Why is this meaningful?

All that matters is can the Chargers BEST team beat the teams that are put in front of them. That's the team that will be playing in the playoffs. The same is true with the Colts, Saints, and everybody else in the playoffs.

The odds of a playoff team havng to play with a backup QB are very slim. I doubt there are teams banking on playing against a team that is that severely crippled, and if it does happen, they won't be playing teams like the Redskins who, by the way, finished with their worst record since 1994, and dropped two interceptions on that last, game-winning drive by SD.

And, yes, I saw the NCAA championship game last night where Colt McCoy was injured. That rarely happens to starting QBs in the playoffs. Peyton Manning has started every game since his rookie season in 1998. I'm not concerned with how well his backup can play. His backup will never see the field. The same is true with Tony Romo, Drew Brees, Eli Manning, and just about any other starter you can name.

Beyond the QB position, the other starters don't have near the impact. Just about every team in the league can replace a starter here or there and not suffer a significant drop off in results. The biggest drop off occurs when you substitute ENTIRE UNITS, like these teams that are resting their starters are doing. Let's not read too much in to wins and losses in these kinds of games.