The Texans are in a dismal confusion as to whether they want to become winners or remain the franchise team of Texas. The Texans better make up their minds fast, because, the easy part of the season comes to an end against Kansas City. Afterward, the Texans face the best teams in the NFL, such as the Baltimore Ravens, New York Jets, San Diego Chargers, Tennessee Titans, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Indianapolis Colts. Coach Kubiak is playing a way too conservative approach and shows lack of willingness to change strategy in a timely fashion. Last week against the Giants, when seeing how bad Schaub was throwing, Kubiak kept Schaub in the pocket, when Kubiak should have called for play action pass plays. Next, he kept running the ball left and right, for no yardage with Foster, and the moment he changed up with Ward running, suddenly the Texans gained nearly 10 yards. No imagination to the Texans offense, thanks to the new offensive coordinator has made the Texans an all too predictable team, making it easier on defenses to key down on the pass rush. By the way, where is Andre Davis? Remember his 2 touchdown runback game against Jacksonville at the last game of the season 2 years ago? Why is Andre Davis not being the one to return kickoffs? Steve Slaton has not been effective, but, rather conservative as a kick return man, so, why not ask Andre Davis to return kickoffs again?! Steve Slaton, we like you, but, lately you can barely reach the 15 yard line on kick off returns. Best thing to do Steve is catch the ball and down it in the end zone and give the Texans offense 5 more yards each time!(Perhaps not a "No Brainer") Finally, Get A Real Defensive Coordinator, not a promoted hand-me down like Frank Bush!! To think that the NY Jets coach was available for hire when Kubiak decided to promote Frank Bush as the Defensive Coach/Coordinator, talk about missing the boat, pier, and shoreline all in one in that move!! Kubiak, get out of the business of thinking you know what a good defensive coordinator should be,(not gone who plays golf with you), but, rather hire someone who can light some fire in the pass rush and teach the entire secondary and linebacker core how to take away balls and be a scoring unit on their own, as an addition of being a hard hitting yet stingy defense! Kubiak, hire a real defensive coordinator and sit back and let them do their job, and you do yours and coordinate the offense into a playoff calibur team!! Autumncg San Antoio, TX