theirs on this story. I wish him well and I hope the media in this town learns how to report instead of speculate.

New Market, MD

#14 Jan 1, 2008
I find more fault in the team "leaders." Aren't Reed and Lewis supposed to set an example for younger guys. Turning your back to someone that is speaking is disrespectful and if they did that, they are just as much a part of the problem because then the whole team will act the same way. The failures of this organization over the last few years are top-to-bottom. Management and the players have just as many flaws as Billick. That being said, the head coach always takes the fall. There are many things that need to change and it starts with the owner. Stop letting the inmates run the asylum!!!!!

Leesburg, VA

#15 Jan 1, 2008
Your article is fair. Billick, the player selector, actually lost the players when he dumped Dilfer and picked up Grbac. He had brought in Scott Mitchell in year one and thus he became 0 for 2 in QB selection AND he dumped a guy who had just won the Super Bowl. Thus his insistence on Boller just drove a nail into his relationship with his players. This team gave up on him a long time ago. In fact we all did.
But there is this other side of Billick that we never gave up on. He did quite well in selecting coaches, save an offensive coordinator. He brought back Mike Nolan from a Washington disaster. He hired jack Del Rio. He hired Rex Ryan. He gave Rick Neuheisel a new shot.
He was and is a decent man. And the one thing the players will miss is, despite his shortcomings on evaluating QBs and offenses, he really did put all the heat on himself, just as he has done after being fired.
He is a good man. He has great character. But he does not know QB talent and this search for a QB did in his greatest players, his greatest fans, and this great city.
It was time for a change. I will miss this guy. We all hoped one day it would all come together. And heck even this year we watched Kyle get his 5th chance. Again Kyle showed that he is not going to be the guy. He had a chance on opening night and it flew out of his fingers.
Because of this failure Billick is gone. So is Boller. It was the end of the failure on how to run an offense. I will miss BB. But as Stover said, it was time for a new approach. I hope it is Ryan...
U 2 can be a Sun reporter

Bel Air, MD

#16 Jan 1, 2008
First I find if hard to believe that the Sun's sports reporters are still employed but that's another story for another time. No guarantee Ryan will do better but at the very least it is a new approach, get a head coach and a good OC and let's see how things shake out. I still love Ozzy cause he's a bama boy (and no Samari that has no racial overtone to it).

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#17 Jan 1, 2008
Ozzie got Chris Redman and Derek Anderson (and Troy) but Billick was obsessed with Boller. Ozzie knows football talent - he was one. We need Russ Grimm to make the offense as good as the defense. He's the one who'll get our pride back. Great column, Mike.

Linthicum Heights, MD

#18 Jan 1, 2008
I think Billick took the fall for poor upper management, the draft hasn't produced nothing after the first round. Ozzie is lost with out Phil Savage, he was the brains of the draft. Phil scooped up Anderson after Ozzie tried to pass him thru waivers, what was he thinking. Players let him down, of course the offense was predictable, run right, run left, short and pass punt.Our receivers get no separation an when you needed 8 yards they ran a 6yard pattern they depended on the defense to make to many plays. The Kyle Boller thing he was thrown into the frying pan with out any onions or green peppers he should have sat a year an learned the speed of the game, he's like a Timex watch he takes a licking and keeps on ticking, he has heart, Well Billick will be Missed and Ozzie should be on the same bus out of here, don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out Ozzie, you should be next.

United States

#19 Jan 1, 2008
Well now I see. Bisciotti looked like Michael Douglas in Wall Street. If you took the omphs, aaaahh's etc. from his comments you were left with not much. Now I see why Billick was blowing kisses at the Pats players during the game. What a love fest yesterday. It made me sick. Bisciotti should have come out and in 11/2 minutes been done. How wonderful Billick is, how wonderful his orginazation is, how wonderful Ozzie is, how wonderful he is, how wonderful the players are etc. I got news for you bub, you lost a playoff game last year, when you were ready to go deep into the playoffs against the Kolts at home and never scored a touchdown, Only came close once. Then you followed that up with this season. The most pathetic effort by players and coaches I've seen maybe ever. After the win Sunday the player were so happy. J. O. said this was a great win it made his season, "This is my only win this year" said J. O., and other player said similar. You wouldn't here that in Bellichick's locker room or Landry's, or the Tuna's, or Walsh's, or Ditka's or Lombardi's etc. You wouldn't her that from any team that was dedicated to winning with class. Bisciotti made a big mistake by not firing Ozzie along with Billick yesterday. We are not much further along today than we were yesterday.

Horsham, PA

#20 Jan 1, 2008
Be careful what you wish for Ravens fans. You better hope we bringin somebody great or this will put us back another 5years. Remember, coaches coach and players play. Lot's of blame to go around.

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