Why do I often crave eating clay?

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Q I have a habit that I have developed off and on for the past two years. I love the taste of clay. Full Story

Leicester, UK

#3869 Feb 4, 2013
Leslie wrote:
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Hi Clayholic
Chalk lover wrote:
Hi all,
I have white dirt again!!!! Available to all UK clay lovers :-)£6 a bag. Plus postage £2.70 1st class or £2.20 2nd class (no delivery tracking - this would be extra)
Email me on disham68@yahoo.co.uk
Yeah I have a friend on here that ordered from her 1st class like a week ago I think. and it still hasn't come yet. I want to taste even if it's just a coin size! Is it as good as they say it is??
cornstrach eater

Woodbridge, VA

#3870 Feb 4, 2013
Concerned clay eater wrote:
Just getting back from the a&e ward.unfortunatly it not get better so my housemates had to take me in, i told them exactly what I had been taking, which was the calabash chalk. I explained have pica,I even took a sample with me.
My housemates were really shocked they had no idea that ate clay. I can't remember ever being in this much pain, I'm still retching even thoughI have not eaten anything all day.
I actually ate about 10 pieces , which is a lot, so that must have contributed, but I have eaten much more before without any effect.
I ws told i probably picked up some parasites, I've been prescribed some pain killers and told to come back in the morning.
What kind of clay do u eat?

Leicester, UK

#3871 Feb 4, 2013
cornstrach eater wrote:
<quoted text>
What kind of clay do u eat?
It was calabash chalk.

Acworth, GA

#3872 Feb 4, 2013
Clayaholic wrote:
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Yeah I have a friend on here that ordered from her 1st class like a week ago I think. and it still hasn't come yet. I want to taste even if it's just a coin size! Is it as good as they say it is??
Hi Clayholic

I think its good but like most people with their favorite I could be considered biased :).

Im sorry the shipment has not come in but it takes a considerable amout of time to travel from the US as well up to 6-10 business days and even longer if its held up internationally.

Shoot me a email at LeslieCinGa@yahoo.com and lets chat when you get a minute.

Mcdonough, GA

#3873 Feb 4, 2013
Do you prefer your clay in powder for or chunk form & why ?

Leicester, UK

#3874 Feb 4, 2013
Alexx wrote:
Do you prefer your clay in powder for or chunk form & why ?
Chunk form all day everyday! I love biting pieces off as well as the fact as it's less messy and easier to carry around and eat in public if needs be.

I don't know the powder just doesn't do it for me, unless of course it's all that's left then I'll gladly have that too!
All things clay

Hamilton, Bermuda

#3875 Feb 4, 2013
Hi Concerned Clay Eater, hope you are feeling better soon. What a frightening experience.

If someone were to offer me some nzu or calabash or other molded clays I know I wouldn't turn it down, as I would love to try all types of clay, but my first choice is natural, unprocessed clay/earth.

When I watch videos where people are mixing and molding clay I can't help but wonder: are their hands clean?(I hope I don't offend anyone when I say that, I would wonder the same if someone is handling anything I'm about to eat!); is the water used pure?; what other things are added?

It seems the clay you had was contaminated in some way. So scary; again, hope you're completely well very soon.
All things clay

Hamilton, Bermuda

#3876 Feb 4, 2013
Clayaholic wrote:
Why is shipping FROM the U.S sooo expensive in comparison to shipping TO the U.S?? It's just so depressing to have to pay so much more for shipping than the actual product itself!
I really wish there were more UK sellers coz right now it seems like I'm on the outside looking in...at the clay party that's happening in Georgia to be exact. If I lived in America I would be ordering from any and every white dirt seller. Aargh!! This craving issue is soo frustrating!!
I know what you mean, it's expensive to ship here too - I find it puts me off ordering because it's a risk if the clay isn't to my taste and if I do love it it will be a very expensive habit to keep ordering!

Like you, if I lived in America I would be trying everybody's clay. Even better, I would move to Georgia and try to get a place where I could dig up my own!

United States

#3877 Feb 4, 2013
@ CCE your story is another wake up call of why we shouldn't eat clay . Praying for you a speedy recovey
All things clay

Hamilton, Bermuda

#3878 Feb 4, 2013
Alexx wrote:
Do you prefer your clay in powder for or chunk form & why ?
Chunks, definitely! For real clay, I have been limited to powder but I usually add water and turn it into chunks.

With the earthy stuff that I dig here, it's chunks as well - there's just something so satisfying about biting into a chunk. It is so crumbly that it turns to powder easily. I occasionally eat the powder, but I mostly throw it away which seems so wasteful. I'm going to wet what I have now and see if I can get it to chunk again because I'm probably not going to be able to get a fresh supply of chunks for a while.


#3879 Feb 5, 2013
I love eating white clay. I soke it into water when it absorbs it I then take it in.It really helps me to free my bowels sometimes,I find it hard to eat it cos I develop a headache or a flu.I feel shy when eating it so I hide it.it also helps me to ease stress or makes me think less. Hope da doctors will scope nd findout more abt nd help

Acworth, GA

#3880 Feb 5, 2013
nuna wrote:
I love eating white clay. I soke it into water when it absorbs it I then take it in.It really helps me to free my bowels sometimes,I find it hard to eat it cos I develop a headache or a flu.I feel shy when eating it so I hide it.it also helps me to ease stress or makes me think less. Hope da doctors will scope nd findout more abt nd help
Hi Nuna
Can I ask what kind of white clay you eat?

Grand Rapids, MI

#3881 Feb 5, 2013
Hi everyone!

Wow! I just found this forum and am so impressed and happy. I have been reading pages and pages of back posts now and what a wonderful forum and knowledgable community you have here. Getting ready to place an order soon. I have a question. Last year, I took a pottery class and I have some left over clay. It is grey, it was darker grey when wet, now it is mostly dried and a little lighter grey. Not sure what kind it was, it came in a 50 pound slab and we made our projects out of it, fired it. Will this be OK to eat until my other clay comes in? I just went and dug it out, and have tasted some flakes, it's got a nice earthy taste, pretty smooth as well.

Any advice? Nice to meet you all! Back to reading.
concerned earth lover

London, UK

#3882 Feb 5, 2013
Concerned clay eater wrote:
Hello guys,
I had a most aweful experience this morning, I woke up with pains in my back and abdomen , white taking a shower the pains became unbearable I had to rush out of the shower so I could find place to sit, I was at this point shaking from the pain.
I knew it was the clay because I have felt this way before after eating clay but never this bad, I rushed to the toilet hoping to find relief , but it even got worse, at this point I was retching so badly , shaking and sweating. I was about to call my r
Housemate to call an ambulance! Yes! That is how bad it was.
After using the toilet several times , writhing in pain on my bed , it finally started to subside, I am now drinking lemon and hot water. Te pain is still there but I decided to come her a write this quickly.
I am going to throw the Rest of my clay away, I cannot keep telling myself that it is harmless , this is certainly a wake up call for me.
Ikow I will get craves, but I will take iron tabs and with time and Gods grace I will overcome this habit.
I hope you feel better CCL. I have put up several posts in the past about the awfull side effects I had too. so I know how you must feel.
However trust me, when you feel better you will find all clay repulsive for a while and then months later the crave will come back in full force.
Now I don't eat clay because i always keep busy and active with work and family and that takes my mind off clay a little bit
May God's grace give us the wisdom to admit the possible long term harm and cut down because for me it was very hard to stop
now when I have bad craving I go to wilkinson's store and buy thier own brand of chalk. it is very soft,crumbly and creamy but the taste is NOT at all earthy so I have no interest in swallowing it. I just chew it and then spit out and wash my mouth. it is a form of relief that I don't feel hooked to and I know isn't harmfull because the handling isn't as unhygenic as nzu and ghana clay
Love Clay

Salisbury, MD

#3883 Feb 5, 2013
@Mary,Hi Mary I was wondering if you received your ghana clay from dsikanartey@hotmail.com and how was the taste.
Rita shah

San Francisco, CA

#3884 Feb 5, 2013
[Hey do u know any site from i can buy these edible clays in india at cheap prices..I LOOOVEEE the greish back roasted clay
Rita shah

San Francisco, CA

#3885 Feb 5, 2013
Anybody from India??? have u tried the greyish black roasted clay..out of the world...you'll go crazy and can never stop.Anybody knows where I can buy it ...please help
Rita shah

San Francisco, CA

#3886 Feb 5, 2013
Hello Muskan,
I am from India too. i love the greyish balck roasted clay chunks sold in India. My parents r not willing to send it to me either. Doyou know what is the name of that clay? Where can i buy it?
Rita shah

San Francisco, CA

#3887 Feb 5, 2013
what is the name of the roasted clay from inida?? Where can we buy that..i know it tastes amazing..yuuuummmmm

Acworth, GA

#3888 Feb 5, 2013
Hi MelaniJa

Sounds like you have some good clay there, but here's the thing. What kind is it? If its a firing clay still in its natural state you should be OK.

Additives can be worked into the clay body prior to forming, to produce desired effects in the fired wares.

Also, there are different types of modeling clay (firing clay, oil based clay, polymer, paper clay and play dough) and each is used to make different things/works of art. Find out what you have?

Firing clay is water based. It is naturally made from minerals, and it is fired or baked to produce a finished product.

Oil-based clay is made of oil, wax and natural clay minerals. Because the make up of the clay is oil instead of water, the clay retains moisture for long periods, allowing it to be reworked and reformed repeatedly.

Polymer is not a clay at all and is a man-made plastic. This clay hardens when baked at a low temperature and is common in children's crafts.

Paper clay, as its name states, is made out of paper and wet paste. Paper clay only needs to air dry to harden.

Play dough is made from water, salt and flour . It is the most commonly used clay for children, and if kept in a sealed container will not dry out.

You don't want to be eating man made products, you want to be eating Firing Clay, a natural clay product.

Kinds of Firing Clay

The three most common types of clay are kaolin, earthenware,and stoneware.

The purest clay is kaolin, or china clay. Called a primary clay because it is found very near its source, kaolin has few impurities and is the main ingredient used in making porcelain.

Earthenware, or common clay, contains many minerals, such as iron oxide (rust), and in its raw state may contain some sand or small bits of rock. Earthenware is a secondary clay that has been transported by moving water some distance, picking up minerals and other materials before settling in a river bed. Because of its many impurities, earthenware melts at a cooler temperature than other clays. Called a low-fire clay, earthenware fires (or bakes) in a temperature range of 1700 to 2100°F (926–1150°C). After firing, it is still porous and—unless glazed—is often white or gray. Earthenware is commonly used in the making of terra cotta pots, roofing tiles, and other low-fire ware.

Stoneware is a hard and durable clay that is fired to temperatures between 2100 and 2300°F (1205–1260°C). Its natural colors vary from light gray or tan to dark gray or chocolaty brown. Historically stoneware was used for crocks and jugs and is now typically used to make dinnerware.

Again if you have a firing clay you should be OK as long as it has no additives. Now you just need to know what kind of clay you have there.

As a side note:

Our Georgia Red Clay is a common clay, red in color with lots of iron oxide and a bit gritty, but it tastes very earthy and that could be due to the iron content that gives it that red hue. Its used a great deal here in the south to make pottery as well.

Check out these articles: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pottery


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