Not sure if you've ever played the sport ... or more importantly if you've ever been the quarterback in the huddle, but speaking from experience I would like to offer that Ash's comment on being a leader simply put translates to "I'll be the kind of leader that DOES what I have to DO to lead my team to success".
I happened to have the honor and priveledge of growing up in one of the best football districts in the state of Texas and playing for one of the best programs to ever exist in this state. A well-known coach who was part of that amazing program taught us (his players) to "let your actions speak so loudly that people can't hear what you're saying"
I think this is what Ash meant and what is suggested by the idea that his "leadership style" is different. In a world chock full of arrogant, over-paid, sports demi-gods I find this type of hunble leadership refreshing!