Kiah wrote:
Here are the arguments from Kravitz and why they have holes:
The Giants will be nervous about playing in the Superbowl, and the Patriots, having been there a number of times before will have their emotions in check.
The Giants lost to the Patriots on a last second field goal and the memory of that lives with one of the best Giant players who played in that game. They are 10-0 on the road this year and beat Dallas, then Green Bay at home. They have been written off all year, and are not expected to give the Patriots a game. Theyíll be ready and chomping at the bit to kick butt.
The Patriots have never been in this position to make history. A loss in this game would be devastating. This is in every Patriotís head. The pressure of that increases as the game unfolds, particularly if the game is close.
The Giants played as best they could in the earlier game against the Patriots and still lost.
The Giants obviously got better after that game, and to assume they could only play as well as they did without chance for improvement is ignorance. Their defensive line got tougher, and will be a stronger force to reckon with in the Superbowl. Eli Manning got better and has confidence in himself. The team has confidence in Eli. He hasnít shown signs of cracking in the last three games.
The Patriots defense has shown most of the year that they can be scored upon. Brady and the offense have always scored more.
The Giants pass rush will be neutralized by returning starters.
And whatís to say that two additional starters in the front line will make a difference? These two guys didnít face the Giants and could be in for a rude awakening then they face them, not having faced this strength during the season. Again, the Giants defense just got stronger and better in their playoff run.
Kravitz compared the Giants run to that of the í85 Patriots.
The í85 Patriots did not have the strength the Giants have. And the Patriots do NOT have the defense the Bears had in í85 Ė arguably the most dominant defense in NFL history. The comparison is childish and unfounded. And the í85 Patriots didnít play the Bears closely during the regular season. Pathetic argument.
The Patriots will not succumb to pressure and will win the game because they are undefeated.
Kravitz goes on to write a quote from Brady that this is the biggest game of their lives. Pressure impacts everyone. And as said before, the pressure of going undefeated or being infamous for winning all but the Superbowl is huge.
Bob Kravitz writes many times in a cocky tone, with shallow content Ė voicing the opinion of someone not in touch with athletes or history. A little insight or objectiveness would be refreshing.
Based on the history of his columns, I donít see that happening. Itís not in his job description. His objective is only to through out opinion or negative content to get a rise out of his readers.
Yes, I wrote this AFTER the game had been decided. But the arguments were there I was making them after reading his column before the game.
The better team on Sunday won the Superbowl.
Kiah, I have to correct a couple of your statements. First of all, the Giants didn't lose to the Pats on a last second FG. The Pats led 38-28. The Giants scored a TD with under 2:00 left. The Giants went for an onside kick. The Pats recovered and then ran out the clock. Secondly, the Giants were 10-1 on the road, not 10-0. They lost their first game of the season on the road in Dallas.