Gilbride and Eli have to come to grips with the need to get their running game back up to where it needs to be this week. Get the play calling back in balance. Gilbride comes from the old air-it-out mentality, and I think Eli watches his brother dominate without a running game too much for his own good. Bradshaw's playing with a fractured foot, and Danny Ware might not yet have all the strength back in that arm after dislocating his elbow. But there's nothing wrong with Jacobs, Snee, and that solid O-line that just loves to run the ball. So pull the "just sling it" back a bit, learn from what the Panthers did last week, and get Jacobs, Ware and Bradshaw going early. Move the chains with the very good Steve Smith when needed, and look for Manningham and Nicks when the Falcons have gone heavy box. 6-4 keeps the Giants in the thick of the playoffs hunt.